Carthage Influence on Malta

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Modern reconstruction of Punic Carthage. The circular harbor at the front is the Cothon, the military port of Carthage, where all of Carthage's warships (Biremes) were anchored.

There are impactful historical events in the timelines that connect the blood sacrifice teachings of the Canaanites from Carthage as infiltrating the Maltese island culture, which later formed into the legacies which include the Knights of Malta. The Canaanites left their indelible imprint when a group of ancient satanic priests from Carthage, who worshipped Baal and Moloch through child blood sacrifices, came to the island and began to use the many catacombs, tunnels and underground structures for inverting goddess worship by carrying out their covert satanic blood rituals. The subterranean passages and caverns span the entire island and were intersecting with the catacombs beneath Rome which were siphoning the spiritual power of the Mother Goddess principle. Malta’s temples, catacombs, caves and tunnels were specifically built upon powerful intersecting Dragon nodes and portal systems that also have connections into the Albion controls in the United Kingdom, and these intelligent systems were genetically coded into the Dragon Templar originally built and placed there by the Emerald Order Founders.

Before the rise of the Black Nobility behind the Vatican City, Carthage was the bustling capital of the ancient Carthaginian civilization in what is now Tunisia, the northernmost point of Africa. Carthage was one of the most important trading hubs of the Ancient Mediterranean world and one of the most affluent cities, from which descended the contemporary lineages of the Canaanites, which later became the bloodlines of the Black Nobility and Khazars. The Black Nobility branch went on to found the secret society power centers in Italy and Switzerland, such as through the Vatican, Knights of Malta and Venetians, which would grow into occupying one sector of the unholy trinity of its current globalist power base. The Khazars are the present occupants of Israel that are now behind the globalist push to instigate world wars and fully occupy Ukraine. These are satanic led imposters who present themselves deceptively to the public leaders of the Jewish people, in order to infiltrate into the local culture with a benign storefront, yet behind closed doors are heavily organized in practicing satanic blood cult worshipping rituals across the planetary grid network as demanded by the invading NAA forces.

In Carthage, the Canaanites worshipped Baal and Moloch through satanic ritual and human child blood sacrifices for gaining material power and power over others, and this is why the power elite satanists greatly revere this particular history in the Mediterranean. Blood Sacrifice and demon binding humans to the invading NAA forces, was taught to them from the Draco Black Suns that further infiltrated Greek sacred texts and the 5D stargate in Italy to build the Church of Rome, while spreading the NAA religious mind control of a satanic ritualized Christ for passive obedience of the global population.

The Vatican City in Rome is one of the NAA Black Sun entity’s main control bases and global headquarters as the spiritual center used for carrying out the satanic ritual and funding their global elite pedophile satanic agendas. This underground architecture of tunnel systems connecting into the 5D inner stargate underneath the Vatican extended directly into Malta, and this grid network and other globalist activities were under the direct supervision of the order of the Knights of Malta via Black Nobility or Jesuit Order. Recent grid wars have recently shifted the internal power structures of these secret orders. We are observing the top hierarchy of nonhuman controller power that designed the religious centers for the purpose of global human slavery and building their satanic empires to control the planet, crumble.

Knights of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a closed fraternity of Roman Catholics, the majority of which are direct descendants of the highest Black Nobility of the aristocratic luciferian or satanic bloodlines, often serving in the military. Many have extensive ancestral records connecting them to aristocratic coats of arms going back multiple hundreds of years and are further linked to ancient Carthage, Luciferian Knights Templar factions and more recently, German linked Nazism. It is well known that some of the death camp scientists and high-ranking Nazis were issued false identities with Sovereign Knight of Malta passports that allowed them to escape from prosecution of war crimes. The Order of Malta is a non-territorial state, whose headquarters are in the city of Rome and has the status of extraterritoriality, as if it were an embassy, which gives its members diplomatic immunity. See Knights of Malta.[1]


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