Templar Reuche Codes

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Sceptre and Templar Reuche Codes

During this stage of the Universal time code transmissions, the planetary solar plasma activations have extended out into the next layers which now include the integration of the twelve codes of the 36D Sceptre Pillars and further, the twelve codes of the 48D Templar Reuche. During this incredible phase of accelerated consciousness transformation, the planet undergoes its next stage of ascension through a major global initiation into the Cosmic Mother Amoraea Shield, in order to embody the Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche in the Albion Lightbody on 2-22-2022. Thus, for the ongoing process of the planetary and human ascension, those ready to receive these Emerald Order transmissions will begin the next stage of consciousness expansion with the series of activations for the twelve Templar Reuche Codes coming from the Cosmic Clock, which will further activate the hara centers in sequential order to prepare for appropriate embodiment levels.[1]

Opening Density Locks

During the phase that began the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, the code of the violet sun began to lay the correctly aligned planetary infrastructure in order to begin to activate a series of Sceptre Codes. Sceptre codes lay down the correct architecture for igniting the 12 Scepter Pillars on the Cosmic Clock which reset the timelines held in lower creation matrices. This occurs when the Cosmic Clock aligns directly with the clock shields in the lower densities that form into the matter fields, and it shifts timelines to synchronize with the Cosmic Clock as God intends.[2]

Emerald Sun DNA Activation

Emerald Sun DNA

For those ascension protoypers in the Emerald and Blue Ray Rishic families receiving the Templar Reuche Codes, the entire twelve pillar clock shield configuration from the 1st God World Creation will begin to anchor itself within the core manifestation body of the personal 12 Tree Grid. Whereby the entire Cosmic Clock function of the twelve Reuche Pillars is anchored into the internal layers of the Lightbody and will begin to embody the entire instruction set within the individual’s DNA. This is the Emerald Sun DNA Activation that is ensconced within the Emerald Tree of Life as the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar. Those who embody the Emerald Sun DNA are Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in which the sphere of influence emanating from Emerald Order consciousness will collapse artificial or destructive fallen angelic timelines in those that are exposed to your radiating aura consciousness field.

Emerald Templar Master Shield

Emerald Guardians appear to be putting in finalizing touches to the organic Temple of Khemalohatea and its Khem Flame body codes for correct Gender Principle in the Ketheric Mind-Monadic matrix, along with Cosmic Holy Trinity of Lote-Loti-Lota breath channels, activating into the planetary Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion. These are Cosmic Dragon Starhuman structures seated in the base 48D Emerald Order instruction sets with Red King and White Queen Gender Twin Flames activating themselves into position within the planetary Emerald Templar Master Shield, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks and Red Cube clones behind the false Khemalohatea alien machinery. May God’s will be done! [3]


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