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Belial Sun Agenda (Luciferians)

Do not believe that all visitor contact is benevolent and beneficial, or place any entities on a pedestal deeming them as Gods or Saviors. It is important to not be dazzled by astral glamours, crafts or abilities that the visitor may use for manipulation purposes which may seem advanced to most humans. We must realize that just because they may reveal certain advanced abilities, that they are not necessarily ethical, moral or have the same spiritual objectives of being in service to the Law of One and supporting the restoration of Cosmic Order.

Do your best to not succumb to fear and feel overwhelmed or powerless in the situation. In most cases, Guardians will not visit a person who is filled in fear, but unscrupulous entities may manipulate such persons for as long as they are able. The dimensional locks are opening and thus a vast array of other life forms are now potentially able to contact humans during this phase of time.

Sadly, we have many visitor groups manipulating well-meaning humans on the white, gray and black hat spectrum with complex AI technologies while this space drama war continues to unfold on the planetary surface. Do not believe that these white hat groups are necessarily saving humanity when most of them in the ranks do not have high clearance, have little to no knowledge about this Alien Hybridization agenda and the complexities of the Controller family factions warring over Earth territories. Our civilization has serious problems connected to Artificial intelligence networks and their complex systems are being run to war game strategic moves with multiple military factions from those Controller groups that give them orders to serve their personal interests.

The best option at this time is to compassionately witness and observe these outer agendas as they all have a bigger role to play in the war game strategy playing out, but realize that most people would be severely disheartened to know of the corruption involved even in those that claim to be the white hats-good guys. Be discerning, be careful and do not give your trust to those who have not earned it. Be cautious and do not over rely on those white hat groups that have groomed popular pundits to persist in giving disinformation to their loyal public audiences in order to string them along. Patriots should demand more from their group movement leaders and demand that they should be told the truth and not continually deceived and groomed with misinformation, being paid by sponsorships or agreements made with certain factions.

That means human beings have to be ready to know the actual truth and be ready to commit to truth seeking about our reality which has difficult otherworldly histories and can be extremely unpleasant to uncover. Nonetheless we cannot evolve out of this satanic generated mess leading us to co-create hell realms by perpetuating the ball of lies by persisting in propping up the 3D Controlled Narrative which is filled with horrific deceptions designed to enslave humanity. More humans are required to stand up for truth by demanding they are being told the truth by their leaders and stop allowing pundits or other figureheads to manipulate many good-hearted humans with continual use of funded disinformation tactics. We do not approve of deliberate disinformation and propaganda lies being used to deceive the public in any form, as in order for humanity to heal they need and require someone in leadership to tell them the truth.

Three Main Agendas, One Serves Human Freedom

Every human being that has been contacted by interdimensional entities or has suffered through abduction scenarios should be well aware that the Earth holds great interest for these non-human entities that want to access the entirety of the planetary genetic library without restrictions. On planet, the history of the human genetic race line and tribal affiliation is key coded to interdimensional Stargate mechanics in the grid network, which is held in the DNA record of the incarnated human being even when its potentials remain dormant and inactive. The high majority of those that are contacted or abducted are directly related to the genetic affiliation that the human being has had with one out of three primary interdimensional stellar agendas that are connected to that particular star family located in higher dimensional realities.

Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation. The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa, which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset.[1]

Emerald Order Contact Guideline

EO Enlightened Contact

Emerald Order Guardians will initiate enlightened contact with loving kindness, respect and honoring personal sovereignty, in which they will expect the same reciprocal expression in return. Guardians will require that you as a human being are willing to be self-responsible and put in the personal effort in your own learning, growth and personal healing. It is suggested to work with the 12D Christos shielding process, GSF boundary testing and Unity Vow in the morning and before bedtime, which helps to attune your energy field to the Guardian Christos frequency. When enlightened contact is happening, it can be very subtle in order to test out field occurrences and your specific reactions to such energetic contact.[2]

Contactees Tested for Personal Integrity

Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for Personal Integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon Discernment of Psychological Warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.


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