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  • ==Black Sun Agenda== ...e main trigger events and frequency waves that are recorded in the [[Black Sun]] control timelines.<ref>[
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  • According to the "Black Book of Communism", the number of people killed by the Communist government According to the researcher and author of the Black Book of Communism, Stephane Courtois, the crimes committed during communist
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  • ...ich later became the bloodlines of the [[Black Nobility]] and Khazars. The Black Nobility branch went on to found the secret society power centers in Italy ...mans to the invading NAA forces, was taught to them from the Draco [[Black Sun]]s that further infiltrated Greek sacred texts and the 5D stargate in Italy
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  • [[File:15a-Black-Sun-Draconian-Agenda.png|thumb|Black Sun Agenda (Satanics) 1/2]] ...camps, and the use of nuclear weapons in war. The destruction and pain the Black Suns have caused to humanity, without the knowledge and consent of humanity
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  • ...tion, as well as other species they have under their control. (See [[Black Sun Program]]) ...e made with the allied government, and as a result, several organizations, black operations and covert groups such as [[Majestic 12]] were set up to further
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  • ...ore of the Thule society were [[Satanic|Satanists]] that were practicing [[Black Magic]]. The sole intent was for them to, with help from magic rituals, bri ==Black Sun Society==
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  • ..., [[Luciferian Knights Templar]] factions and more recently, German linked Nazism. It is well known that some of the death camp scientists and high-ranking N obedience to carry out the direction of world affairs as relayed by the Black Pope.
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