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God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

Transcript: As we come out of this dark cycle, it can feel like moving through the narrow part of an hourglass, where the micro and macro are being compressed together and squeezed through the bottleneck. We are processing the dark eon of these controller power abuses along with the accumulative pain of the suffering that is being inflicted upon the Earth, while we come into a deeper knowing and comprehension that it was never actually about us at a deeply personal level. We may have had many Spiritual Lessons that our soul could learn in this dark cycle, through incarnations in this density. We may have come to the planet in order to find completion and healing from other lifetimes where there was abuse or dysfunction and this is the lifetime that we are going to clear many of these inherited overlays or karmic issues.

That's why this Ascension process has been so exceptionally hard for so many, as this is the life time many souls are completing incarnational cycles based on consciousness slavery. Those awake and aware to the ascension cycle are choosing to end the accumulative karmic patterns of consciousness slavery this time. You are not going to repeat this cycle of abuse and pain again. This means that you must see what has happened to your lifestream in order to enslave your mind. To graduate you must see the impact of those interactions with the darkness that felt such immense pain, in order to finally heal from those patterns.

Once we can see it, then we must choose to stop allowing darkness to inflict harm and slavery upon ourselves and others. We must stop the behaviors where darkness creates harm in our consciousness and choose to align ourselves with the Godhead. This happens easily when we intend to align ourselves with Natural Laws and Divine Will, not my will but Divine Will, and this intention will help to take us through this very difficult and challenging process with as much ease and grace as possible.

The most important themes to focus upon now are to help us move through the difficult situations and painful energies we are facing in the outer world. I'd like to break them down very simply into five key themes while we're in the most intense spiritual warfare. We are in the middle of an active human genocide happening all around us while nobody is actually really talking about it in the physical world. There has always been human genocide going on, but now it is global. The size and the scale of this agenda is monstrous and unfathomable. We are in the end game stages of the final conflict for Earth. This will impact how things manifest in our world because we are in the middle of the most intense levels of spiritual warfare to control humanity and the planetary resources.

These five principles are the most important themes to focus upon. When you're tired, when you're exhausted, when you're not feeling well, when you just can't take it anymore keep your focus on these simple principles. When you're stronger, when you're gaining spiritual strength, when you don't feel so overwhelmed and stressed, and you have some bandwidth in order to expand consciousness through knowledge, then continue your odyssey and journey of exploration into understanding more about the human Lightbody and the Natural Laws.

The following things I'm going to discuss are universal and absolute truths that I have attempted to break down in the most simplistic way so that you can work with them in your day-to-day life, while navigating the end game pressures. As a quick go to while you're attempting to get your bearings when all hell is breaking loose on planet Earth, because the chaos and suffering is at its maximum. When you're feeling overwhelmed and worn down by the intensity of the outer world, remember that this macrocosm of global insanity directly corresponds to the mind control patterns using targeted spiritual warfare against humanity.

1 - God is Love.

Know that the highest order of God is love. Never forget this. Love is all. When we're traumatized, when we're frustrated, when we've had enough, when we're getting pounded, when we're sore, when we're in pain, sometimes we can't feel that love. Even if you focus your mind on love, even when you're not feeling it per se in your body, make the effort to hold it in your mind. "God is Love. Love is all. God is Love. Love is all."

In all ways that you can feel into and nurture love, can cultivate; self-love, loving kindness towards yourself, towards others, to the Earth or nature. This will provide you with the active principle that satisfies several of the Natural Laws of God all at once. Even if you do not understand the Law of Structure and the natural laws at this stage of awareness or spiritual development, just focus on “Love is all. Love is God. Love exists inside of you. You are made from love." This is an active principle and a direct action that you can take that will satisfy several natural laws and help make your existence and ability to deal with difficulties in your life much easier.

As you focus on this vibration it’s similar to oiling the squeaky wheels, freeing up those areas that are stuck, those areas that just don't seem to move. And that level of frustration that you might feel mentally of "Why am I stuck in this space?" In those moments bring your focus to love. Focus on loving kindness to help you dissolve problems that seem insurmountable or soften the perception of being stuck between a hard place and a rock. Focus on love to the best of your ability, even if you can't feel it in your body because you're frustrated and you're overwhelmed, or you're not feeling well. Do your best to bring love into the moment, into your mind. Deflect negativity and bring your focus back to loving energies whenever you're feeling the utmost level of frustration with what is going on in the outer world.

The highest expression of love when manifested into our material world is the same experience as attaining consciousness freedom. When we express the highest version of love, selfless love, we put our heart on the altar to serve God. This is the same experience we will be moving towards in attaining consciousness freedom. This is the key to achieving consciousness freedom. This is our highest purpose during the spiritual ascension cycle that is happening on the planet. Love is the organizing harmonizing synchronizing force that exists throughout creation and through its genuine authentic expression. Love is in perfect balance and harmony with what is, as it is. Love does not control or manipulate. Love exists in alignment with truth, higher knowledge, and the benevolent forces of the Eternal Light in harmony with natural laws, in harmony with the universe, in harmony with God.

2 - Compassion

Now Compassion is different than love and for a lot of us, we may not have known what love is. As we go deeper into our spiritual meditations and reflections, when we open our heart deeply, we will experience a force of love inside our heart that was unknown to us previously. Because we didn't know it, we didn't know it existed. But it does, it exists inside of us. As we go through our planetary initiation, this is going to be much easier to access for those of us that had trauma or are overly mental, because the negative ego or over intellectualization actually blocks our heart from opening. We must find that inner balance, the balance of the heart-brain where the brain is governed by the heart. Where the intelligence that we receive comes through the heart-brain, which is a part of the divine design of our Christos template. As we expand our consciousness, this is a natural process that will happen to each of us uniquely, where we will feel and experience this and realize that love is a force, and it exists inside. We will learn to feel its attributes because it's different, much, much different than what we've been told love is or what we've experienced love to be in the context of the 3D world.

Intend to express compassion for self and others and go deeper to find the meaning of Compassion, as it is different than love even though it is an active principle of love that is manifested in compassion. The most important part of this difficult time we’re living through is practicing self-compassion. Here we are, we're in the meat grinder and it's difficult for all of us.

It's crucial that you are gentle and kind towards yourself. Be compassionate. Go at your own pace. Uncover the healthy spiritual belief systems versus the unhealthy ones. Identify where there is negativity being directed towards the soul. Make an effort to practice self-compassion first, as that will make this current journey of getting through all of the shadow voices or programming of negativity something that is more nourishing and empowering. The God source essence is the truly reverent, heart-based feelings of compassion for all of life. And it is the key to regain our true humanity on a planet that has lost its humanity to alien mind control and Negative Alien Agenda tactics. When we are disconnected from life, we are disconnected from the inner spiritual selves, and then disconnected from Soul and God's Source Light. When we are disconnected from our soul and God's Source Light, we plunge into dark despair, pain and depression. In order to reconnect with life, in order to have value for life, we must experience feelings of compassion for ourselves, feelings empathy for ourselves and for others. This is the true core essence of every human being’s highest potential. Without the experience of feeling emotion, a human being becomes disconnected and unable to feel or experience anything as interconnected to the oneness of life. And we know that's a part of the warfare being waged against us, to break our hearts, to damage our Empathy, to damage our higher sensory perception, to derail the areas where we can feel love and compassion for ourselves and others. If you can't feel that in your body intend it to be so, and especially if you cannot feel it then intend it every day, as much as possible. Bring it into your day-to-day awareness that this is your goal, that your mental focus and where you're placing your attention is upon love: self-love, self-compassion, love and compassion for others.

3 - Thoughts are things

And if you want to understand this more deeply, there are three natural laws that are very important for you to understand and work with. If it's too much to really do a deep dive on this, if you're too tired to focus on something complicated like clearing out any kind of Negative Ego programs or negative self-talk, then your default should always be return back to "Love is all. God is love." When feeling doubt, when you're too tired or overwhelmed, return back to practicing loving kindness and self-compassion, over and over again. Then when you feel spiritually stronger, make the effort to understand these three natural laws. These three natural laws are the Law of Mentalism, in Aries; the Law of Suggestion in Leo; the Law of Response in Virgo. These three are the most important in understanding the Law of Structure that creates all things.

There are consequences to the decisions we make. We must think upon and hold these consequences, and potential consequences made to our lives and other lives, especially if we're not entirely clear if they’re in Divine alignment. Let's say, the mental body wants something and wants it right now. Or we just can't stand something; there's something in our life that's really bothering us. And we have to understand, is this something, is this in alignment with me? What is my lesson here? How do I change the way I look at and perceive and face this problem? Do I run away from it? Do I work on myself? Are there things that I need to do in this situation? What is this showing me? What lessons are present? What level of mastery do I need in my spiritual initiation? Because this is an initiation.

You may not see it that way, but that's what it is. If something is stuck and it is in front of you, there is something there that you need to figure out. Why is it there? Now sometimes it's a situational awareness. It can be a timing issue and I think a lot of it is timing right now. This is not the time to be moving and shaking in a lot of active principle, in terms of setting up new businesses or embarking on completely new kinds of projects, because we're in the middle of an end game. It's Cross Spirals everywhere. We're being targeted, left, right and center 24/7. This is a time to lay low, get strong, get your lightbody on, power up those shields, and get your tools really working. Unless of course, you get very strong divine guidance to go here or do this as a part of your direct connection and your devotion to serve your highest expression.

Most people when they're attempting to manifest something, it's coming from the ego mind desires. The ego mind desire isn't going to work too well in this new structure, because you've got to learn to let it go. It's got to be "it is what it is" in this moment. You set forth your intentions. You look at what's in the now-moment present for you, and you address what's in front of you to the best of your known ability. You see it as an initiation and a lesson which you need to master before you can move to the next stage of your spiritual development. Because many times when we have blockages there is something we need to learn, master or understand before we can move on to the next stage, whatever it may be. So that is something to again consider with the spirit of patience, with emotional maturity and with some humility, because it's very, very difficult right now.

When you say you want to achieve your spiritual goals, understand that you will achieve your spiritual goals naturally by always choosing to deflect ego to serve your higher Divine Will. You will always be guided to achieve your spiritual goals when you intend this to be so. And again, as I've mentioned to you several times in the past, when you achieve your spiritual goals, when you're living your spiritual purpose, when you feel it resonating out of every cell of your body, this brings the utmost fulfillment, contentment, and joy in the moment. Even when you're living in the chaos of the end times, or in the end game and subjected to spiritual warfare as we are now.

Now one of the things that is important to understand with natural laws is what is referred to as the "Golden Rule". If you're treating others really badly and you're suffering, you may not realize that you're sabotaging yourself through some of your behaviors, whatever they may be. Sometimes you will not get the response you need, or you will not understand some of the situations in your life. One of the most important things to remember is the Golden Rule, meaning that you have a reciprocal responsibility to ensure justice for others, as you ensure justice for yourself. The Golden Rule is about an ethical code and a moral truth that essentially states one should treat others, as one would like to be treated by others. It is commonly referred to as "Do unto others". If you're breaking this rule, then the ethical code, the moral truth, the spiritual integrity is not very strong and you can receive interference.

When working with natural laws, we must understand that it applies to everyone. If the natural law works for you, the natural law works for everyone. So again, the Golden Rule is an ethical code or moral truth which you must adhere to, in order to receive spiritual responses to your requests. This means checking yourself when there are situations that are very unpleasant or you feel like you're suffering, and you're asking for guidance. If you don't seem to be getting guidance, or if you're misinterpreting or you're not understanding the guidance that you're receiving, look at the Golden Rule. Make sure that the Golden Rule is something that you utilize in your day-to-day life. Examine whether you are treating others as you would like to be treated. This will magnify the power of the spiritual support you receive, as in response to your Prayers.

4 - Choosing to align with Divine Will

That is aligning to natural laws by aligning to Divine Will. It is important to know that "divine right order" and "divine right timing" in cosmic order are real things. These are real principles in maintaining cosmic order. During difficult situations remember that "divine right order" has its own timing; it is not in your timing but in God's timing. Stating "in divine right order" essentially means you are evoking or calling forth true spiritual law to be made present in all that governs time and space, and through your own personal intent and consent, you are choosing consciously the authority of God's natural laws to be made manifested within your consciousness and throughout your creations.

This also means the person is asking for divine right order, is acting upon their own self determination and the Law of Intent to resolve the authority problem between the negative ego and the higher relationship they have with their inner spirit Source and God expression. Again, it is a choice that is being made when you relinquish your personal control through ego will, releasing perceptions of needs and desires, with the consent to defer to the natural laws in "divine right order and divine right timing."

5 - Law of Vibration

The interesting thing about the Law of Vibration is that it was incredibly distorted until very recently, because this natural law is actually in the governance of the Solar Logos, and the Solar Logos infrastructure and architecture were highly damaged. When we think of the Solar Logos plane, we think of the Lyran histories. These Lyran histories of wars and explosions contain the damage and destruction made to the Solar Logos, which created distortions in how the Law of Vibration was being adhered to. The Solar Logos is the holder of the cosmological principle of the Law of Vibration. Understand that nothing rests, everything is in constant motion. Everything vibrates at a rate that is either faster or slower, and also rotates, which forms a rate of frequency vibration beyond the material realm, into a realm in which everything is conscious energy. This describes the Law of Vibration. So this means we start looking at things beyond the material inanimate object vantage point of something, that just looks like this physical object. Think of it as conscious energy. What is the quality of vibration behind it? What is the frequency of this thing? Everything in our universe consists of layers of vibrational frequency stacked throughout the dimensional scales.

We can apply the Law of Mentalism to shift our thoughts in order to change our mental state into a positive state with higher vibration. We can see how gaining awareness through observing our thoughts helps us to refocus ourselves into a positive state with a higher vibration. Thus, when we direct our focus upon loving positive states and higher frequencies with an effort of applying personal will, in order to shift the vibration, this is called mental transmutation. We have the power in every moment to perform mental transmutation. This principle explains the distinction between the manifestations of the planes of matter, energy, mind, and spirit are the result of only different vibrations on a frequency scale. The higher the energy of a person on that scale, the higher the rate of the frequency vibration they will embody and interact with. As we align with Divine Will we become a house where God can dwell.

I hope you find these themes supportive to help us move through current global challenges. I'm just going to quickly go over them again. Five tips and themes to focus upon during this end game cycle; when we're addressing or having to face difficult situations, painful energies, clearing of the shadow, deal with complex social situations or whatever it might be.

  • Number 1: Love is all. God is Love.
  • Number 2: Compassion. Practice self-compassion first.
  • Number 3: Thoughts are things. When you have the bandwidth, explore the three Law(s) of Mentalism, the Law of Suggestion, and the Law of Response.
  • Number 4: Align to your Divine Will at all times. Therefore, you will naturally align to the universal laws without effort. Not my will, but Divine Will, will align you to the natural laws, even if you don't understand exactly how they work in this moment.
  • Number 5: Law of Vibration, this is just making sure that you understand absolutely everything is conscious energy. Anything that appears inanimate as an object is a type of conscious energy. It has a vibrational frequency.

This will be helpful to reframe your reality to look at the world as energy, and energy as Consciousness. What kind of energy is it? This is the Law of Vibration. Being able to identify that quality of energy-consciousness, will help you to navigate the complexity of the situations that we face now, and in the future as our system, the outer system, the control system is crumbling.

I hope that that is helpful and supportive to you. This is such a time of exploring greater self-acceptance and our unique spiritual lessons. It's not an easy time for any of us. Know that you are not alone. We are dealing with this all together as one. We each have our own lessons and self-mastery issues, and all of this comprises the umbrella of spiritual ascension and spiritual initiation. Thank you so much for listening or reading. [1]


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