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The Four Body System Model is the beginner stages of learning how the multidimensional components of human consciousness intelligences interact together, the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and the Spiritual Energetic Body. As we choose to interact with each of our four main layers on the path of Awakening, it supports an holistic and integrated Ascension. Most people pay attention to limited areas of their bodies functioning and it is important to understand how the four main layers interact, so that you can consciously participate with connecting each layer of intelligence to communicate with each other. As an example, most people may not realize that their Unconscious Mind and Conscious Mind thought forms directly create their emotional state through reactions and impulses. To better manage emotions and have good Impulse Control, one will need to become aware of the contents of the mental body and emotional triggers, and interact consciously with the understanding that we want our mental body and emotional body to work in harmony with each other. As we become more self aware and conscious, and we participate with integration between the functionality of our four main parts, we will experience much more peace and harmony in our life.

The Four Body System Model is:

  • Designed to increase self awareness at all levels and how these areas impact others and the self.
  • Designed to harness Energetic Integration/Synthesis as a holistic multidimensional view of self.
  • Designed to maximize success in applying soul infused energies into eliminating personality weaknesses that limit effective action.
  • Designed to strengthen personal power and energetic discernment of where you apply focus, energy and attention.
  • Designed to attract and become magnetic to your exacting purposes in fulfilling your life.
  • Designed to be deeply connected with a sense of purpose and meaning in everything you are involved with. [1]

Stage 1- Physical Body Goals

  • Increase physical body awareness and needs to optimize and nurture your physical body function so it can operate at the level you require of it.
  • Identify nutrients, foods, cleanses, physical supports such as exercise, sunlight, therapies, healing modalities, sharing love /intimacy with others that increase your joy and
  • physical well being.
  • Commit to healing and supporting your physical self as a priority.

Physical Alignment Introduction

  • Identify any physical weaknesses and implement basic physical support strategy (Quantum readings or kineisology)
  • Necessity to strengthen physical for building spiritual foundation
  • Introduce Personal Energetic Sustainability model ( inner connected, not externally focused)
  • Brain, nerves, adrenal and neurological awareness. (EMF overexposure symptoms)
  • Nourish or supplement
  • Exercise or Movement
  • Breath Awareness
  • Environmental or nature connections

Stage II – Emotional Body Goals

  • Learn to identify how to connect your emotional feelings and sensory to an awareness you can feel inside your body or cognitive process.
  • Learn how to better integrate your emotional self to connect into your physical and mental self.
  • Learn how to bring expression to what you are feeling, as possible in the moment you become aware of that feeling or sensory perception.
  • aster expressing emotion without becoming stuck in the identification of it as who you are. ( do not define yourself by emotions, experience them as a color pallette you are choosing to use while painting a picture)
  • Identify any negative or unproductive emotions and thoughts and discover where they are sourcing from. Own all of your thoughts and discern if they are YOURS or not.
  • Commit to removing and clearing all unproductive or damaging thought patterns form your past. Adopt a flexible yet disciplined attitude to be within right aligned thinking.
  • Clear fear, limitation, insecurities.
  • Identify all emotional conflicts, bring them to surface awareness and resolve them. Ask for help when needed.
  • Eliminate dross, such as : guilt, obligation and emotional vampires in your life. ( or influencing your life)
  • Eliminate all emotional drama and any person or circumstance that persists in this type of relating in a triangulation or extraction process of your resources.

Emotional Body Clearing Tools

  • Step One: Specific Core Fear Identification Exercise ( deeper inquiry, specific fear programs)
  • Step Two: Specific Core Fear Removal Program
  • Step Three: Emotional Releases through Subconscious
  • Daily Exercise: Learn to Let Go
  • Practice : Patience, Surrender, Acceptance, Forgiveness,
  • Be Here Now.
  • Apply Self Forgiveness , Learn to Forgive others

(See the ES Core Triad practice)

Stage III– Mental Body Goals

  • Increase “witness” conscious awareness and neutral observation to external events in your life without emotional shut down. Increase levels of intelligence by comprehending a multidimensional model of intelligence field access. Raise the octave of your mental body to the highest expression possible, and set this as a intention daily.
  • Increase mental focus and reduce scattered tendencies . Identify trigger thoughts and mind control that take you out of yourself.
  • Attempt to stay connected to your physical presence awareness as much as possible.
  • Comprehend the pitfalls of mind control, its current planetary agenda and how to transcend Mind Control programs.
  • Create an arsenal of mental refocusing tools for your disposal when feeling weak or impaired. Learn your limits and respect them.
  • Learn how to train your brain to turn off at will, know that healing and relaxation, recovery all happens at non linear, non thinking
  • levels.

Mental Body Clearing Tools

  • Monitor Self – By Cultivating the Observer Point and Observe patterns neutrally- Mental thought Awareness and Self Talk Awareness. Observer has no judgment. It allows observation of external events without needing to control the outcome. Practice this intentionally as a daily exercise.
  • Basic Daily Exercise: 5 Steps to Refocusing Negative Thoughts or Emotions.
  • Daily Exercise : Apply Self Forgiveness - I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience ______.
  • Intermediate: Negative Ego Homework 1, 2, 3 (Self Inquiry and Questioning)

Stage IV– Spiritual Body Goals

  • Increase your interconnection awareness to all things (Source) and identify the core essence of your being as the priority over the Image or Persona the mind thinks you are. Become a Knower of your Essence and creational purpose by studying and practicing the Law of One. Commit to feeling and experiencing inner peace with all things, reduce and resolve conflicts in your relationship to self, and your relationship to God/Source/Universe. Learn to utilize Meditation and ways to quiet and release the mind regularly.
  • Comprehend a cosmology/model of levels of intelligence so a ROADMAP can be established between the mind, body and spirit. This is Spiritual Integration Modeling. The 4 Body System.
  • All that is your external reality, starts from your inner reality. Without changing your inside connection your external reality will NOT CHANGE. You cannot reach physical goals without changing from the inside first. Therefore making this spiritual commitment is the most important one in your life and should be treated as such.
  • Connect directly to the GOD or Christ Consciousness Intelligences, a Inter-dimensional Spiritual Family that is the progenitor of the human race. If you can purify your body in order to communicate and hold the power this offers, nothing will stop you from your purposes on earth.

Spiritual Development with Ascension Education

  • Ascension Class 1-What is Ascension?
  • Ascension Class 2- Multidimensional Anatomy – Intro
  • Ascension Class 3- Hidden Human History (Root Races) and Initiation.
  • Ascension Class 4- Genetic Pathcutting – Understanding the Evolutionary Purpose and Transmutational Alchemy within the Physical Body
  • Ascension Class 5 – Indigo Races
  • Ascension Talk –The Ascension Cycle ( 2012 Timeline and Starseed Purpose)
  • Shifting Timelines ES Articles – Monthly Compilation
  • Monthly Themes Audio Q & A Discussions
  • Community Membership – Introduction to Energetic Support leading to Inner Sustainability and Planetary Stewardship

See the website and youtube channel. Discuss the Paradox of the Evolutionary Framework, necessity to embody congruency with the God Consciousness as integration is Key. Allow the framework to continually adapt to the shifting consciousness. Cultivate personal discernment through personal resonance without judging. At a certain level of consciousness the framework becomes meaningless.

Roadmap to Unity Consciousness

Multidimensional Awareness starts with the Four Body System Model.

  • Inner Sustainability as a Unity Model (12 D Field and 12D Shield)
  • Conscious participation and commitment to personal spiritual evolution
  • Discipline and Transcend Ego and Addiction (lower emotion) Control (First Triad Identity Healing)
  • Connect to your God Core, Still Point Inner Source Daily
  • Eradicate Fears, Mind Control and Heal your Emotional Body
  • Practice Now Moment Observer Awareness
  • Cultivate and Practice Building your Higher Sensory Perceptions
  • HSP is the Key to Unlock Cellular Knowingness and cognition of energy signatures
  • HSP communicates with the Universal Intelligence in the balanced Female principle [2]


  1. Energetic Self Mastery
  2. [Calgary Presentation May 2010]

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