White Temple of Solomon

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As the Rainbow Dragon Breath was breathing the eternal life holy spirit into Solar Christ Michael's Emerald Crystal Heart, his Emerald heart aligned with the planetary Emerald heart, then the planet aligned with the Universal Emerald heart and then into the Cosmic Emerald heart. These were four Emerald Crystal hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix, generating a Krystal Spiral of nested holograms with Emerald Crystal Hearts all interconnected as One, transmitting the Emerald Ray. As the Emerald Crown appeared and was placed upon his head, a jeweled Christos Scepter was placed in his right hand, as he was seated upon a large Golden throne. Then from out of deep space from the 18D crystal, the Diamond Ray transmitted the Emerald Order 48D base shield within the organic alignment of the Cosmic Clock directions, which was a large structure of organic time codes placed directly underneath his feet. The Fallen Angelic Timekeepers of the 666 Curse were removed from the Sextant Matrix held in the Sarasota gateway, the inverted alien cube subverting the Emerald Crystal Heart was removed, and the Robes of Glory which includes a panel of Sun-Stars was restored in the White Temple of Solomon.[1]


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