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The Inner Earth is the time continuum that runs on the trinity wave, or trion fields. When initiated into the tonal signature of the Christos Avatar Matrix through the 12D Shield frequency, one may then open access into the Rishi Matrix frequency which activates the rainbow rounds, and GSF Flame. Together, these frequencies combine and activate energy centers on the bottom of the right and left foot, changing the Grounding Mechanism in the Lightbody and to which runs the rainbow plasmic frequency into the planetary grid network, allowing one to potentially open access into the Inner Earth Portals. When this occurs during the spiritual ascension Embodiment process, that person may be contacted or made aware of those beings that exist in the Inner earth timelines. The Maji Grail Line Indigo Children were carriers of this coding, to which they protected the Inner Earth Portals or had access to time travel through the portal.

Maji Grail Line

Maji Grail Line Indigo Children have been incarnating in waves for over a hundred years to prepare for the Reclamation of Christos Mission during the Ascension Cycle. Maji Grail Line Indigo Children are incarnated with the 6th dimensional strand at birth, which has the potential to activate a minimum template of Double Diamond Sun DNA imprint of the Oraphim, assisting in reclamation and repair of the Ruby Sun DNA and possibly reassemble the entire Diamond Sun template from 24-48 strands, which includes the Golden Sun DNA, and Emerald Sun DNA template.

Inner Earth Timeline

Inner Earth timelines allow an access into the Transharmonic fields, this is the ability to easily slide back and forth into the parallel realities. The aperture into the Inner Earth timelines has been opening up gradually on the earth surface since 2000, and many people have had direct contact from the inner earth residents that are a mixture of the more advanced human and reptilian civilizations. Recently, some of these civilizations have been chastised for giving deceptive information in the New Age channelings to earth humans on the surface. These groups were essentially afraid that surface inhabitants would invade the inner earth civilization and destroy their more advanced culture, so they spread a lot of disinformation. Inner earth residents consider earth surface inhabitants to be hybrids that are mixed with the refugee races and criminals minds, making surface inhabitants much more hostile and violent.

They do not have war or kill each other, so this apprehension towards surface earth inhabitants is understandable. Most do not completely understand the reality of the NAA Invasion and mind control on the surface. Even though the Inner Earth residents are much more advanced and have access to technology that surface inhabitants don’t have, they are also undergoing revelations of deeper truth and spiritual ascension to embody into their next higher potentials. Surface Earth soul groups may also return to the Inner Earth timelines during bardo, if that is the soul family they are most intimately connected to continue the next stage of their journey to skip forward in time. It is possible that in the future, bardo will not be necessary for a surface dweller to return back into the Inner Earth, as the Transharmonic field access makes time travel easier. These are future humans and they look very much like we do on the surface, with the exception of living much longer, and appearing younger, taller and more symmetrical.[1]


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