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Sceptre and Templar Reuche Codes

Due to the ongoing eviction of Alien Machinery perpetuating false feminine magnetic fields and the modulation of the Magnetosphere with organic Violet Ray transmissions being saturated with intense streams of higher frequencies from Scepter and Reuche Light Symbol Codes, as designated by the Cosmic Founders, the base magnetic tone resonance in the Planetary Iron Core has radically changed. Since the return of the Solar Rishi, the transmission of Scepter Codes connected to the Code of the Violet Sun have been streaming into the planetary grid in order to lay the foundation for the Rha God Worlds 36D solar plasma tri-wave woven frequencies. The Code of the Violet Sun with Scepter transmissions from the Amethyst Order now being set in the planetary architecture for corrections to be made with Red Cube Violet Wave inversions, are resetting the 15D to 7D blended frequencies to run corrections in the ultra violet spectrum of the Magnetosphere.[1]

Opening Density Locks

During the phase that began the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, the code of the violet sun began to lay the correctly aligned planetary infrastructure in order to begin to activate a series of Sceptre Codes. Sceptre codes lay down the correct architecture for igniting the 12 Scepter Pillars on the Cosmic Clock which reset the timelines held in lower creation matrices. This occurs when the Cosmic Clock aligns directly with the clock shields in the lower densities that form into the matter fields, and it shifts timelines to synchronize with the Cosmic Clock as God intends.[2]


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