Taurus Alchemical Spiritual Healing

From Ascension Glossary

Through the return of Solar Christ Michael who has embodied into the zodiac structural principle of the Taurus constellation in the 2D stargate, new Krystic qualities of Solar Christos Dragon frequencies are reconfiguring and healing the miasmatic distortions that were in the astrological magnetic overlays. The Solar Rishi and advanced Solar consciousness utilize dragon bodies, dragon eggs, and other dragon related forms to manifest themselves and their krystal astrological essences into the Earth. In the spiritual anatomy or lightbody of angelic humans, the sacral center or 2D chakra layers connected to the KA spirit body holds the sexual grail energies which are held in the zodiac architecture pattern of Taurus.

Taurus constellation holds the Earth Cube platonic solid principle in a Dragon Line that governs the alchemical themes of matter transformation and lunar transfiguration within the 2D layers of the human Lightbody and in the planetary lightbody. Thus, these planetary healing events may instigate releases and spiritual healings within the sacral center and sexual organs, as the inverted obelisk Cygnus architecture and reversed blue sword of imposter Michael are removed out of the sexual organs.

Additionally, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which has spiritual alchemical properties for polarity integration and Sophianic templating, uniting the spiritual with the material through the divine expression of love that reveals itself through the Christos pattern, as the Solar Sons and Daughters of God. We have found that Venus holds previous histories with the Paliadorian dragon lineages of the Michael- Mary double diamond sun groups working from this location to correct many distortions being sent to Earth, such as hijacking Taurean and Venus astrological imprints with amplified sexual misery programming. Guardian Hatshepsut is a 2D Grail holder from Venus that has been working to free Temple Mount and activate the Michael Dragon line, since she brought solar cube coding to the planet when she incarnated during the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. Hatshepsut’s Venusian lineage has been instrumental in the Guardian gridwork required in 2D to transfigure the lunar consciousness into solar consciousness within the Solar Female Christ template, to build the architecture for the Solar Dragon Michael and Mary’s return to the Earth.

This recent development of the solarization of the Taurus Dragon line connected to the Hexahedron or cube platonic solid earth element pattern that makes up the instruction set in the Planetary Grid Network, is the answer to our prayers to dismantle the alien Red Cube systems.

The ascension mysteries continue to reveal with ever unfolding adventures of extremely positive events that are happening in the Albion Lightbody, giving each of us the possibility to birth the Cosmic Christos Consciousness within us in this lifetime. While most of the masses remain asleep or unaware of the significant spiritual events happening now to free the planet, rest assured in the confidence that beautiful events are awaiting us in humanity’s future. This is the divine purpose of why we came during the Ascension Cycle, so that we would be wide awake during the time - the return of the Holy Emerald Order was finally being announced! Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift, may our weary hearts find comfort and peace to rejoice in this sacred knowledge![1]


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