1st God World Creation

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To be on the ascending path that takes us home through the Stairway to Heaven, here in this density, we must be placed on the evolutionary path of the Eukatharista. This pathway reconnects us with the Cosmic Emerald Heart flame of the Cosmic God Matrix or 1st God World Creation that is the ultimate threefold flame God source of our particular manifested world. The Stairway to Heaven is incredibly complex and contains the God source threefold flames of many other parallel worlds in which our Universal Time Matrix is ultimately interconnected.

Return of Emerald Order

Emerald Covenant

The Cosmic Clock from the 1st God World Creation is synchronizing with this Universal Time Matrix in order to begin the next stage of planetary ascension that awakens the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes within the angelic human DNA. Thus, the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation is also considered the full spectrum Planetary Eukatharistic Activation, because it opens and activates a series of density locks and time codes being directed as the result of the Return of the Emerald Order.

Cosmic Clock Initiation

This planetary initiation is essentially the 1st God World Creation announcing to the Universal inhabitants that the cycle for the Return of the Emerald Order Founders is commencing through the embodiment of the authentic Emerald Order identities.

The reunion of some of our Cosmic Christos family members in the hierogamic template of Golden Aeonesis is resetting the event horizons and timelines that were being held in place as the twelve Dark Aeons. This field alteration is returning the planetary consciousness access all the way back through multiple time matrices that reorient our particular location in this time and space, to the coordinates recorded as density 1-2, quadrant 4, corridor 4, and spectra 3. Then finally going all the way back to the 1st God World Creation by witnessing a sequence of opening interdimensional portals that begin to correct the Universal Time Matrix alignment with the original source fields of the Cosmic Clock. [1]

Universal Ascension

As a process of planetary, solar and Universal Ascension, we are returning back through the central cores of multiple creation matrices and solar bodies that are purposed to hold the event horizons made up of multiple timelines, in order to return the ascending consciousness back to the 1st God World Creation that governs all domains which have been down stepped and sourced within our system.

Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars

The Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars further source from the original twelve Reuche Pillars from the God Worlds that generate the Emerald Order Tree of Life. The Emerald Tree of Life merges into the Cosmic Clock Templar within the newly birthed Emerald Suns, sourced from the core heart spirals of Aquamarine and Emerald Rays flowing from the 1st God World Creation.

Cosmic Amoraea Shield

These blue flame currents flow into the corresponding instruction set templates which further alter and adjust the macrocosmic clock shields that make up the coordinate locations of every angelic human Lightbody, dimension, density, and Harmonic Universe. This event essentially will instigate large scale collapse of Artificial Timelines, artificial coordinate positions held by Fallen Angelic Timekeepers in the clock shield templates, by unwinding the reversal currents or anti-life metatronic currents and resetting them back into natural alignment with the Cosmic Clock in the 1st God World Creation.

Embodying the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar

For those ascension protoypers in the Emerald and Blue Ray Rishic families receiving the Templar Reuche codes, the entire twelve pillar clock shield configuration from the 1st God World Creation will begin to anchor itself within the core manifestation body of the personal 12 Tree Grid. Whereby the entire Cosmic Clock function of the twelve Reuche Pillars is anchored into the internal layers of the lightbody and will begin to embody the entire instruction set within the individual’s DNA. This is the Emerald Sun DNA activation that is ensconced within the Emerald Tree of Life as the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar.


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