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Transcript - Now what is wonderful is that our communication and telepathic channels are much more open now because of the planet's support of these ascending higher frequency energies that connect with the Solar Logos, and we can access very high refined energies rather quickly. So on some level this is a wonderful opportunity. On another level, if you're not psychologically or emotionally integrated, if you haven't been working with Spiritual Housekeeping for clearing dark energies, or doing some personal homework to clear the Pain Body in the emotional field, clearing your subconscious or understanding these components of yourself, then this dark debris can come like powerful force through blind spots and that may feel like a hammer on top of your head. Many of us are Intuitive Empaths, and we must remember that we are connected to the human collective consciousness, we are part of the human species, so until every last one of us on this planet, as a part of the human species, is not feeling fear, is not feeling hunger, is not feeling poverty, enslavement, suffering - well we are going to feel that pain and fear deeply, because we are connected to a part of that collective. And that is exactly what we're here to do, to feel and sense very deeply what has actually happened to the earth, and to alchemically transform the lower vibrations of emotion and of negative thought forms of the collective consciousness, transmuting them into higher vibrating patterns. This happens at a gradual level and at certain times during an individual's Ascension process and spiritual development. When we expand our spiritual bodies into new realms, where the human biology has not gone before, there can be the requirement that comes as the clearing of collective human pain body and planetary miasma that is attributed to the process of spiritual growth.

And I will say that in a very physical way, there can be intense pain that we feel coming from the collective body of humanity. I do notice that this kind of intense Spiritual Warfare, I would call the spiritual battle of the Galactic Warriors, the specific Christos Starseeds that are here to really endeavor to develop group stewardship or leadership position to support mentorship towards Ascension on the earth, providing support for reeducation away from the NAA mind control tactics. The wheat from the chaff initiations are very intense for this particular group of Galactic Warrior and Intuitive Empaths and that is not going to be everybody's role here. There are certain Starseeds or Indigos that are here to be the emissary of light, to be in their heart source and to share that with people, and radiate that heart quality of Empathy in their day-to-day. That is their role and that is just beautiful and fine. There is no difference in the value of the expression that each one of us is here to contribute to the larger collective, and to help support this beloved planet during the ascension. But for those of us that are Galactic Warriors for the Ascension and reclamation of the Christ mission, we undergo a specific type of spiritual battle with the NAA who are very unhappy that we have come to the earth at the end of the Ascension Cycle. Many of us must master these dark forces as a Galactic Warrior navigating on the earth, and it is the initiation required to attain the Virtue of the Spirits of Christ, which is greatly needed in planetary leadership or in any circumstance of which power over others is being granted from access to higher knowledge.

I am addressing the particular groups that have gone through severe lessons in the genetic pathcutting roles, that have gone through some really intense spiritual processes, and they can feel its connected to a larger group endeavor project that serves the Christ mission. It's not about just an individual field ascension, it is because they are ascension hosts, Guardian Hosts and these Galactic Warriors are here to have the direct experience with the spiritual battle over consciousness, they must have the experience in order to fully realize the inner light consciousness, in order to hold the purity that is required for representing the Law of One, to hold and discern the difference between dark force and the eternal light source, to be developed beyond some of the ego pitfalls that would place us in ‘power over other’ energetic imbalances and thus easily committing power abuses. This imbalanced relationship is something that has been done in the past with the guru and disciple relationship, and we cannot engage with that archetypal role and relationships any longer. We are now moving out of guru-disciple archetypes, which at some point was a necessity, because that was one way of focusing on enlightenment through an enlightened guru as a focal point, but now the guru is inside you. The guru is within you. We are here to hold the example of the newly integrated Ascension consciousness energy, to become integrated in our personal ascension by understanding the multidimensional dynamics of which we exist in and upon, and travel through those multidimensional energetic layers. Also by understanding that there are many covert dynamics that are not well published or known in terms of the NAA agendas, that are en route and very actively engaged on this planet in the hidden, and not so hidden realms. This anti-human agenda is hiding in plain sight, but most people are unable to see or recognize what they are actually looking at in the macrocosm.

There is basically a conflict over power and control on this planet. We know that well. And the lightworker groups are here to assume the true power of God self and the dispelling of illusion as created by the finite space of ego, as we leave the past into the infinite space of the superconscious, and experience the God consciousness that we are and I AM. I hope that this as a foundation will assist as the basis of understanding the dynamics of why we have so much shadow integration work that we must complete. Many of us have been unceasingly working on shadow clearing, and have undergone this process in the past years. Depending on each one of us and our soul contracts here, is really dependent to the level of how much that has been a part of your experience that is related to ones influence over other people. I do know that the healers that serve others, the council members that are representing other races here, the certain beings that are here to be in more leadership and sponsorship positions, have gone through really intense initiations so that we would not abuse our power to influence other people. This is why I wanted to talk about that, to address the mission of the Galactic Warrior.

I have undergone really intense challenges and incredible pain in my life. As I sit here today, I am able to say I am so glad, I am so blessed, and I know that all of you if you are in that particular time frame of that particular level of your evolution, working extreme polarity integration or shadow work, I know how confusing and how painful that is at the time when you do not comprehend why this extremely difficult life lesson is happening. It is a phase of Dark Arts Training and it is something that is temporary. Once you understand that these forces actually do exist, the Dark Arts Training gets easier. That they actually do single certain groups of us out for targeting. I will explain to you the different themes and patterns I have seen of those that are more susceptible and vulnerable to psychic attack. It seems to be the pattern if you are here to influence large groups as an agent of change or transformation for the Ascension, you are more vulnerable to V/V targeting. If you have specific ET genetics that are very desirable to a certain group of ETs or beings, you are very vulnerable for targeting and manipulation. I would say really that those are the two main things. If you are a Starseed with really desirable genetics and if you are here with a really big contract, and that is going to affect a lot of people, and they feel you are taking a piece of their claimed territory of humans. They do not want any of us to show people how they can free themselves from consciousness enslavement and Mind Control. I do notice is that if you are a lightworker and you are off in an ashram and you're just not bothering anybody, they don't seem to really care about that. They get more aggressive to Galactic Warriors, and if you are here to influence big waves of change with groups of people, or you are quickly Awakening, that is when you'll feel the resistant dark forces coming in and experience a wide range of manipulation and interference from a variety of forces.

When you are at a certain level of spiritual integration in your light body, and we have a lot of different spiritual body layers, but just think of it this way. Once we start to access planetary ascension energies which is somewhere between the fifth, sixth, and seventh planes, you become visible in another realm to particular level of beings and basically they can see that your Lightbody is now either leaving or starting to leave the frequency centre of the 3D or third dimensional earth, and when you're at this particular level of embodiment, this is when aggressive resistance starts to come in. They don't like sheep getting out of the pen.

Now it's not fair to say that all resistance is coming from Negative Aliens that are trying to control the earth, I mean that's not necessarily so. There is a lot of levels of interference, this is where discernment must be developed, because a lot of it can be from your own subconscious mind or from the minds of 3D people. Interference can be sourcing from your own fears, because as you purify your body and heart, your mental and emotional bodies will start to reorganize and all of the patterns, every single thought you have had through your incarnational realm throughout all lifetimes, and we are talking simultaneously. So you are resolving issues through the multidimensional planes in your parallel existences that come up for observation or sensory feeling. So that content is what can be so confusing too as well. There are mental and emotional issues that are coming up through your bodies that at this level of identity, and with memory erasure, and without Ascension context, it can be hard to understand why those feelings are even there.[1]

Shifting into Multidimensional Awareness

If you start to develop clarity and Discernment, and again this is what I want to do is awaken these higher senses within you, because when you start to focus your consciousness as a multidimensional being, even as simple as your personality consciousness and then shifting into your higher self, imagining your higher self on your shoulder as a sphere of energy and allowing yourself to focus ‘okay what does it feel like to be in my personality at a 3-D level as Lisa? What does it feel like to be my higher self? It's like putting on a different layer of energy but that simple act allows you to shift dimensions, You are actually shifting the focus of your consciousness multidimensionally, and even though its very simple, it's very profound and how your consciousness will start to be trained. The neurological net start will start to be built and create associations, to allow you to have more multidimensional consciousness in simultaneous time. And that is where we are going, for those that are coming into a new expansion of their leadership of holding this particular mission for Ascension, reclaiming the Diamond Sun body, we are going to be embodying a different level of multidimensional awareness in our physical selves that we can’t even describe the semantics around this process, because we haven't done this level of embodiment quite yet in our current biology.[2]

Mastery in Discernment

Nine Steps to Mastery

Discernment – Without using Ego Mind judgment , test the personal resonance of people and events you choose to engage or exchange with, as in which is either aligned to your resonance or not aligned to your resonance, in that moment. There is no right or wrong, only personal resonance. That answer may change continually in different timelines, depending on when you ask for Discernment. Learning personal discernment builds your necessary boundaries to discover what is productive and supportive for fulfilling your Soul spirit path, or not. Discernment allows for the continual productive growth and the effective use of your personal energies and focused attention. Uphold your personal boundaries by applying Discernment towards all things you focus energy or attention upon.

Observer Point

The Controllers have zero power over you (one's thoughts and emotional state) when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer Point. If you stay out of mental and emotional polarity (inferior and superior thought forms) it is very hard for them to manipulate or control you. The Controllers have no access to control Now Moment Consciousness and do not understand the self-organization of God Force in Action as the Compassionate Witness. When you are capable to maintain and then embody energetic balance (through observer with no attachment to outcome) God Forces can access your being and bring resolution, reconciliation and peace to the most despairing of circumstances. Remember Fear closes the door to God Force while holding the inner Balance (Peace and Love) opens it. [3]


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