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  • #REDIRECT [[Blue Flame Melchizedeks]]
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  • ...masculine enforcer, or the [[False King of Tyranny]] held in place by the Blue Flaming Sword of AA Michael. [[Ascension]] and Liberation from this plane r March 2010 Newsletter]
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  • ...with our Mother Principle, the [[Mother Arc]] 13th Pillar and 13th [[Aqua Ray]] that we are led into the [[Ascended Master]] fields of the Rainbow Rays, ...our planet. Since the [[Sumerian-Egypt Invasion]] the Mother Arc Aqua Blue Ray was not in the earth core, hence, the earth had lost her Mother of God and
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  • [[Sacred Blue Cow Grid]] (SBC) - Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India - Earth)
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  • of the Blue Ray and a part of the [[Threefold Founder Flame]] Aqua Blue Ray of [[Mother Arc]]. See the [[Four Living Creatures]]. ...lion's head, was built as a tribute to the Elohim-Feline races of the Blue Ray Founders---the resistance [[Nibiru]] Annunaki defiled and altered it.
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  • ...on of Mother Arc. This [[Chakra]] activation is what ignites Mother's Blue Ray and when continually developed is what begins access to Mother Arc Portals ...Inner Holy Spirit]] in our [[Diamond Heart]], one is capable to run [[Aqua Ray]] fields and direct them in the earth plane.
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  • [[File:PERFECTPILLAR.png|thumb|Mother's Aqua Ray, 13th Pillar]] ...y are being circuited and linked to become links or holders of this [[Aqua Ray]] out of necessity to stabilize it permanently into the planetary field and
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  • ...Egyptians|Egyptian]] and [[Sirians|Sirian]] histories as the [[Code of The Blue Nile]]. Many [[Galactic Wars]] throughout human and non-human extraterrestr Within each of the four layers exists the higher harmonic of the original blue octave, however as the consciousness fragments itself to manifest into the
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  • ...tion, this 3D passage link to 6D Sirius B was an initiation rite for the [[Blue Flame Melchizedeks]] third eye opening, thus it was called the [[Third Eye ...t were being studied and protected in Sirius B by Christos Guardians. Blue Ray [[Indigo]] lineages were assigned to help repair this 6D passage through em
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  • [[Blue Ray Sword Healing]]
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  • ...Christos family. It has been registered that the corruption of the Sacred Blue Cow from the Atlantian Timeline has been related to producing assortments o ...ese strong transmissions of corrected frequency spectrums of the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet rays, an upswell of higher frequency support is present for b
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  • ...cycle that reside in the [[Universal Time Matrix]] at [[12D Ray]], [[Kunda-Ray]] and above, into the [[Threefold Founder Flame]] of the [[GSF]] Triad. are Three Original Primal Order Sound Light Fields that make up the [[Ray]] Aspects of our entire creation in the [[Universal Time Matrix]]. Collecti
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  • light manifestation of the [[Emerald Order]] are [[Solar Rishi]] [[Blue Ray]] orders of [[Elohim]] and [[Oraphim]] that direct support to the [[Guardia ...arth have been generated to serve as blue flame holders. See [[Code of The Blue Nile]].
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  • ...hter Codes]]. [[Mother-Sun Codes]] may appear as pale gold with light aqua blue swirling energy. They appear to be proton light seeds that ignite solar bod
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  • Blue Flame Initiations Blue Oxen Network
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  • There are Three Original Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the [[Ray]] Aspects of our entire Universal creation in the [[Universal Time Matrix]] ...e the [[Universal Trinity]], that are projected from the Emerald Order and Blue Flame, Gold Order and Gold Flame, and Amethyst Order and Violet Flame from
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  • ...[Father-Daughter Codes]]. Father-Daughter codes may appear as pale whitish blue energy which is similar to Aquafey and Aquaelle. Both are to restore the ar
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  • ...e Universal Christos [[Rishic Suns|Rishic Sun]] as the Founders’ Pale Gold Ray. This chakra acts as the top lid of the [[12D Shield]] liquid plasma pillar ...he [[Diamond Heart]], and the Heart starts to configure, it actually looks blue and they call this the Living Crystal Lotus Heart. I call this Galactivatio
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  • ==Crystal Blue Lotus Heart== ...], the [[8th Chakra]] and higher heart functions are opened into a Crystal Blue Lotus heart, and this enables the function of the [[Transharmonic Gate]] of
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  • This 12D White Ray (a ray is a term for an energetic particle wave spectrum) is the consciousness uni ...e Ever Flowing into the expansion of One Source. As you work with this 12D Ray you reconnect the memory of your Crystalline Body into embodiment. This bec
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  • [[File:3foldedstrands.jpg|thumb|Kunda-Ray Sound Current]] ...r [[Breneau]]. The first light manifestations of the [[Emerald Order]] and Blue Flame projected from the God Source field, the Threefold Founder Flame or [
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  • ...ualine blue plasma light to circulate into these areas. As you imagine the blue plasma light swirling throughout your lower body circuitry, Intend to ident
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