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Electromagnetic Weaponry and chemical based genetic engineering was used for a range of covert biological warfare applications that were first developed for the purpose of targeting civilians after World War II, when the military management and intelligence community in England discovered that these same energy weapons used during the war could be implemented for Social Engineering and carrying out domestic terrorism. The Complete Automation of Society through the implementation of social engineering and electromagnetic mind control methods were recognized by the Controllers as the most effective way to maintain their ongoing control over the planetary resources, and continued monopolization over wealth, information and power, thus the ongoing subjugation of the majority of the global population. The ideas of the established Technocracy began to form in the early years as Cybernetics and systems theory. Whether a living human, inanimate object or structure, they are all measured using the same value, which is the potential that it has to generate some form of production, economic inductance or energy resources. If the item does not produce, it is useless.

With the invention of the Maser (microwave amplification stimulated emission of radiation) device at Columbia University in 1953, the following year this invisible microwave technology was coopted for the future genetic and social engineering agendas of the Controllers. The Maser invention later developed into the mainstream use of lasers throughout current society. The difference between a laser and a maser is that the photon from a laser comes in the form of visible light, while a photon from a maser comes in the form of a nonvisible microwave.

The Power Elite realized that with the advancement of technology and information being made increasingly available to the general public, the population would gain access to this information and in a few decades that could potentially topple their empires. Thus, they had to step it up and determined that their full spectrum domination would revolve around the continued development of weaponizing hidden advanced technology and financing projects for the nonvisible energy sciences. They would exploit these nonvisible technologies, such as microwave energy weapons, for personal gain and keep them secret from public view and scrutiny. Simultaneously, they would purposely dumb down the population to childlike comprehension levels, take control of the world by the use of hidden economic weapons, reducing the circulation of social energy to the rest of the undesirables and this would further escalate wealth inequality, world slavery, sickness and Genocide.

Hidden Operations as Unethical Human Experiments

As the result of the hidden acquisition of this invisible microwave energy technology which few people at that time could actually comprehend, the Power Elite confidently declared their silent energy war against the global population. During the annual Controller meeting in 1954, with unlimited access as the main beneficiaries to develop these invisible energy technologies as computerized weapons against the public, the outline for the silent energy war against humanity was distributed to all those bloodline families with seats at the table. The agenda to alter the organic human energy field and human DNA would occur through the introduction of cybernetic theories and bio-engineering, which included the genetic modification of the food supply. By tampering with and modifying the foods that people consume, this not only impacted the health and wellbeing, but altered how the Brain could process information.[1]


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