Dragon Line Session

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Themes: Starseed came in early, some protections in place, Dragon Line Session, Dragon Races, here to work with male mental body, creation of partially Ascended Masters, intelligence not being IQ but living in harmony with natural laws, reptilian consciousness cannot do tri-wave, becoming more conscious of roles and projects.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today, and we have had to overcome some obstacles in order to connect. But we've done it we have secured a connection. It is interesting to me, as it really typifies how I feel in my connection with you. It feels like a long time coming. So I'm really glad that we are having this connection today. And I'm going to be saying a lot of different things and I want to first of all set the intention that our contact and communication is truly in alignment to your highest empowerment and fulfillment as a being. And being seen and acknowledged for who you are and what you are as you are here. I for one very much appreciate the fact that you are on the planet. You have come in, at an earlier stage within the timeline. So it's like the first thing I want to ask you is my God girl 'how did you do it'? Because I know given who you are and what you're doing that coming in at the earlier time that you did presented you with certain kinds of challenges, unique to being one of those on the front line and in the front wave.

When I connect with you, you're a part of the consciousness that has come in to work with the creational fields. And please only take in what really resonates with your own heart and being. What I feel in your energy signature, and understanding that every part of us has cellular memory and a certain architecture, which is our Blueprint, which is the part that has assimilated into the consciousness as you. As a part of who you are and what you are on the planet at this time. As a part of the Ascension Cycle there are certain specific codes that you have been waiting to activate for very long time. I feel like now you have come into the safety of a container that can support you in order to do so.

Having an earlier contract and what I mean by that is that certain functions of what you had carried, in terms of genetic material light and code, was more rarefied at the timeline that you were incarnated in this density. That posed certain challenges to you in terms of social obligations, family obligations and ideas around society. And that which you are truly designed to do is really the antithesis of that. So being a person that is holding that kind of configuration, the people around us generally feel very threatened and they don't know why. So our mere presence with people can be very uncomfortable to very painful, because as much as we want to interact and integrate it hasn't seemed to be possible in this timeline. I think the energetic levels of a perceived power struggle and conflict that is omnipresent in our relationship with others, it just gets really tiring after a while. Especially when you're not fully clear about your form and function of who and what you are.

Starseeds as Spiritual Catalyst

Because really first and foremost one of the primary things you are here to do is activate. A lot of the Starseeds and a lot of the beings that come from other planets and hold planetary memory are designed to do activation roles. But you have an extremely strong one, it's like saying you have three overlays of that instead of one. It is a very strong overlay that you carry and is about activation. And the activation has to do with changes to the male principal at every level. It's challenging to describe it in words because coming into unity and coming into feminine balance, understanding the female principle is our vertical connection to God's spirit and to the light intelligence bodies that represents. At the same time what has happened to the third dimensional timelines of planet Earth is a control mechanism with a lot of artificial structures that have distorted every level of the mental bodies or the masculine principle.

So the emphasis with you is unity the actual outcome is unity but the theme of your life has been more about the rebalancing of the masculine principle and the mental bodies at multiple levels. Which would be experienced by others, as a challenge to their belief systems or a provocation of their belief systems. When you're always in that role again sometimes it can be tiring because people cannot relax in your presence, even though you're just being you. So understanding that you are a cosmetic talent agent that is basically here to activate people in a triple threat kind of way. I say that lovingly and jokingly but meaning there's a triple overlay that you have, which is that you will activate. And that activation in people on planet Earth we have a lot of fears in the human collective especially around fear of change and fear of the unknown and fear of death. And your activation really puts people face-to-face with their own ideas of those things, their relationship to their inner self, which they are generally terrified to look at.

So this particular overlay is really fascinating because I think it's the first time I've seen it come in as early as you did. The timeline in which you were born, we understand that certain levels of planetary consciousness have karma. Using this term simply to understand energetic cause-and-effect, but not judgment of energy. Understanding that everything has to be accounted for energetically. So when you came into the planet's body when you incarnated this time around you took a snapshot of the magnetic imprint of what was happening on planet Earth at that time. And that in relationship to the gene code and the various dormant codes that were latent at that time meaning you were going to have a series of sequences, which through the activation of others there would be activation of yourself. There had to be a certain point of your own acceptance in terms of your role, who you are what you are doing here on the planet.

There's kind of this moment where you really just start to relax into the fact that there is no belonging down here, the more that we just want to blend in like a wallflower and not make waves the worse it gets. Because that's not what we're designed to do at all, you are a person that is designed to activate and provoke people out of mind control. Because the coding that you have is about changing the mental bodies. That means people feel challenged in your presence without generally understanding why. What that generally means is that it unlocks the unconscious of the human being who's in your presence into things that they didn't even quite know they were carrying, or that even existed really. Understanding that before a person can come into a deeper quality of knowing about the experience of self, they have to look at what is unconscious. It is difficult, especially in these bodies down here in the third dimension because of the damage and because of the split from soul. There are splits in the mental bodies as well as the emotional bodies in most human beings down here. But in order for a human being to start to incorporate a higher mind access beyond the locks that basically suppress them they have to uncover their unconscious content.

3D Mind Locks

So if you're working with the first three chakras in terms of activation you're trying to activate people out of Mind Locks and Mind Control, because there is mind control and mind locks. Understanding that there are different components to the mind control that's happened on planet Earth, there are actual technologies of structure that are used as an architecture in the planet body that are like a tangible item. Meaning it's a structure it's not just a thought form, which also is a thing. So you've got multiple components where you're dealing with people that have locked minds, as a part of what we could call implants or architecture. Which are controlling certain mechanistic structures in brain impulse functions and neurological functions. These have been your specialty and are also why at times you have weakness in these areas, because these are areas that you are embodying as a prototype as well is an activator. My feeling is that as you come more into clarity about the embodiment purpose of what your genetic material is doing meaning your physical biology in relationship to your spiritual biology. Which have certain genetic qualities that were designed to create a synthesis at certain levels in creating new prototypes for certain things. Those things tend to be neurological and around the brain and sensory levels.

So understanding that as you are activating people and their unconscious contents, which means the first and second chakras have got to open up. Because what happens is emotional blocks and mental blocks and fears that are designed in these tangible architectures are stuck in the lower parts of the body. Then you have a human being who is experiencing itself in a certain range of parameter of frequency and thought. So they are having an idea of who they are as a identity and that identity is having a certain parameter of frequency range when it comes to their own self-thoughts and inner-thoughts and the things that they know themselves to be, at the level they experience themselves. Now when you come into the picture and you start activating people, you start activating at the lower levels meaning the first and second level. Which if we understand the first, second and third layer of our chakra triad, it is known as a personality triad. So the first level is the first layer of the core manifestation body, first dimension and that goes into the first chakra in the various channels. We can look at that as a hard drive, it's an area where memory has been implanted in the physical cells. In the function of what's known as the electromagnetic battery part of the body which is an extremely complex Nadial Structure known as Ka body, where these energies are then utilized for the person. And generally the person exchanging those energies and on planet Earth is enslaved by those energies, because they are being exchanged at the root chakra level, at the Tailbone level. Most all of us have lots of issues with our tailbone because our tailbone is an area where fetal cells are actually on the spiritual bodies that connect into the physical bodies. Which activate forces like Kundalini and prana, as different levels of those life force start to activate. And they're supposed to move up the chakra column but what happens on planet Earth with the mind control architecture is that people inadvertently feed that architecture because they're programmed into it. Their life force and their prana and even their Kundalini that should be designing their own evolution potential and expanding their intelligence, expanding their mind expanding their ability to perceive consciousness and perceive energy fields. That gets interrupted because the person is unable to even know that any of this exists. Their prana their life force is being sucked out of their tailbone and being used for different mind control and different purposes, which are really a part of understanding what has happen to planet Earth with the inorganic architecture.

Time Lord and Galactic Council

So in you coming here as a part of your agreement in your embodiment and in your support of these issues is an understanding that it's like a case study assessment as well as an experiment of prototyping. This has been a process of feeding back these energies to certain planetary systems, in which you have an aspect of yourself. There are aspects of yourself that are a part of the galactic councils that control the seeding of the genetic material and where it is seeded on the planet. So it's like saying Rigel Star is an area where this is. There are multiple levels of galactic federations and galactic councils and a lot of terms are used at various dimensions, and this is why it can be confusing. Because I'm not talking about 5D Galactic Federation but understanding that there are multiple levels of councils that exist in different timelines and different dimensions. One of the important timelines is the Orion humans and understanding the Orion humans were in a very nasty war. This is a part of our experience as a human being. One of your oversoul extensions, a part of your Monad is connected to the galactic councils, which has been a part of seeding the Ascended Masters on planet Earth. So when we look at the beings like Katumi who is someone that you know, when you look at Ray Masters that have come to planet Earth. They are a part of the relationship of choice of the galactic councils, that assigned and were in agreement for beings to be in charge of certain either dimensional gatekeeping or ray structures or timelines. That's what being a Time Lord is about, is understanding different timelines are also part and parcel of different dimensions, each dimension and each timeline are kind of interchangeable.

Understanding that each dimension has its own timeline and has a direction in which it's moving. And even though they're all connected together in an intersect, each of these directional movements in the flow of timelines that are controlled in each dimension are simultaneously adjusted or worked with in terms of the consciousness experience, consciousness experiments. We can look at this at a lot of different levels because it's a very complex science in terms of understanding universal creation and the basis of the physics that control that movement in time space, and how consciousness moves through that time space. So all of that is about understanding timelines, dimensional points of view and the levels of existence and stations of identities that exist at those levels.

So the galactic councils at the eighth portal and eighth dimensional level were aware and have been very troubled, because we have an extreme history in the Orion constellation and within those openings which would be termed the core of our universe, which is the eighth dimension into the Sagittarian Milky Way galaxy and into Andromeda. So the Orion and the eight dimensional councils are very intimately related with Andromeda because that is the function of the evolution moving into our universal creation, literally colliding with Andromeda galaxy. Because that is the higher universe, it's like saying there are multiple core manifestation bodies of universal projections that are connected at a core level. The core is like saying the heart of God the heart of universe and that which everything has emanated from as a part of God source that is the eighth dimension.

Eighth Portal in Orion

Everybody on this planet in matter in the multiple planets in this universe came through the eighth portal. Came through into the particle universe through that dimension in order to seed itself and experience itself in particle matter. Which is saying everyone between dimensions one and seven came into the eighth portal at one time. Some beings got stuck in the lower dimensions and this is one of the reasons why you're here, I'm here, in the group of us that resonate into the collective consciousness cycle. And our awakening into the founder consciousness to understand that we are part and parcel of that inter-dimensional body of intelligence, and we have acted as a part of the ground crew if you will, to manifest and bring into physical particle manifestation, that which we have been working on in the architecture and the field at multiple levels.

So the eighth dimension is the core of our universe in this quadrant of our universe, we are connected to multiple other quadrants that are connected to the eighth core and go into the ninth. And this is the directional movement of the Ascension timeline and of the Guardian Host and Founder objective, in opening those channels or portals. Because it's like understanding we've been in a cycle in this quadrant of the universe where we've been unable to exit all the way out. So it was like saying those of us that came in here didn't know how long we were going to stay here, because there were cycles up on cycles. But it was kind of like saying this was a damaged system with a one-way portal and we didn't know if we could get back out. So a lot of what has happening here is like saying it's a reclamation mission it's a rehabilitation mission, it's an attempt to bring into physical matter and to participate in an incredible consciousness experience in bringing that which is in the un-manifest worlds into the particle manifest worlds. And that's really a lot of what our role is down here, because as we do that we also shift the timelines and we are able to secure a higher expression for the pathway of consciousness that is in this particular timeline, but unaware of their participation with the timeline. And we have multiple complexities of the reasons for that.

Partial Ascended Masters in Rigel System

So the Rigel star system is a part of a galactic counsel base where Ascended Masters, and these would be called partial Ascended Masters, these are mental body Ascended Masters. You worked with the mental body Ascended Masters and you created levels of code in the genetic arrangement that would be, I would say feeding back with them. So it's like saying each of you that agreed in the councils to work with partial ascension models that were able to see what pathways could be taken in order to do mental body ascension. It's like saying we have had Ascended Masters in our universe but they are considered at the founder level, only partially ascended. Because they were able to free them selves from the third dimensional planet Earth but they have existed in future aspects of planet Earth.

So it's like saying they are partially ascended not fully ascended. A full Ascension according to the Founders is a Krystal Star ascension, understanding that as a Crystal being as a Christ being. A full unified being this is a base 12 strand level. There are multiples of 12 that go into higher complexities but in this particular physical world, the 3D physical Earth their position at least with me is really not to focus beyond the 12 DNA strands. Because it really isn't relative to us if were only operating on two, we want to understand 12. That's the first layer of the basis of our Krystal Star blueprint, which is our Christ Consciousness. Which allows 12 strands of DNA, 12 simultaneous dimensions and an integration of all timelines in this universe. So it's like saying in this quadrant of the universe a full Ascension is leaving this quadrant of the universe and going into Andromeda, through the Andromeda channel and into the next universe. Which is also referred to as the Seven Higher Heavens. So we're in the seven lower heavens, we are in the lowest vibration of the quadrants within the various cycles of the universal creation.

So if we are looking at this universe there are multiple universes, which we don't even know what the ramifications are at this point. But those universes are starting to collide into the center core of our Milky Way galaxy, meaning there are exchanges of energies from other universes and beings that are starting to exchange with us. These energies are starting to come in here and they change the organization and ray structure. So I'm understanding that a part of your mission, a part of your embodiment was bringing in different structures that were both prototypes and experiments on mental bodies. Because it's like understanding the Ascended Masters that were hanging out on the seventh dimensional earth are partially ascended and these families are called the Kumas or the Kumara's. The Kumaras are Dragon beings and the Dragon beings, which I am a dragon being, are who you are. You are a part of the Dragon families and we are the protectors of the time matrix, we are the protectors of the creational morph fields and instruction sets, that direct consciousness and timelines in certain directions and create the multiplicities of dimensions and the experiences that are created at that level.

So it's like saying Dragon races incarnated at multiple dimensions and had multiple experiences. Some of them were corrupted and it's one of these things, this is not about judgment it's not about good or bad, it's about understanding what happened in here. Just as the situation with Archangel Michael and understanding various levels of creational beings have been stuck in certain architectural patterns of enslavement or brokenness. This is really what the complexity of it is down here is understanding that the quality of consciousness is limited to the quality of genetic material. And we've had a lot of genetic manipulation and digression and in all kinds of weird situations with inorganic structures, artificial intelligences, splicing into live organisms. And a lot of this has created problems at different levels, which we are called in at this time of the end of the cycle to heal and to redirect into healthier and aligned patterns into God Source. So it's again like saying we've gone as far as we can go in the densities of being as far away from the center of the God source as we can. We're now bringing everybody back into the center core. And this was the reason we incarnated at this time to be the point people, the inter-dimensional gateway and the way shower for the Ascension timeline, which is all the way out of this universe and into the next universe through Andromeda.

So the Ascended Master races were in charge of the seven sisters in Pleiades and the Alcyone spirals and the Seven Ray masters, there are actually more but we're just going use that for simplicity at this time. These were a part of the councils that you worked with. And your interest was when the part of you that is your Monad, your oversoul that is on the Rigel Star was to work with and understand both as a prototype and as an energy experiment about the mental bodies. Because it was understood for a long time that the destruction and the problems that were creating genetic digression in many other races. So it's like saying you've got other ET races that have given their genetic material to this planet. This planet is a genetic living light library that holds an amalgamation of universal genetic material, a lot of that genetic material was collected by beings like you and myself, who were putting together certain genomes or different levels that would support the physical and spiritual biology to merge and have a better experience as it is embodied. Because we had a lot of issues let's say with rogue ETs or hostile ET's or enemy patterning ET's, and a lot of these are given a blanket label as reptilian, but it is really multiple races operating under a consciousness or lack there of. What ever we want to call this, is really what reptilian force is described as. It's not just one kind of race it is understanding reptilian is a term describing a force, and that force has evolved itself from a distorted mental body.

So it's like saying the reptilian force is a force that exists as a part of the polarity of the universe. And even though let's say we have purposely created situations in the manifestation of particle matter, you need polarity. It is required in terms of the manifestation in the levels which we experience in physical matter. However polarity is not a byproduct of reptilian force. Reptilian force has become a byproduct of anti-particle polarization. And this is being studied at some of these lower levels dimensionally, where aspects of our selves are attempting to study and become aware in the creation of fields. Why is it the infection to the planets and the infection into the time space fabric of the universal body has been created as a byproduct of polarity at this density?

Forces of Polarity and Reptilians

So it's like saying the further we went into the opposing forces of polarity the byproduct was a creation of a force known by a blanket term as reptilian. Which is a mental body projection that becomes an experience of a being that is unable to sense or feel or have motive or any other kind of cognition as a sensory experience of self. So it's like saying the reptilian consciousness in its most extreme has completely disconnected itself from any sensory ability to perceive itself as a part of a consciousness whole, or as a parts of the fabric of substance of which we are all apart. And also fails to recognize that its own action or lack thereof in terms of its interaction with fields creates an energetic cause-and-effect, which will have an impact on themselves or others or on races and it goes on and on. So a part of the study of which you and I have been a part in the ascended master dimensions, because I am one of your colleagues at this Council level, is to understand from the Orion human existences how these problems with the mental body experiences in the genetic consciousness of the beings that were experiencing this on multiple planets.

So it's like saying you have Annunaki beings, you have Draconian beings you have Necrometese and other types of insectoid and reptilian hybrid races. And these races became more and more distorted in their disconnection from their sensory experience. Their bodies started to degrade their consciousness or certain aspects of self started to degrade, their levels of procreation started to degrade. And many of these beings who were not willing to be in any kind of servitude or any kind of rehabilitation program, basically just decided that they would create or go through their own experiences. Which obviously is a part of the free will zone of this universe, the ability to experience whatever the learning curve is for that experience. Yet many of these beings have evolved or de-evolved themselves into a state of such degradation that their own race is at risk of annihilation. And many of those desperate types of aggression have been attempts to reseed genetic material or to find the "God code" from which the genetic material can rebuild or move itself into a positive direction. So we have a lot of strange dynamics that have happened and many of them have sourced at the eighth dimension. And this was one of the concerns of the Orion humans and some of the reptilian human hybrids that are conscious, meaning they are a part of the Nephilim races or are a part of reptilian hybrid races that are Ascended Masters. So when we say reptilian, it is talking more about the byproduct of what has happened to the mental bodies and the distortions of other parts of the body, so the being is now unable to perceive or experience itself in a sensory or cognitive way.

So you have these reptilian beings that are very aggressive and very, I want to say hierarchal, and experience them selves and think of themselves as elitist and as pure bloods. And they don't want to hybridize with other races and the fight over bloodlines and the fight over hybridization is a big one, because from the reptilian point of view in some of the higher caste systems, they are self-proclaimed masters of the time matrix. It is like saying they are a master of the matrix at the mental level they are not a master of the matrix at any other level. So they have reached a certain level of limitation in their own experience of their own sense of their limiting selves. Meaning if you cannot go beyond the mental body there is a certain level where you reach a cap, and you may be brilliant in terms of a mad scientist compared to current 3D human brain functioning. Many of these beings would seem like God's to a third dimensional human. But in actuality they are severely limited in a multitude of ways, which some of them perceive and some of them don't perceive, because their sense of elitism is extreme in terms of their own sort of egomaniacal mental body projections.

Mental Body Ascension, Reptilian Digression

So these studies have been a base of multiple lifetimes of which you have been a part, and the sort of wrap up of this is happening in this life as you, in this particular time at the end of the Ascension cycle. There have been multiple visitations in your life meaning that you have had multiple visitations by families of consciousness and the councils, of which you have been a part. To feedback or send information about the nature of what we described, around the study of mental body deterioration around the study of mental body ascension and what it does in a partially ascended being. Why there were only partial Ascension's, how the byproduct of the distortion of mental bodies that came from the reptilian consciousness were an offshoot, that progressed it into even more of what we would call psychosis or insanity or degradation of itself as a polarity amplified through the densities. So not to discuss a judgment of again IQ levels in terms of mental bodies, but it's understanding that intelligence from the Founder perspective is defined as living in harmony with the natural order of the universe, the natural order of God. When we cease to do that especially for prolonged periods of time, which is where were at in this level of density in 3D in this timeline, which is the most destructive timeline right now. Is understanding that the choices that are made from that level of intelligence are destructive to the point of self-annihilation. And that is annihilation of a species annihilation of a planet, annihilation of races. It is beyond the reverence for life, which is also lacking with this consciousness. It is understanding that beyond love and feeling an emotive capability or reverence for life forms, is a desire to further one's species. From a level of I would say a basis of survival, but at least a level of propagating the race. So the mental body dysfunctions have gone to such points where basic survival is in question, because the being has now become so psychotic and so disconnected from its sense of its true identity of what it is. That is where we find our self on planet Earth at this time.

And so the basis of the study and the understanding around mental body deterioration and that is understanding and coming down to principles of creation. When we understand that everything is in the triad basis in terms of its concentric form in the architecture. Is the electrical electron the proton and then the neutron. Or we come down to masculine feminine and then the creation or the Christ child, however we look at that. Everything is in the basis of that triad. So what were seeing is that beings that have become severely distorted to psychotic in the distorted mental bodies, do not have the third field, do not have an ability to generate the third field. Because the third field has to come from a source of feeling or cognition of an experience, that is beyond mental body projection beyond mental body into intellectualization. So we have this really strange scenario where we have multiple beings in the universes that have been disconnected from any sense of a higher emotional body, which allows them to experience consciousness fields. So you have beings that are extremely developed in one area and really retarded in another area, and at some level this creates a big problem in the propagation of that species. And this is something of course that we're seeing on planet Earth today. That what has happened to this dimension and to this timeline within the planet, and of course the reason why we are here, is the ability to change the past and the future and the present time. Because as the Ascension cycle comes to an alignment which is a science of the movement of fields within the creational matrix of the universal system, and the stellar bodies that are present within that system.

These levels of portals and stargates which are organic to the manifestation of creation, most of them are organic. There are also a lot of artificial wormholes and reversal wormholes, and these have been created by irresponsible beings that we have been describing that really don't care about the impact of what they're doing. It sort of began to define that reptilian consciousness at a certain base level is just I'm hungry I eat. There is no consequence of understanding what the result of that is in a future time space. And that is the bizarre situation that has happened with planet Earth. Where you have human beings that have been disconnected through artificial architecture that has been placed in the consciousness field of planet. And therefore all beings that become a part of the body of planet earth, we all are a part of the substance of planet Earth because planet Earth is an elemental body. It is a female principle and as we come into incarnation into the physical biology we become part and parcel of the physical elemental substance of the planet itself. And therefore the physical body has its own implants and problems with what has happened to the consciousness fields here, as a part of these control mechanisms as a part of these artificial inorganic systems, which have progressed to certain levels of enslavement.

So a lot of the artificial genetics were here but the levels of enslavement were really not as progressive as they are now, until the last 5000 years. These were the two pinnacle times, the other about 10,000 years ago in the fall of Atlantis, which you were there and experienced. And is one of the reasons why you went back in between lifetimes, I think to collect some things within the Rigel star system in order to work with the councils that would start to bring in enough phases of material, phases of dispensations, phases of understanding and learning. Because a part of it was also after such destructive elements on planet happened there was a stripping of memory. Not only did the reptilians strip the memory of what was in the planet, but there was a necessity where some of it had to be stripped because the planet couldn't hold in its grid system, certain levels of frequency which were related to these levels of understanding. So understanding that knowledge and code is a frequency and has been very difficult to embody in physical human 3D in terms of what has happened here.

And there have been multiple councils that have been involved in embodiments such as the time of the Christ, and the man known that we think of Jesus. You know we've had several interventions where beings of the Christ or Crystal family would actually come in and intervene, and try to bring that covenant that gene pool, and bloodline in and get it into a body down here. So that there could be rehabilitation and support to genetic material as it was moving through the timelines. So I'm understanding that this has also been a part of the selected councils, when we talk about the Kumara's the Seven Sisters, Seven Masters and the various levels of counsel support that were working with this particular niche that we are describing. But additionally working with Ascending beings with multiple layers of bodies in a physical presence, trying to get them down here in order to get that frequency and encodement process actually interfacing with planet body.

So when we understand the planet body, the human being is a nerve cell to planet body. So if the physical human could embody higher dimensional beings and certain levels of overlays such as Crystal Coding and bloodlines and all of this it really supports the gene pool. So we've been a part of seeding that on planet when we can. Especially what I'm looking at with this is the last 26,000 years, attempting to get beings to come in here and most the time beings did this in threes. And what's happening at the end of the cycle now is that the stabilization of planet body and the ability to create a physicalized structure of elemental form, this is part of the Aurora is and the Aurora frequencies. And a part of Aurora's relationship to the Dragon races was hosting out new elemental structures and re-encryption of those elemental structures at molecular and atomic and Subatomic levels.

So that we could begin to have less dense, a shift from carbon-based biology's into less dense states of matter. Because one of the problems we have down here is the lack of conductance at the density we exist in. So we have a problem or challenge where physical density at this level of matter is very difficult to conduct and transduce higher sound fields of frequency that are required in order to build the harmonics that allow communication and contact, and alignments to the Founder races and to beings that exist at this level. Because we're literally dealing with density at such level where beings in the neighboring universes and the neighboring dimensions, meaning the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, have much greater ease in the state of the octave they exist in, to interact with this dimension. And that has been fortunately and unfortunately a part of the process of enslavement. Is beings in the fourth, fifth and six dimension seeing planet Earth from a place of dominion and resources, and now having the power to control it. And that has been very difficult for some beings to not take the bait of actually becoming involved in these counter agendas. Because it's hard I guess to not be seduced by that kind of power or that kind of access.

So a lot of the family that we are a part are not from this universe and are a part of the Founder races that are aligned to unity pattern, which is the Crystal consciousness. Bringing the unity pattern back to this universe in order basically to save it, quite frankly. Because the levels of annihilation and mental body distortion were so extreme that it has been a difficult process in reclamation and returning creation back into the third field. Where it can start to exchange with a supply of source light, instead of using consumptive modeling, which is what has been going on down here. So these beings that are mental body dependent became dependent on the use of other systems, other planets other beings as a method of powering their own realities and systems. And through the process of this created a lot of destruction in the time space fields and in the universal matrix. And how that looks is like saying rips in time space. Rips in the time space or what the Time Lords are looking at. Because when you rip time and space like this what you create is like holes, which are similar in a human body to thinking about an infection in the body and a tumor around that infection. A tumor had to close the infection off before that infection goes systemic and kills the organism.

Phantom Matrices and Reversal Black Holes

So it's the same for our universe the universe has been compromised in a lot of different ways. One of the biggest reasons is the misuse of energies and then the subsequent rip in time space fields that creates massive holes in the structure. Where these sorts of inorganic systems reversal black holes and things get sucked into other matrices. And again a part of these have been built as phantom matrices, which then collect particular levels of frequency and energy in order to direct it into another matrix. A part of what reptilian races were interested in doing was collecting this realm this particular timeline the beings that are souls. Those that have been en-souled between third and fourth dimension, and they would take the quantic life field of these beings and they would direct it to phantom matrixes, which were like holding tanks. And these holding tanks would then direct energy that could be fed into these phantom spaces, or could be redirected into planets of their choice based upon again what was serving them at the time. And this is again that very strange dynamic of extremely brilliant scientific minds, but they are mad scientists. They are just completely without any kind of moral or ethical, let alone reverence for life in terms of what they're doing to it. But just that mad scientist splicing and dicing genetic material and seeing what happens without any kind of care about what that does to anybody else.

Arcturians as Future Prototype

So this is one of the reasons why we're here. And the oversoul relationship you have is very much a part of your Galactic origins as a council member that has worked with multiple partially ascended beings on multiple planets. Some of those partial ascended beings were on Arcturus. Arcturus is like understanding it is a prototype of the future of humanity because they are in a sense one of the closer relatives that we have. In terms of humanoid forms that have had some success in creating a harmonizing Christed civilization that are advanced in relationship to what current humans are experiencing in this realm. So the Arcturus relationship, is understanding that the Arcturians and the Arcturus planet is like a future prototype, in which we can see a successful reintegration. Even though it is the seventh dimensional timeline it has been successful in getting to a certain point of consciousness and evolution and alignment to Christic Law of One, Founder basis of creation. Which is what Arcturus is, even though there are false Arcturus and phantom Arcturus which have been misused for multiple reasons. The Arcturus planet system has had some success with that and so a part of their relationship in overseeing over-lighting and assisting this planetary project was almost like a checking and a comparison model. Like saying okay what direction does the 3D have to move in, in order to have the same or similar timelines of success that the Arcturians have been able to accomplish with their race. And so the Arcturians have been involved and apart of not only inter-dimensional federations but galactic councils that are involved in evolutionary models and discussions of genetic material and how certain timelines, in terms of progression and event horizons and probable realities and how they can be created.

So the Rigel system as a part of the Galactic Council was sort of like as I'm understanding a base about genetic material, and the Rigel and Arcturus alignments did have a relationship to Sirius as well. It was like understanding that Sirius is sort of like the ambassadorship of multiple councils that meet within those structures in the Sirian consolation. Sirius B happens to be where my soul matrix is from and is part of my identities in order to contact Founder races and the Christic races in working with us. These are the Lyran and Sirian arrangements that are part of the basis of main progenitors of the original humanoid Christic forms and the template of those biologies. So the Lyran Sirians have certain genetic seeds that are very important to the Christic and Founder realization. Meaning coming into human form and actualizing the DNA material at the Lyran code level, because the Syrian and Lyran arrangement at that time was a part of the original prime creators, in working with these forms. So Sirius in the sixth dimension acted as an ambassadorship for an inter-dimensional UN or something, where multiple planets were represented in a con-Federation of planets. And the Sirian's were hosting and working specifically with Arcturus because they're neighbors and their frequencies were about working with unity patterns and male-female patterns and this kind of thing. So in understanding that we are connected to the Orion constellation and that moves through the Andromeda galaxy, which is really what the Ascension timeline and the Founder timeline of Ascension is.

Transit Stations

Building the channels that progress as many possible transit stations that are needed and necessary for the various amalgamations of beings that are on planet Earth at this time. So your particular role with this is getting into the galactic history of it. And I hope that as time goes on this makes more sense into the human counterpart that you are, because again a lot of our challenge on planet Earth has been the veils of separation. And also the safety of those of us that have been functioning as sort of a sleeper, because until we become a lot more savvy about the agendas and things that were happening on planet Earth, let alone multiple dimensions. And also until an architecture could be formed where the Founder body could actually have presence here. It was very difficult for those of us that have this kind of extensive role to know in our own minds who we are.

So it's like saying when you become aware of what your role is fully at this level, it becomes a possible vulnerability for you. Because until contact is fully made with the Founders until architecture is provided, which you can interface with, it is very difficult for them to protect you because they have not had a presence here. And no presence has been on purpose, because of the reptilian invasion and the difficulty it has created to poke holes in the frequency fences and the multiple levels of fences that are here, not to mention the mind control and the current systems of belief and everything else.

So my feeling is that you are returning to a level of deeper comprehension and acceptance in the revelation of who you are as a being and why you have come to planet at this time. And to reconcile those things that may have seemed to be mundane about existence. But coming into the reasons of why that was needed and necessary for you to be here on the planet in the embodiment that you are. And yet in the monad and higher galactic levels of your being, that this was a part of what was being exchanged over sequences of time where you were being visited by the families from the Rigel and Andromedan system. And I feel like it has been recently that you are becoming more aware, and having your own realization of self and your role. And now the planet has gotten to a level of evolution where beings like us are able to see and recognize and connect with each other at a level that was not possible previously. Some of this was because of safety issues. And again most of us have not been trained in physical for full astral combat. And there was definitely a time where it was pretty dicey in certain periods of development where the Alpha Omega Agenda and the 9/11 agenda, was about taking out Starseeds and Indigos. I mean we were definitely targeted at certain periods of time, because we have beings that are obviously still very much attempting to control this reality and think that they can and all of that.

So as we are able to experience ourselves as the collective consciousness we are and we start to interface more with this sense of what we are doing on multiple planes. A lot of us we have been leaving our bodies at night or doing a lot at night, but we're not always clear about what we're doing when we come back into our body here. So now is the time where more cognition and awareness of your participation with consciousness is becoming requested of you, and is becoming for whatever reason necessary for you. This apparently has to do with the beacon to call you home which was to bring you over to the body that is created in ES, to sort of bring in that briefing and that awareness. For you to know that you can do this without fear, meaning that prior to this we did have to hide we did have to be careful with what we shared and when we shared it. And also if there were levels that were going to breach security for us, we were not allowed to access those levels of our self. Because if we can read our own consciousness meaning if you are able to have thoughts about yourself, those thoughts can be read in the timeline. And until we were able to be protected and connected at a certain level, information was not given to us, because it wasn't safe to do so.

Staff Principle of Mother Arc

Now since about July 2009, the staff connection of Mother Arc, meaning the vertical connection in and out of here has been connected and is actually open. So that has allowed more of us to awaken to this deeper revelation of who we are as a being and what we're doing on other multiple planes, and how that relates to what we're doing here. So now as a part of understanding these histories and their relevance now, is that your embodiment and your coding is about male electron recoding. Everything that you have been doing for a really long time is coming into use, utilization and exchange. That exchange has to do with shifting patriarchal domination to the feminine principles and the recoding of that at the mental body and masculine level, and the genetic arrangements and the processes necessitated in order to bring this into the time fields here. Because as an example the Timelines on planet Earth have been completely distorted from static fields and inorganic structures that move the electron and proton relationships in either inorganic patterns or reversal patterns, or things that are siphoning structures of energy off planet to somewhere else.

Time Distortion

When we understand the basis of the control of reptilians to this particular timeline, and how they have managed to distort time, which is what they do. They distort time here and they distort it by using inorganic artificial structures in the planet's brain, in the planet's consciousness fields that control the human body. They work with patterns such as reversal electron codes that move electron patterns in distorted patterns, which then create distorted thoughts. The brain is receiving impulses from a distorted electron stream the brain then processes the mental body from a distorted electron stream and the problems are multiple when this goes on.

So this is again where we start to understand mental bodies and the intelligence levels that operate at mental bodies, and the mental body's relationship to the masculine principle. And then the masculine principle in patriarchal domination and how that has infected human beings on earth, without them being aware that they are damaged in this way. It's like saying you have people walking around with very distorted mental bodies on earth that don't know they have distorted mental bodies. And again this is that strange anomaly that people experience themselves as they experience themselves. They don't generally have a sense of understanding how destructive their mental processes or thought processes are.

So our relationship with the ES body of work is working with mental body recoding, masculine recoding and understanding the infection of these distortions and how they work. How they work in the human being how they work in a man how they work in a woman, because it works differently within each of the polarities of the bodies and gender. And then how that has been used in multiple complexes that are massive circulatory systems of energetic webbing and other levels, literally in the consciousness field in the dimensional fields of planet Earth. In order to reverse architecture in order to direct it through whatever means these beings have created that are actually attempting to achieve an outcome.

So as we come together now these are families of consciousness that are awakening into a deeper and higher revelations of them selves. And how we again are moving forward as you probably have guessed is on a 'need to know' basis. However we are starting to come into our human parts and that those of us that are now starting to open to accepted that there are other stations of our identity doing this, and working through the body here as an inter-dimensional portal. So it's like saying you are an inter-dimensional portal, your body is in the physical and you are a ground crew of the Galactic councils. There have been multiple functions and parts of those functions are coming into either a completion or threshold of use. Because the next level of our prime directive is understanding the Founder timeline for Ascension, which is really demonstrated through the credo and the frequency of I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

We understand that the founder consciousness is a part of the embodiment the architecture and the consciousness field of unity, through the covenants of the Law of One, and that the Law of One is an extremely complex spiritual science. That once one in the physics of the body genetically fully is surrendered to the higher God aspect as their own directing force, becomes a natural self-organizing structure. So it means that even though planet Earth has been given a dispensation where different beings from different planets that have been a part of confederations and part of councils and a part of founder races or whatever, I mean the diversity is extreme down here. There are beings that have been given jobs and they have come here to do these jobs. But the unfortunate part of this is that many beings that have these jobs don't understand what their job description is. And they bring in certain levels of information or dispensation or code, but because as described earlier the mental body distortion is so extreme in the polarization of the density in which we exist here. It makes it extremely difficult to almost impossible for someone who is incarnated in this realm to be able to first of all, bring anything here without distortion, because of the way the fields are in this dimension. But additionally this is why ego and mental body training, mastery of mental body is so extremely important. It's imperative. Without mastery of mental body you cannot get to this level of the ability to read the Law of One and the consciousness at a code and schematic level, which becomes organic to you because it is a part of the natural laws of creation.

So we have a lot of challenges on planet Earth believing that this is a mental body construct, but it isn't. At a certain level it becomes limited as a mental body and has to be released as a mental body into a consciousness construct. This is what we are working with in ES, it is the embodiment process of a consciousness construct that is self-organizing and the natural laws of God, which are protected again through the Unity Vow and through the Founder and Guardian races. In the calling of those races when you become a part of this field in ES, that's the body that is theirs to work with. My agreement here on planet Earth is to create a body and an architecture, which the founders from the next universe can work through. This is what ES is. So as we become more aware of what our physical presence on earth is at certain levels of mission and purpose and what resonates with our own heart and being. This is definitely a sentient self-organizing consciousness that is connected to the genetic material of the Krystal Star. And the Krystal Star as a Christ consciousness entity is a level of intelligence that is a group body and a part of the Founder assistance and support to this planet. It is to bring crystal consciousness back as a Law to the planet itself, to free the beings from the enslavement and the genetic destruction and the annihilation and things that have happened here.

And so at this time, as a part of the Guardian Founder Races, as we make the choice in our own heart we have to ask our self the question what do we choose to serve? What authority is our authority, is it God, is it ego, what is it? And that becomes a part of something that's very intimate to each of us. And this is an exploration of how this is bringing beings with that sentient genetic material that has been, as I'm sure you have experienced, having its own relationship to the higher fields. Because this is how most of us experience it in the beginning, that our spirit body is doing things that our mental body and our emotional body isn't quite fully participating with, nor understanding why the spiritual body is doing this. This has been a part of that construct where our spirit body is in support to the path of Earth service and the logos of the earth. So many of us with this agreement to be on 3D planet Earth during ascension timeline cycle, our primary role is to build the Ascension timeline, embody the ascension timeline. Bring it into physical manifestation and to create as many transit gates and portals for the beings here as possible.

Because we have a lot of challenge with the diversity of where beings are energetically in their frequency and at what level their genetic material can be rehabilitated, in order to bring them into certain progressions in their own education as a being. Unfortunately the enslavement of this planet has created a lot of problems with soul damage in certain light bodies. The higher light bodies of human beings, being damaged distorted and used etc. A lot of beings on this planet don't realize they are multidimensional and are not in merge or connection with their soul or oversoul, or higher spirit light bodies. So this means those bodies are being used somewhere else or abuse somewhere else. This is again the reason why were here. We're here to restore balance back to this realm and to assist as many beings as possible in having a choice of a higher expression, as opposed to that choice being made of for them without their consent, which is really what's happening at this time.

So I am going to be quiet for a moment, because I have I rambled on. I want to ask you first of all, if this makes any sense to you and if you have any questions. Does this resonate with you?

Ascension Prototyper

I think for a lot of us that do any kind of prototyping or ascension work we have a lot of physical symptoms that are very hard to get a laser focus on, in terms of what does the body need. Like what is the best way to support my body. So when I look over all at your energy resources and how they are managed through your body there actually much better than you probably realize. One of the things that I have always found really fascinating is that I've noticed that in the third dimensional person when they're dealing with life force blocks and they've manifested disease patterns. That a lot of times these patterns are wounds within their body that they carry, that are deeply related to their personal history. Like when I was a child this hurt me and now it is manifested into a health problem. What I see in a multidimensional beings is very different and that's always really fascinating to me, because it always about the nervous system. How the multidimensional being is very different than a 3D person and there's a different connection going on in the nervous system that interfaces with larger subtle fields, that the 3D human is not working with.

And that's what I see with you, your body is working with more subtle energy fields. And the resources in you body are actually really good and stable but the physical vitality is one of the things that most of us complain about, because we don't feel really energized based upon the level of resources that are showing up in our body. I'm just letting that you have that exact pattern. As you probably know as beings that conduct a lot of frequency, as we're saline electrical beings we need a lot of electrolytes or high quality salts. Because a lot of us especially when we are the acupuncture points of this frequency as you are, is understanding your nervous system and your body is geared to be an acupuncture point of frequency. You feel subtle energies around you at a level that the third dimensional person does not. So that means using your shielding process and some of the EMF calibrations once in a while, when you're working with in a certain technology or calibrating and phase aligning your body to that frequency, because you're more sensitive to these things than others around you. You probably feel sometimes when you have that nervous system exhaustion, when your brain feels fried, when you nervous system feels fried that is an overexposure symptom. So when you feel that way you need to get your calcium, magnesium, mineralized supplements or something that supports the nervous system.

Generally one of the more important ones is a homeopathic called Bioplasma, which is a tissue cell salt, it has all 12 of the main ones. In the last few years we have been accelerated in terms of the frequency that's available, so those of us that again have that galactic coding tend to be the ones doing this. And it can be really bizarre because you'll look at people around you and they seem to be completely unaffected by it and you're bouncing off the walls. And it's very surreal sometimes, but that is your proof about understanding your nervous system is configured much differently than the people around you. I have noted it's very true that this family of consciousness is a minority, I don't know why exactly. Maybe there just weren't enough of us that really wanted to come in here, I don't know. (laughter)

What's happened to us on planet Earth, if we understand our first, second and third chakra transduce the physical elemental substance of our body, and each layer has a core intelligence that makes up our personality. And that's really where all the distortions are that's where all of the mind control crap is. So the first and second layer are a lot of the unconscious pieces, but the third that solar plexus area, I feel like there is something getting ready to kick over in you.. It's moving that the umbilicus function out of the third chakra. (see Umbilicus reset Meditation, December 2009)

Personality Matrix

What happens in the third chakra, which is the Conscious Mind matrix so the part of you that believes you are your personality, the part of you that is your conscious mind that's in your solar plexus. That's where all the mind control stuff is. So a lot of the frequencies that are directed to us come right into our midsection and they interrupt the still point. Our still point is right in that area, like in between the rib cage near the xiphoid. So a lot of people get barraged there and don't even know they're getting barraged because they don't feel it, which is so weird. But the mind control let's say you have your Solar Plexus and it's projecting out thought forms or your idea of yourself. Your brain picks it up these impulses you think are yourself, and most people that are getting hit with Mind Control consciousness fields are operating at the solar plexus level. There's a certain frequency hertz coming out and the being is receiving it from that level and not able to discern what is them and what's not them. That's a lot of how the mind control stuff works.

So we get stuck, a lot of us get stuck in the looping within that parameter. What that does is blocks the conscious mind matrix from moving into the higher mental bodies. Because there are higher mental bodies, which we can access like our fifth dimensional body is a higher mental body. Even though we still have issues with our 5th dimensional body we want to get out of the 3rd dimensional body, because that's where the Reversal 55 Grid is that's where the Frequency Fences are. That's what they're taking down the beings that are in the conflict, in the War Over Consciousness. They are using that third dimensional structure where our solar plexus connects in as their 99.9% focus of controlling human beings. That's where they go. So if you are able to move yourself or your station of identity out of that area of the body. So how does that happen, just being aware of this and working with it? You want to move yourself out of the reliance of that part of the body.

It is understanding that because we came into the physical substance and these first three chakras only transduce and work with the physical substance of particle matter that make up our body. This is why people are disconnected from theirs their soul matrix. Because if you're only existing in your first, second and third chakra as a level of how you experience yourself you're not accessing the higher frequency. And nobody tells you how to do it, so you just walk around and the more people that stay there in those first three areas the more robotic they become. I'm sure you've seen that people becoming automaton like and this is because they are existing there.

So what I'm feeling is that there's a kick-start and I have a few meditations in my awareness about this. One is specifically about holographic repair of the Vesica Pisces in the mental body. I feel like the guides are going to take you to the next level of allowing the umbilicus to be moved. Because you have to remember too the bodies have had an experience and we have to honor them. It's like if you change too much too fast it's really unnerving. And this is already a difficult experience going through this. So I'm really feeling that there is a respect for your physical body and a benevolence toward your physical body that is coming from a Guardian that is working with you. Realizing and understanding that this needs to happen in a sequence that doesn't completely unnerve you. Because I have had situations where it felt like someone took a coat hanger and started pulling my innards out through the top of my head. And I'm like wait a minute you're going to have to stop.

You and I are connecting now in the time where this certain level of participation is needed. I understand I just laid a lot on you. And I'm sorry I hope that isn't too overwhelming, but at the same time it really is time to appreciate and acknowledge who and what you are, because you were never designed to be a 3D person. And so many of us that came in early, especially in the time that you did which was earlier than me, had a lot more pain around this. Because socially there was a lot more rigidity in what was accepted at that tim

Organized Alien Religion

It is really difficult because again, being raised that way, the organized religion is such a strong means of mind control down here. It's really difficult yet at the same time I've found what you're describing is such a starseed blueprint.

I think a lot of the challenges, first of all this is commonplace when you think about organized religion on planet Earth. I mean there's a lot of beings involved in that. That was a part of the whole culture especially at the time you were born. There was a very important emphasis that you were a good human being if you belonged to a church or something. If you were going to have a family you wanted to raise your kids as God-fearing, in the church, it was a part of that. If you were a good family that's what you did, as a value.

But I notice a lot of us in the starseed family have this extreme experience in organized religion. Because not only is our energy code the antithesis of what that is it's like oil and water together. It is even more abrasive, it's horrible to be in that environment with what we come in with. Because most of us inherently I have found, have a natural and innate understanding of how things work. And then we come here and we see the craziness and were totally confused. Like I know in my heart, wait a minute I know how this works. I'm looking at this and I am confused this is not my inner reality. If I create my own reality what am I doing here, what is this? It is really confusing. But I notice I think a lot of us in the Starseed family came to earth with the necessity of being in a case study with what this was like. Because I don't think a lot of us understood what it was really like, because I see so many of us in this family had a naïveté. Like we just didn't get it. So I notice many of us have very extreme experiences especially in our early life, because it really leaves an imprint and most of us are traumatized by it until we figure out what it was for, because our family representation is the macrocosm of the problem on planet Earth.

So in our in our closest family members we get these extreme polarities that really represent planetary issues. Think about how many humans are indoctrinated into religious belief structures and the damage that is propagated in human beings, is evidenced. It's horrifying. So we go right in there and we experience it. And I really truly believe it's because we would not understand it in any other way. A lot of what we are here to do is to transcend those programs because as an example that religious indoctrination is brainwashing, it is mind control. And it is a very sophisticated structure within the architecture of the planet it's not just a system that was organically placed here. Like through the nature of creation when we were just hanging around and we decided we needed religion. This was actually a completely orchestrated plan of taking over the human race. The reptilian invasion is intimately related with organized religion. And so obviously how could we figure that out?

I was definitely naive as a youngster they call me Pollyanna, because I didn't understand deception. I didn't understand lying either like I do now. But what was more difficult to understand was the level of deception that is propagated by someone who's talking to you face to face. Like someone is just presenting themselves as their being introduced to somebody, and that level of deception on planet Earth is mind-boggling to me. I don't get it. I see it now and I see it operating, but that kind of deception is a process that I don't understand. I think for a lot of us as starseeds it has created a tremendous amount of pain for us. We are constantly, having to deal with the shattering of illusions and our own delusions because we're not understanding the deception that is operating everywhere.

I have a lot of respect for your emotional body and your mental body and your willingness to again just get your feet wet and allow this to enfold in the way that that feels supportive and integrative for you. Because clearly I relate very much to what you're saying I too also shared that same kind of understanding, that's what I thought as well. I thought that negativity was completely interdependent on the human ego. I understood human ego very well, probably because I've had some training around that. I also shared that, not understanding the larger world of forces. So this was a humongous wake-up call for me as well.

And I notice that as we go through this we have to be gentle and go at our own pace. Clearly our goal is to be integrated and the best that we can be, and have a stable foundation from which we can operate. Because I really started to understand that too much too fast creates psychotic break. I see that happening with family, with galactic family members. They go way out there without the training and they're not able to integrate themselves. I have a soft spot for those people but at a certain level, when it compromises the rest of what were doing it can't be allowed. We have had some of this in the ES community recently. It is something that is very unpleasant for me because I really do care about this family of consciousness and I understand how difficult being on this planet has been.

Closing:Well my darling, thank you so much for your patience with our exchange today. I'm glad that we were able to get through the initial bumpiness. So I'll be sending you some things and again just take them in at your own pace. Again no matter what you choose, know that I recognize and acknowledge and appreciate you for who you are in whatever choices you make. Again when you leave the community or need to, I support you a hundred percent. I want you to understand that even though I appreciate and I recognize you as being here, that I support your growth at whatever level and where ever the path takes you. Ok my darling thank you so much. [1]


  1. [LR Session 5-26-2011]

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