Working OWO Prototype in China

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The NAA Black Sun Controller groups that have infiltrated the high-ranking governmental positions of power in communist China have developed these particular advanced technologies the furthest to set up a police state to track, tag, and subjugate their population. Through such delivery systems as facial and body recognition systems used for the purpose of biological and Social Programming, these are being administered and monitored through AI systems. Artificial intelligence can exist in a digital form which can access a digital brain network that is connected to the internet or devices that are connected to the internet of things (IoT). Because AI systems can process and analyze way above the levels of a human being’s ability to perceive and process information, this makes it able to easily control humanity in ways that will remain undetectable to the masses.

The death cult desires to bring this same governmental structure into the United States, the working prototypes of AI driven Technocratic Totalitarianism and its surveillance and bio-metric systems that have been successful in controlling the citizens of China. The entire Technocracy infrastructure’s energetic signature is driven on the digital platforms they use for control, which have been inverted in name, on the surface for its cover infiltration mechanism. This is the transmission of Marxism or socialist ideology that is being designed within its mind controlled thoughtforms. This is the bait and switch design for implementing the One World Order. They also engineer synthetic organisms which are tested through various delivery systems like drones, nanotech and robots, that are fully automated and governed by AI computing systems running on the 5G or higher internet networks.

There are those infiltrated into powerful positions in the USA that are loyal to the bloodlines in the death cult that have purposely cooperated and conspired with China for the very purpose of supporting the automation of AI technological systems required to successfully implement their version of the One World Order. Communist China’s military government and police state are the prototype designed and carried out by the NAA’s Black Suns, who have global affiliations and have access to some of the most dangerous AI weapons used for genetically engineering organic human consciousness into [[Transhumanism|transhumans, Clones and Cyborgs. When an organic human consciousness and physical body come into contact with AI generated fields of this nature, it can generate neurological damage in the body and the Lightbody parts, such as the Nadial Structure and Fascia crystalline webbing. This creates Soul body damage in which a person may not perceive this happening, but the personality will shift dramatically to resemble more of an automaton.

Guardian Host are aware of these ongoing developments, and thus the China land mass and grids appear to be currently under levels of energetic quarantine from exercising the next level of their global power play, and so this power source and cash supply are diminishing quickly through an assortment of economic disasters and weather cataclysms, among other events. Ultimately, this serves the purpose of supporting humanity’s awakening through this turbulent time, along with the beginning of the collapse of those supporting this evil regime. They will not succeed, at the same time humanity is required to be aware that this anti-human AI agenda is in play and to make the choice for supporting all human beings through disclosure events and global Awakening before true emotional and spiritual healing can occur.

The Black Sun creatures manipulating the Power Elite in China do not have an inner light energy source from within their heart center, instead there is a black heart center which connects them into the phantom realms. Thus, they are parasitic entities that require a living host body in order to manifest their personal will on the earth plane. Those Controllers that are in the bloodline death cult welcome these parasites to be hosted inside their body through Satanic Ritual Abuse. Whereby forfeiting their true humanity, as their religion tells them that being possessed by these ancient phantom creatures is the highest honor and sacrament, which can also be described as worshipping Luciferian or Satanic hierarchies as their God.

To make sense of why other seemingly appearing humans desperately desire to exert complete control over others every move through implementing these nefarious plans, or want to genetically modify humanity and generate genetic hybrids for satanic Possession, one has to face the unpleasant truth of those that have been controlling our world without our awareness. These groups are in the secret bloodline death cults, their belief systems of total control and ruthless power is inherent in their religion, and their mission is to achieve the ends which justify the means – at all costs. And that is to give the earth and all of her creatures to the full ownership and rule of these NAA archon forces, who are thought to be the highest God being worshipped by the death cult forces of Lucifer or Satan. [1]


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