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Vertical / Horizontal / Diagonal

Mother / Father / Christos (Son and Daughter)

In the calibrated field of a HGS energy session, certain energetic corrections may be requested in V/H/D. The energetic matrix that makes up the holographic template in the 12 Tree Grid directs and runs energetic current through vertical lines, horizontal lines and diagonal lines. Together these Axiatonal Lines and their subsidiary meridian line networks run a Spectrum of Frequency of energy current into various structures of the bodily matrices.

When it becomes appropriate to correlate these energetic current lines into their corresponding aspect of the trinity within the energetic principles of creation, the vertical lines are related to the Mother Arc or Staff, the horizontal lines are related to the Father Arc or Rod and the diagonal lines are related to the Christos or Krystal Star. When we are engaged with the energetic process by requesting V/H/D, we are essentially requesting to Trinitize Form (Merkaba) which creates the axiatonal alignment which allow the feedback loop of source field energies.

Chakra Crystal Keys

When working with the Chakras and during the HGS CCKM Module the process will include one or more aspects of the V/H/D in a variation of sequences to elevate or upgrade circuitry to hold higher Chakra Wave Spectrum.

The bio-energetic mechanics of the crystal star seals greatly impact to evolve the capacity of our ability to embody higher expressions of dimensional consciousness. The HGS CCKM Module is for issues related to activating the primary Hara Chakra Crystal Keys, opening Axiatonal Lines, modulating Chakra frequency load, integrating multi-dimensional identities for DNA Silicate Matrix repair and merkaba activation, for spiritual ascension.

The Chakra Crystal Keys are an intrinsic part of accessing one's personal lightbody Chakra cones. The same chakra cone architecture is held in the collective consciousness Morphogenetic Field that exists in the macrocosm that further make up the entire planetary body consciousness.

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Term first found: Page 66, HGS Manual