Non-Negotiable Spirituality

From Ascension Glossary

One pointed devotion and vigilance is required for reaching for the higher perfection on this warrior spiritual path, to return to the One. This process is applying Non-Negotiable Spirituality, the wisdom and Spiritual Maturity to accept and acknowledge your responsibility to serve your Soul and to support the greater evolution of humanity at this time. This is about applying your personal will and the dedication it takes to fully Surrender to the divine will of God and the Divine Plan, especially in the face of adversity and challenge. We will need to gather all of our Starseed and light-worker tools and unify with each other in Group Consciousness.

And this is why.

Our group soul work has changed the future timelines fields and many of us now exist connected outside of the Controllers field of Atomic Harness. This is not pleasing to this group and so targeting or negotiating with the Starseeds in the standard controller fashion has been accelerated. The standard controller program is a dark task force, which uses Emotional Manipulation and Gaslighting to influence the principle of Divide and Conquer. They are aware if they keep us separated and in spiritual ego, we will lose our group unity cohesion and power. It is absolutely crucial you are hyper-aware and vigilant if you are leading spiritual groups, and to be aware of this program operating to infiltrate and divide our Light Family and Starseed Network. They will attempt to lure Powerful Leaders of Light into dark temptation and other harmful programs, in order to corrupt their integrity. Those who do not accept the bait, will be discredited or accused by others, actions of Blame Shifting, or Victim-Victimizer programs.

Under no circumstance accept those beliefs or statements using division, separation or spiritual ego of comparison or judgment. Be wary of spiritual betrayals within the group, played out from other timelines.

Attempt to educate and support yourself to empower your groups using principles of resonance, to allow each being to discern aligned energies and to choose within themselves. Support people to understand that imposing oneself on another in any way, is antichrist behavior and this is actively manipulated and exploited via the insertion of holographic implants that are manipulated by the dark entities or the NAA.

As an Example: say you know someone and you feel that you received a psychic impression about their field of energy. You did not receive permission from them to scan their field, however you are very intuitive and you happen to get a lot of information about them. It seems important and you are caring, so you contact this person and decide to tell them of your psychic discoveries. You may decide to tell them you saw evil spirits and attachments sucking off their energy. You may want to help them clear these things and decide to tell them what you saw. The person may go into fear and exacerbate all the negativity that YOU WERE JUST MANIPULATED TO PLACE IN THEM, without your conscious participation. This unravels astral tags, cords, inserts and other implants, that the dark manipulated you to direct energetically to this person. This is what I refer to as fishing with a bait hook and is a common astral faux pas that the dark uses to manipulate lightworkers. This my dears is an major EGO PITFALL and absolutely must be avoided. Do not intrude, scan, or impose your energies on another unless you have been directly requested or asked to do so. If you are the recipient of this unsolicited attention DO NOT ENGAGE and if guided do not respond. Prayers of goodwill can be sent, in which the person can receive as a blessing in any way they choose. This offer of support is an entirely different story.

Refrain from engaging in gossip or saying negative things about another spiritual leader. Most of us have no idea what that person has undergone in order to be in that position and we should apply Compassion and kindness, before judgment. All of us that are accepting group leadership in the current energy dynamics are on the planet for a specific purpose, for the utilization of certain genetic codes and to be the light beacon for the beings that are needed for that specific genetic configuration or soul family. You will find a huge variation of methods and modalities available to each and every classroom of person that exists on the earth plane. We must apply the future memory of our spiritual knowledge to know that all paths lead back to the One, at some point in time. [1]


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