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For those ascension protoypers in the Emerald and Blue Ray Rishic families receiving the Templar Reuche Codes, the entire twelve pillar clock shield configuration from the 1st God World Creation will begin to anchor itself within the core manifestation body of the personal 12 Tree Grid. Whereby the entire Cosmic Clock function of the twelve Reuche Pillars is anchored into the internal layers of the Lightbody and will begin to embody the entire instruction set within the individual’s DNA. This is the Emerald Sun DNA Activation that is ensconced within the Emerald Tree of Life as the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar. Those who embody the Emerald Sun DNA are Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in which the sphere of influence emanating from Emerald Order consciousness will collapse artificial or destructive fallen angelic timelines in those that are exposed to your radiating aura consciousness field.

Embodying the Emerald Templar Reuche

Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche

The Cosmic Clock of the Templar Reuche in the Holy Father 12 o’clock position will anchor in the 8D center Azura point signifying corrected northern coordinate alignment through the holy spirit aqua-emerald flames that are merged within the sacred crystal heart. The Holy Mother 6 o’clock position will anchor into the 5D center generating the corrected navel position and appropriate southern alignment for building a strong base 6 grounding shield or full zero-point shield. The east-west alignments are the positions for building the Michael-Mary wings in which the 3 o’ clock position anchors into the 7D center and the corresponding 9 o’ clock position anchors into the 6D center of the personal12 Tree Grid. When the process for embodying the entire twelve Templar Reuche of the Cosmic Clock is complete, then the thymus gland ignites each of the pillars with small little Amoraea blue flames that turn into multiple arc fields that begin to lay the foundation for building the eternal Emerald Tree of Life into the instruction sets of the local grids that you are inhabiting. This is the function of Emerald Sun DNA in order to shift the planetary system away from artificial timelines and into organic timelines governed by the Cosmic Clock.

Rishic Body Shield Activation

The process of Lightbody activation of the Rishic layers are connected to the original Christos Founders whom are Solar Rainbow Dragon families from the God Worlds. The Rishic initiation begins when the twelve dimensions of timelines and identities have undergone polarity synthesis and are reset into zero point. During the Rishic inner vertical staff integration, the next stage required is to align with the twelve timelines of identity located in the parallel matrix system. These levels of identity in the parallel will braid themselves into your inner vertical channel, which becomes the Founder Staff. The parallel matrix holds the next stages of the evolutionary realms or Universal rounds of time, which allows the perception of events in time that happened in the parallel reality. When these twelve time codes from the parallel matrix are fully integrated, then the Mother and Father principles of the Universal Time Matrix come into unification and start to build out the extensions of the solar rings that make up the Ankh Body. The Ankh Body allows access in and out of the Universal Founder realms from within the center of the event horizon generated by the 15 Suns or 15D Ray System. That includes the perception and awareness of the Cosmic Kristos family of Solar Rainbow Dragons that source from many different realms that are found in the highest layers of the God World creations.

At all levels of spiritual ascension, the Cosmic Amoraea Eternal Flame transmissions begin another stage of flame body activation which begins to open density locks that ignite personal lightbody flame activations, which includes the reconfiguration of the Dark Matter Template. This frequency starts to run through the Horizontal Triad Bodies, also referred to as hova bodies that are encased within the outer membrane of a larger Radial Body.

Planetary Eukatharistic Activation

This begins the stages of planetary eukatharistic to personal eukachristic lightbody activation, in which the higher God selves will systematically begin to purge the shadow selves and spiritually heal each of the spherical domains that holds the identities that are having an experience in another timeline and different density. See Horizontal Triad Bodies.

This means that with the return of Cosmic Mother, there are Amoraea holy spirit blue flame heart activations taking place on each density layer of our consciousness body. Areas of corrupted dark matter and Dark Mother lunar architecture are being filled with re-encryptions that heal our Black Subtle Forces and Shadow body. This may appear to sprout plasma flowers that sing celestial songs of the Christos-Sophia within our energy centers. This holy spirit activation will start at the ego-personality layers to purge false identities and then move through the organic or inorganic identities on the Soul plane and then process out through the Monadic layer extensions. The Inner Holy Spirit of the activated inner heart flame will begin a process of polarity synthesis of the discordant energies of the shadow forms in order to return them into the zero point, gradually dissolving the polarity and AI programs on each density level to restore the overall energetic patterns back to balance or neutral.[1]

Emerald Sun DNA Embodied

The first emanation of the Primal Sound Field which represents the first individuation of the God Source is the Emerald Order. A part of the Cosmic Trinity. See Threefold Founder Flame.

The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA.

Solar Clock Shield Opens Creation Door

Thus, we are undergoing another delineation of the bifurcated portions of the planetary timelines with the emergence into yet another Cosmic Clock solar shield template forming into a spherical domain designed for the Rainbow Arc Bridges section for the incoming solar consciousness identities to station themselves or reside. This higher section is shifting into total alignment to the Cosmic Clock’s solar calendar positions with its master Emerald Timekeeper solar clock shield template opening the creation door which governs the planetary time matrix, in which those first ascending waves are stationing ourselves into consciousness alignment. This requires the shedding of lunar overlays that include the process of atomic transmutation of corrupted elements at the 1D base shield level and the ongoing extraction of Enki DNA Overlays and all related Enki skins used to falsify or clone identities for the use of NAA invaders and Imposter Spirits. [2]

Correction to Gender Twin Matrix

At the source point of when we entered the process of incarnation into the Universal Time Matrix, the first Gender Twin Flames ever created came through the Cosmic Clock, in a 12 based clockshield, in which the male and female pair incarnate into the 6 o’ clock and 12 o’clock time position. The 12 o’ clock and 6 o’clock position equally hold the entire Personal Mission Sphere of all stations of identities ascending within itself, and the sequence continues as the feminine twin generates the next masculine twin aspect and the masculine twin aspect continues to generate the next feminine twin aspect.

The six and twelve placements represent the Primary Genetic Twins or genetic equals that direct the rest of the incarnations from their vertical position, and the primary genetic equals are the ones that integrate all of the other aspects in order to ascend into the higher stages of the spiritual ascension journey. If we can think of the face of a clock with only the time on the clock in the positions of 6 and 12, this vertical alignment is where the primary genetic twins or genetic equals enter the time matrix and generate the horizontal alignments in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’ clock time positions for the next set of genetic twins, which are also you existing in the parallel matrices.

Because the 12 o’clock position (north) is the starting point of the spin for the male merkaba spiral, this is the positive polarity electrical male principle spin for the Male Gender Fin Rear 12 top orientation and thus, is generally male. Because the 6 o’clock position (south) is the starting point of the spin for the female merkaba spiral, this is the negative polarity magnetic female principle spin for the Female Gender Fin Front 6 bottom orientation, thus, is generally female. The 12 and 6 primary twins of the north and south vertical position generate the 3 and 9 genetic twins for east-west horizontal position for building a Emerald Order Starborn hierogamic quadrata template, and together they direct the rest of the incarnations towards the ascension plan, and this is how we expand our consciousness and reintegrate all of our stations of identity in timelines to return back home into the God source. The Emerald Order Hierogamic Quadrata Template of Genetic Equals hold the exponential quad superpower of four 24D Oraphim Double Diamond Sun templates that are multiplied into four sets of the 48D Quadrata Emerald Order Templar Reuche, which is connected into the Cosmic Clock and into the 1st God World Creation through 12 Reuche Pillars. The quad hierogamic structure to build out the universal timeline mechanics of reality are the hidden meaning behind the Four Faces of the Soul of Man, or Four Pillars of Man network which multiply by three into the 12 Guardians of the Rainbow Pillar found in Easter Island. See Ascension Timeline Rebellion and Forced Separation of Gender Twins.[3]

Emerald Templar Master Shield

Emerald Guardians appear to be putting in finalizing touches to the organic Temple of Khemalohatea and its Khem Flame body codes for correct Gender Principle in the Ketheric Mind-Monadic matrix, along with Cosmic Holy Trinity of Lote-Loti-Lota breath channels, activating into the planetary Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion. These are Cosmic Dragon Starhuman structures seated in the base 48D Emerald Order instruction sets with Red King and White Queen Gender Twin Flames activating themselves into position within the planetary Emerald Templar Master Shield, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks and Red Cube clones behind the false Khemalohatea alien machinery. May God’s will be done![4]

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back.

With this year entering the Cosmic Energy Cycle, the higher Solar Rishic consciousness platform access into the Hall of Cosmic Records was merged with the Holy Mountain Rainbow Arc Bridges for the returning Ascended Masters now taking their place and embodying their cosmological positions as the benevolent Solar Christ Red King and White Queen. The solar calendar position on the new trifurcated platform created for the returning Ascended Masters was aligned directly into the Cosmic Clock’s corrected Solar Sun-Star Networks that are being embodied by the Solar Rishi-Solar Reisha accepting the role as Emerald Guardian Dragon Timekeepers on the next stages of the reclamation of the Paliadorian-Christos Mission. This is the same position on the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar when the original Paliadorians came through the 12 Reuche Pillars which bridge the Mother’s God-seed sound vibration into the lower creations, these pillars are designed to correct energy currents to run photonic and sonic healing frequencies that amplify and power up the Christos blueprint throughout the planet.

From this new vantage point returning Solar Rishic Ascended Masters can fully perceive the complexity of the NAA’s Alien Machinery and its monstrosity of time stacked Beast Machine networks manufactured in AI Red Wave for Red Shields. This has led to another stage of volatile confrontations unfolding in the United Kingdom’s 11th Stargate Network for the reseating of the ultimate capstone of the 48D Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata templar for anchoring Red King Arthur and White Queen Guinevere.[5]


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