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The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a closed fraternity of Roman Catholics, the majority of which are direct descendants of the highest Black Nobility of the aristocratic luciferian or satanic bloodlines, often serving in the military. Many have extensive ancestral records connecting them to aristocratic coats of arms going back multiple hundreds of years and are further linked to ancient Carthage, Luciferian Knights Templar factions and more recently, German linked Nazism. It is well known that some of the death camp scientists and high-ranking Nazis were issued false identities with Sovereign Knight of Malta passports that allowed them to escape from prosecution of war crimes. The Order of Malta is a non-territorial state, whose headquarters are in the city of Rome and has the status of extraterritoriality, as if it were an embassy, which gives its members diplomatic immunity.

The Order of Malta is an internationally recognized sovereign state similar to the Vatican that uses the inverted outer façade of being a charitable humanitarian organization, when its primary function is to maintain controller-based power for the NAA at all costs. It operates as another secret society brotherhood for the protection of the NAA controller’s interests run through the unholy global alliance, as well as their prominent members of aristocracy, politicians, finance bankers, business leaders and military intelligence agencies, such as those embedded in the CIA and MI6.

The holographic geography of the Cygnus constellation star map is overlaid on top of the United Kingdom landmass, and the NAA utilized this inversion of the Templar Cross with Cygnus for the purpose of inverting 11:11 gateways in the United Kingdom, which included the beast machine’s 11D Daath system of Typhon Tunnels. The inversion of the Templar Cross and the Maltese Cross was an active anti-Christ curse made against the authentic Essene Christos Templars, by putting the 11D code technology into the hands of Luciferian Templars, with many of these lineages performing child sacrifice satanic rituals in the Controller pyramid. The comprehension of the esoteric power that comes with controlling the planetary templar in order to control timelines, by wielding the power of the Templar Cross that opens into 11D Typhon Tunnels and links into Thuban star, is the real meaning behind the symbol of the Maltese Cross. This planetary power source in the Albion given to the controllers by the NAA’s beast machine architecture is why the controllers and their secret societies regularly flaunt the Templar or Maltese Cross as a powerful status symbol upon their royal regalia or uniforms.

The Maltese Cross was an emblem of the Knights of Saint Joseph who were led by the Turkish from Rhodes to make the pilgrimage to the Mother Goddess known to be in Malta. The cross of the eight beatitudes or of the beatitudes is an eight-pointed cross that the Templars used as a key for the construction and decipherment of a secret alphabet, it would also serve as a base symbol for the octagonal layout of the Templar chapels. The Knights of Malta wore uniforms similar to the Luciferian Knights Templar, in which the stylized cross we see on their uniforms is a representation of having gained control over the planetary templar and the movement of photons of light that create time, and this is commonly known as a Maltese cross. Photons of light at the quantum level flash on and flash off in a pattern that appears similar as the Maltese Cross. Thus, the Maltese cross is a common feature of the monarch’s crown and pope's religious garments, representing that he or she is the head of these Orders and directing world events by control of the inner templar and divine rule. The Protestant branch of the Knights of Malta is the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Queen Elizabeth II was appointed as the Sovereign Head, which is said to be ordained to give unwavering obedience to carry out the direction of world affairs as relayed by the Black Pope.

Thus, many may not be aware that Queen Elizabeth II was given the title Queen of Malta and that she visited the island frequently, she even has her own personal flag and a memorial plaque in Valletta. Prince Philip was stationed in Malta as an officer of the Royal Navy in which Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth and Duchess of Edinburgh, lived in Villa Guardamangia in Pietà on Malta between November 1949 and 1951. Malta was part of the British Commonwealth of Nations until 1964. Princess Elizabeth thus became the Queen of Malta and head of the Commonwealth of Nations at the coronation. However, it can be noted that monarchs all over the world throughout the ages have worn a version of the Maltese Cross on their tiaras or crowns, in which the Maltese Cross is connected to the Templar architecture that was underneath Malta and in the ultimate control and direction of the Vatican along with NAA protection.

Imposter Hijack of Templars and King Solomon

Over the years, we have discovered repeatedly that the Anti-Christ confuses and twists the Christos intelligence and spiritual knowledge into aberrations, reversals, inversions and perversions through the use of dark imposters manipulated by nonhuman NAA forces. Since the Luciferian Covenant was made on the Earth there has been an ongoing battle for this knowledge, in which the true ancient wisdom keepers were consistently hunted down and massacred. A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the NAA and Illuminati groups attempted to create a super-race of genetic elites. This placed hijacked Ruby Sun DNA, through their propagated lines which evolved into [[Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits and other secret societies such as the Knights of Malta, that persist with a similar hermetic esoteric knowledge that is primarily used in the negative polarity of Service to Self.

During the pivotal historical timeline trigger events of anti-Christ warring, there were factions of these imposters who assumed the Christos Templar identity that organized themselves into the Luciferian Knights Templars. These same Canaanite groups from Carthage infiltrated the Christos Essene Templar teachings that were in the protection of King Solomon in Jerusalem, where they were able to generate demonic grimoires and satanic sigils for gaining ritual power from the Solomon Keys. These Blood Sacrifice rituals were directly connected to conjuring lunar demons in the Baphomet Network, used to further the interests of conquest among the Luciferian Knights Templars. Thus, these Knighted orders have been constantly conflated together through history and in mainstream narratives, it is very confusing with all the lies we have been told. However, these same groups appear to be the originators and direct ancestors of several of these modern secret orders running the world today, such as those in the top levels of the Knights of Malta, Blackwater and Council of 300.

From Ascension Glossary:

  • Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 9,500 YA, Knight Templar Invasion, Essene Templar Massacre - Takeover of Celtic Templar lines, NAA attempt to create super-race of Controllers for earth, genetic elitism, lineage of Freemasonry, massacre of those who do not comply. Hidden esoteric knowledge agenda.
  • Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 1,700 YA, During the Council of Nicea, NAA and Luciferian Knights Templar cover story to hide the Christos Mission and humanities star origins, False Alien God worship and Blood Sacrifice based religion that became the Canonized Bible.

These histories are connected and relevant as the Maji Grail King Solomon was recently retrieved and integrated with his organic Christos body parts, which further activate and repair the Shield of Solomon. King Solomon is the bloodline bearer or holder of the Christos three king lineage, and this is the foundation 12:12 template for the Triple Solar Masculine Christ and its rod instruction set made in the Temple of Solomon, which is both a planetary architecture and personal lightbody system. Recent events made it possible to recover the authentic Maji Grail King Solomon, so that his accurate DNA blood records and dragon king body parts were finally reclaimed to the rightful owner. [1]


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