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Previous to the Atlantian Cataclysm, each of the groups of the angelic human 12 Essene Tribes were entrusted as Guardians of a section of the Emerald Founder Records, which held extensive consciousness knowledge about the star origins and genetic template information that was recorded on 12 holographic discs.

All 12 genetic components of the 12 Tribes hold one strand of DNA code for reassembling the crystal gene for the Diamond Sun body or Silicate Matrix, that is key coded to activate the 12 layers of the planetary stargate system. This provides the means to contact our higher Stations of Identity as spiritual bodies, and to connect with the conscious living light and sound frequencies in the holographic matrix. The instruction sets to rebuild and reassemble the 12 Strand DNA pattern, are held in the genetic keys found in the Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah blueprint which makes up the 12 Tree Grid manifestation template.

Through the individual and planetary spiritual ascension process that takes place during several root race evolution cycles, the integration and healing of all 12 levels of DNA coding through its genetic components potentially unite and merge to form the complete Silicate Matrix. These dual forces of polarity, male and female, are designed to spiritually integrate and synthesize within the angelic human body while naturally evolving on the ascending earth. As a result of the forces of alchemy and energetic synthesis made between inner and outer layers of these multidimensional consciousness forces, the spiritual embodiment of the original 12 Strand DNA of the Diamond Sun Body is then made available to the planet and humanity through DNA assembly. Thus, ascending individuals are gradually repairing and regenerating their DNA template so they are able to open and move through stargates safely.

The Diamond Sun body represents full consciousness freedom for an ascending human being, in which the Inner Christos is fully activated with the flowering of the Sacred Crystal Heart. As a result, the spiritually ascending human is able to transmute their consciousness out of time and into Zero Point, moving through stargates into another location. Therefore, they are free to leave the Prison Planet, freed from the enforced Mind Control and reincarnation cycle occurring in the lowest density of earth.[1]

Chemicals of Life

The angelic human race was originally created with a 12 strand DNA template, 12 sets of 2 strands, a double helix formed from two complementary strands of nucleotides that are held together by bonds made between the bases. The corrected diamond sun template holds the Blueprint of the chemical DNA chains that form into the father-male and mother- female genetic pairing base for building the correct sequence of Chromosomes, for a total of 144 chromosomes. There are twelve fire letters in each DNA strand that are designed to catalyze a chemical reaction which builds out the twelve chromosomes per strand, and these are directly connected to the chemical translation process of Sugar Phosphates that form into twelve nucleotides, which form into the genetic pairs of the double helix DNA ladder. The nucleotide base chemicals are that which form into the genetic alphabet of the ongoing chemical DNA translation of deoxyribose, or the Sugar-Phosphate Instruction Sets that initiate from both the Mother and Father genetic imprint during DNA Assembly.

To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains of deoxyribose sugar, along with phosphate, which together makes up the sugar-phosphate backbone in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). However, it has surfaced that as a result of Checkerboard Mutation used for Gender Reversal imprints, Enki DNA Overlays and subsequent Alien Hybridization of angelic human DNA, the sugar phosphate backbone was missing the correctly synthesized Genetic Pair Bonds of the organic Mother and Father lines. Hence, the human race has been missing the correct sugar phosphate instruction set required to activate correct genetic pair bonds from Mother and Father genes inherited from their biological and spiritual family of origin. This particular genetic digression is responsible for the Missing Chromosomes (12 per 12 Strands=144) which are critical for properly encoding Proteins for building our DNA ladder.

With the invaders agendas for genetic modification to usurp and even eliminate the Mother’s DNA Language from the planet, the human race suffers without properly functioning Mitochondrial DNA that is unable to effectively generate the new proteins for DNA Synthesis for the activating the Krystal Gene.[2]


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