Polarity Integration

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The process of Polarity Integration is the process of merging the duad from the extreme of opposite poles in an attempt to attract to each other in so a merge may occur and return the poles into the state of Energetic Balance and Unity in the perfect triad. In this process of being a Polarity Integrator we are healing the Mother principle in matter and the Father principle in his pattern or Blueprint to create Sacred Marriage or Hieros Gamos. The triad or tri-unity is the symbolic base of our eternal divinity. The wholeness of the Universe is a Trinity pattern, See Cosmic Trinity), that mediates our return to energetic balance and transmits the Sacred Geometry which brings forth our inner perfection and completion that perpetually returns us back to the Godhead through the neutral or Zero Point.

The mastery over the Pain Body and Negative Ego is a direct reflection of the level of Spiritual Maturity achieved within a being. However the only way to heal, rehabilitate this emotional damage that creates pain is to have the courage to face it without judgment. It also requires that one have an accurate assessment of this reality, to understand the Ascension cycle and Extradimensional dynamics of the NAA and Mind Control, in so one can live in the matter world and not be impacted by it negatively. This is the path of the Starseed and Polarity Integrator. [1]

Reversal Polarity Current

During the Lyran Wars, the destruction created rips and tears in the fabric of space-time generating severe damage in the time matrix which further resulted in an unnatural black hole system, which appears to have made our fallen time matrix easily susceptible to this mass AI infection. The unnatural black hole was exploited by the NAA to build their artificial realities into the phantom matrix, an AI system that siphons energy from living things. The Phantom Matrix is set to run on reversed polarity currents fed through the Victim-Victimizer (V-V) polarity software, which then mutated itself into several dimensional layers of AI programming. The infection began at the point of the Lyran Gate destruction and with the Solar Logos body fragmenting its consciousness into the lower particle dimensions, while this AI infection of the V-V was put in each dimensional layer as a trojan horse that would generate extreme polarity reversal and gender splitting in each of the down stepped spectrums of frequency.

Reversal Polarity Currents were designed to stop Polarity Integration and eliminate tri wave manifestation, which is required for these parasitic entity’s survival. They also use reversal polarity current to run their Alien Machinery, artificial timelines and advanced technologies for psychotronic warfare that are used against those they intend to capture. This brings us to their foremost AI mind control weapon of choice, the mutation in consciousness that occurred from the original AI infection inserted during the Lyran Wars, which brought on the infamous Victim-Victimizer programming. The V-V software was very effective in generating polarity reversal current and creating consciousness slaves that could be controlled for the purpose of harvesting Loosh for the NAA.[2]

Mutated Polarity Consciousness, Victim-Victimizer

The goal of the invading entities which brought on the Lyran Wars, was to destroy access between the Universal Gates, Lyran Gates and Andromeda, to prevent any metaterrestrial Founder races from gaining access into the Milky Way system, and preventing the future seedings and incarnations of the Christos Founder Races DNA. But soon the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion and through the Metagalactic Core, where it became a war with those who wanted to dominate others in this system based upon the Victim-Victimizer fear-based mind-sets. This can also be called archetypal Enemy Patterning. Entities with the Service to Self ideology were attempting to enslave or eliminate those who followed the Law of One, with the ideology of Service to Others that held love-based mind sets.[3]


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