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On the earth, human Chromosomes have been tampered with as a result of alien hybridization and genetic modification, and thus, humanity is missing a large amount of chromosomal material at multiple layers of the DNA molecule or strings. We should have 12 Chromosomes per DNA strand, and the original human 12 strand DNA Silicate Matrix has a total of 144 Chromosomes. Currently, with an average of 3 active DNA strands for the majority of the earth population, humans should actually have 36 functioning chromosomes, yet we only have 23 that are active. Chromo means color, so when we begin to ponder the color wave spectrum that makes up the dimensional reality layers, this may give us a clue to the Chromosomal Distortions that are related to the visible light or chakra wave distortions that are directly impacting the chromosomal functions. If the NAA use artificial technology to eliminate a certain color sound tone from running in the planetary field, they can potentially eliminate the chromosomal and ray color record and its imprint that should be actively held within the human DNA molecule.

Most of our genes are stored in our chromosomes, which sit in each cell’s headquarters or the nucleus. We also have some genes in small structures in the cell called Mitochondria, which hold an active potential for igniting the crystal gene. Mitochondria are sometimes called the power plants of the cell because they work on molecules to make them ready to give us the energy that we need for all of our bodily functions. The mitochondrial genes always pass from the mother to the child. Fathers get their mitochondrial genes from their mothers, and do not pass them to their children.

As new stages of the Mother Arc technology come online and expose the dark agendas, this reveals the deeper agendas of the intentional corruption of human 12 Strand DNA by the NAA groups, because the intentions and methods behind the human DNA corruption is made entirely traceable. The Emerald Order are hosting a series of Andromedan template corrections for the purpose of healing alien hybrid tampering of the Silicate Matrix DNA at the Mother’s Aqua Blue Ray level, that exists in the Universal morphogenetic patterns for chromosomal and mitochondrial functions. This color ray distortion links to the capturing of Universal Blue Flame Melchizedeks that were taken and cloned in the Wesa system, giving rise to the Black Lilith and Azazael emanations to replace the angelic human hierogamic blueprint. In my experience, the Holy Emerald Order are transmitting the corrected patterns of RNA-DNA templates to include parent to offspring bio-spiritual and gender correction coding, which is to remove an assortment of hydrocarbon alien bonds that were made to lock onto the molecules in the human DNA template. These corrected Parent to Child templates bring a new level of awareness to how these distortions have impacted human gender expression that are both biological and spiritual, and that these gender expressions as they are recorded in a personal blueprint operate independent of each other.

When we comprehend that the Ascension process is what leads us into consciousness liberation, and we know that human beings must achieve inner and outer spiritual marriage or Hieros Gamos, in order to become free, we know that we must achieve the unification between the inner polarities that exist as male-female parts.

What does seem to be present for Compassionate Witnessing is to recognize the DNA distortions and more specifically chromosomal scrambling and deletions, that have produced reversals in how the spiritual gender record can express itself in the matter-based biology available on this planet. As the planetary frequency rises now that the planet has shifted into the higher harmonic universe architecture, the chromosomal distortion is becoming much more amplified now at the Bifurcation. These distortions can be observed in the public, in very young children, and in the escalation of issues surrounding Gender Confusion. The NAA are leveraging the confusion to capitalize on and spread these distortions further in order to confound the people of earth, especially the youngsters.

In our research, the tampering with chromosomes seems to be related to the intentional fusing of molecular bonds into reversal patterns that are used for the purpose of Gender Reversal and gender splitting in the earth population. Simultaneously, the Controllers specifically politicize and polarize the transgender issues in order to get the Collective Consciousness to feed into these anti-human systems. This serves as well to confuse gender concepts in the mental and emotional body, producing destructive ideas around sexual relationships, that subconsciously encourage incest, misogyny and breeding programs. This possibly encourages the alien hybrids and alien bloodlines to only propagate in certain genetic houses and powerful families, which is intended to help destroy the development of organic bio-spiritual human DNA and supplant the naturally occurring chromosomes in the process.

As we begin to understand more about the role of missing chromosomes, it raises important questions. What are the implications of these missing chromosomes on human biology, gender and sex, and is this distortion being intentionally politicized now in the public? During the height of the ascension cycle, with the necessity to reclaim our missing mother principle chromosomes, is this another reason why gender distortions are becoming much more confused in the masses?[1]

Mother-Child RNA-DNA Records

The Holy Mother through the Mother Arc Hubs, created within the Arc of the Covenant gateway, intends to reclaim the genetic bonds to heal her offspring incarnated within the lower creation worlds. This is also about correcting the Mother to Child RNA-DNA records within the divine blueprint of humanity, extracting Black Lilith archetypes and aligning the corrected Mitochondria and chromosomal bonds to the Holy Mother’s eternal flame, that is held deep within the Sacred Crystal Heart. The Mother Arc Aquamarine gateway has been initiated into its next stages of dissolving the NAA’s Patriarchal Domination Coding network and its Alien Dark Mother constructs that have infected the planet earth, and this lunar architecture has been tracked from the Wesa Fallen System.[2]

Universal Solar Female Melchizedek, Mu'a

Chalice of Cosmic Mother (art by Elizabeth)

Cosmic Mother as the sacred sound of the eternal God Seed held within her womb of creation or void state of dark matter, is the sacred seed of sophianic sound that spoke the mother’s language and ignited the eternal light that gave birth to the creation of this Universe. Where was our Universal Mother’s eternal solar body, what had happened to the aspect embodied in our time matrix creation as the sacred sound language of the divine Holy Mother Sophia principle? What happened to her triple solar daughters, the Solar Reisha, which embody the creation principles of the eternal musical tones of Cathar? To find out we had to awaken and remember that they exist as embodied principles of the sacred musical sound woven throughout this creation. Thus, we had to take the deep dive into the painful histories of the anti-Christ force invasion, the NAA entities who are also anti-God and anti-female in their belief system.[3]

Chemicals of Life Run Human DNA

The angelic human race was originally created with a 12 strand DNA template, 12 sets of 2 strands, a double helix formed from two complementary strands of nucleotides that are held together by bonds made between the bases. The corrected Diamond Sun template holds the Blueprint of the chemical DNA chains that form into the father-male and mother- female genetic pairing base for building the correct sequence of Chromosomes, for a total of 144 chromosomes. There are twelve Fire Letters in each DNA strand that are designed to catalyze a chemical reaction which builds out the twelve chromosomes per strand, and these are directly connected to the chemical translation process of Sugar Phosphates that form into twelve nucleotides, which form into the genetic pairs of the double helix DNA ladder. The nucleotide base chemicals are that which form into the genetic alphabet of the ongoing chemical DNA translation of deoxyribose, or the Sugar-Phosphate Instruction Sets that initiate from both the Mother and Father genetic imprint during DNA Assembly.

To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains of deoxyribose sugar, along with phosphate, which together makes up the sugar-phosphate backbone in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). However, it has surfaced that as a result of Checkerboard Mutation used for Gender Reversal imprints, Enki DNA Overlays and subsequent Alien Hybridization of angelic human DNA, the sugar phosphate backbone was missing the correctly synthesized Genetic Pair Bonds of the organic Mother and Father lines. Hence, the human race has been missing the correct sugar phosphate instruction set required to activate correct genetic pair bonds from Mother and Father genes inherited from their biological and spiritual family of origin. This particular genetic digression is responsible for the Missing Chromosomes (12 per 12 Strands=144) which are critical for properly encoding Proteins for building our DNA ladder.

However, with recent planetary activations, the base 12 frequency Fire Letter upgrades and re-encrypted elementals are for generating a total of twelve nucleotide chemicals per each DNA Strand. Spiritual activations will begin to opens conduits for protein synthesis for building corrected nucleotide base pairs that will begin activating the non-coding genes into actively coding genes. We learn that the missing gender pairs and Chromosomes are critical for activating the corrected Gene Coding Sequences for building the Proteins we require to activate the dormant DNA.

Guardian Host takes the position that the section of Unplugged DNA, formerly referred to as junk DNA, is because the nucleotides that combine into gender base pairs, do not produce the correct number of Chromosomes that are needed to encode instructions for making proteins because they were unplugged by the invaders. Thus, for the sake of our discussion we define the smaller number of nucleotides that are encoding proteins called Exons and the much larger number of nucleotides that are not encoding proteins called Introns. We must define that there are chromosomes that were missing from genetic modifications that have a section of the DNA which control the Exon and Intron activity which act to bond chromosomes together, and this generates a chain reaction in the DNA to activate the turnstile blueprint in the nucleotides. This Turnstile Activation is being highlighted during this phase, and is the major process of what totally changes the atomic structure and chemical DNA imprint through a DNA braiding process. See Virgoan Constellation Alchemy.[4]


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