Red Haired Giants

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As a divide and conquer warring tactic, the NAA genetically engineered a group of Red Haired Giants that appeared physically similar to the Celtic Grail red hair lines, but these imposters were indeed a scourge against humanity as antichrist abominations not created of this planet. These were subgroups of the Nephilim hybrids with red hair that were intentionally sent by disgruntled Annunaki to attack the Elohim groups and help conquer the Earth. These red-haired giants were engineered off planet and sent here to destroy the grid protection abilities of the authentic and real Celtic-Druid Maji Grail Kings defending the planet from invasion. With this warring confusion tactic, the human population would have a harder time determining the authentic Christos Celtic Red-Haired Grail Kings and their peaceful Law of One civilizations, versus the genetically engineered warring version embodied by nonhuman invading forces that were terrorizing and cannibalizing the local populations at the behest of the NAA.

Celtic Diaspora and Genocide

Thus, ancient Celtic civilizations practicing the Law of One were forced to abandon their cities and flee the main stargate demographic areas they were protecting through grid keeping the ley lines that were located in North Africa, Middle East, Greece, China and Siberia. The common historical knowledge of the existence of the ancient Celtic-Druid civilizations throughout these demographic areas, of very tall humans with mostly auburn, strawberry blonde and red hair has been mostly obliterated from public awareness. As an example, many Egyptian Pharaohs and well-preserved mummies found in Peru, Iran, China and Siberia are also red haired and Celtic in their genetic origin. Some of the skeletons of the giants found in these areas are actually remnants of the attempted Nephilim invasion which happened many thousands of years ago. Some of these genetic hybrids also had red hair, and thus were called Red Haired Giants, which was another confusion tactic of the invading races attempting to colonize and takeover the planet by eliminating the authentic Celtic Grail King Lineages..[1]

Celtic Massacres/Druid Sacrifices

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, NAA genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, RH Negative Hunting, spread disinformation, destroy records of star origin and artifacts.[2]

Disinformation Campaign

An incredible disinformation campaign has ensued for thousands of years, to twist and pervert the real human histories portraying the red haired Celtic-Druid groups as bloodthirsty savages, cannibals and oppressors. However, the authentic Celtic grail genetic lines are directly connected to the Hyperborean timelines of the Aryan root race cycle which holds an extraordinary amount of Elohim genetic memories showing who built certain features in the planetary grid network, including the Stargates, and that these builder lineages are specifically connected to the Mother of Dragons lineages through Ruby Sun DNA. Thus, these particular Celtic Druid lineages are especially coveted for cloning experiments for their specific line of Diamond Sun DNA connected to the ancient builder races.[3]


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