Alien Hybridization

It is critical to know that the war against humanity is based in Alien Hybridization Agendas that extend into several Galactic Wars throughout our hidden stellar history, and in the last round of wars it is clear that humanity lost. The invaders in the Black Sun and Belial groups seek to completely destroy the angelic human Diamond Sun DNA in its original seeded form, and for this reason seek to genetically splice and dice angelic human DNA for consciousness slavery, along with assorted cloning, alien hybrid and transhumanist purposes. See Genetic Modification of Human DNA. [1]

Belial Sun Agenda (Luciferians)

Return of Emerald Order

The Return of Emerald Order is the primary directive of the Guardian Host and they are returning to educate humanity about the ancient knowledge of our stellar histories and the Alien Hybridization conflicts our race has been involved in, but were subsequently blank slated into amnesiac mind-controlled slaves in order to forget and be exploited by these invaders.

Starseed groups that are doing their best to serve human liberation or the Christos Mission are ultimately in service to the Emerald Covenant, and are working to free the planet from the invaders Alien Hybridization Agendas, which are designed to destroy the original angelic human Diamond Sun DNA.

Extraterrestrial visitation

Extraterrestrial Visitation with the purpose of Alien Hybridization has been going on throughout hidden human history, and this knowledge and the wars being fought over genetics have been purposely hidden through the invention of world religions by the invaders. Every person that comes to access this knowledge of the bigger picture of alien hybridization and genetic warfare is faced with an important choice of deciding how much they are willing to know about our history and origins, which is relative to how much consciousness growth and truth we can handle.


It is important that Contactees realize they are being chosen for their genetic relationship and unique station of identities through multiple timelines, which can also surface memories of pre-incarnation agreements to engage in collaborative missions. When we have an awareness of the bigger picture of spiritual warfare against humanity related to Alien Hybridization Agendas and the ongoing war over access to the planetary genetic catalogue, then we can make more informed choices and discern which agendas we want to align with and serve, and know that will have a greater impact upon our personal lives. By discerning what forces are benevolent and serving pro-human freedom versus those that are pro-human slavery through forced alien hybridization and Transhumanism, we can observe who is actually using control, manipulation, deception and trickery in order to achieve its objectives.

Medical Tyranny is Hybrid Agenda

It is critical to know that Alien Hybridization has been accomplished through the medical brainwashing of accepting pharmaceuticals and the injection of foreign DNA and related programmed instruction sets into the human bloodstream. From inception, Big Pharma and Vaccination campaigns were designed by Black Sun entities to be a genetic hybridization program that makes humans more susceptible to these NAA entities influences with various methods of Mind Control and compliance to serve their agendas, culminating in total Amygdala control via GOAT Brain waves. The more humanity is being hybridized with Genetic Modification of foreign DNA designed to repel organic human diamond sun DNA signals, the more susceptible they are made to become automatons used as pawns and Dark Portal Sleepers by these same NAA invading groups working on achieving their ultimate transhumanist goals.

War Over Disclosure

We are entering potentially explosive timelines with extraterrestrial disclosure, which open into this year and ongoing into 2017. As we learn more about multiple species agendas, we must improve energetic Discernment of the variety of forces that we interact with. These are both seen and unseen forces that take advantage of our lack of awareness. Because we are awakening from the Dark Aeon of Alien Hybridization, which is the primary reason for the imprisonment of our consciousness, we must shake off these Parasites and reclaim our sovereign right to Single Soul Occupancy. We are providing a basic primer to address the most common issues of parasitism that are the result of Alien Hybridization, implantation and genetic manipulation of the consciousness of the human being. Once informed, any person may be empowered to identify and terminate the source of spiritual oppression. Through the Law of Consent, we can remove its access and influence upon our spiritual bodies. [2]

ET Manipulation of Military

Sadly, we have many visitor groups manipulating well-meaning humans on the white, gray and black hat spectrum with complex AI technologies while this space drama war continues to unfold on the planetary surface. Do not believe that these white hat groups are necessarily saving humanity when most of them in the ranks do not have high clearance, have little to no knowledge about this Alien Hybridization Agenda and the complexities of the Controller family factions warring over Earth territories. Our civilization has serious problems connected to artificial intelligence networks and their complex systems are being run to war game strategic moves with multiple military factions from those Controller groups that give them orders to serve their personal interests.

Alien Mind and Beliefs

Intrinsic to spiritual Awakening is to clearly see the false identity and false beliefs that have operated which previously led us into misaligned thinking and therefore a misaligned pathway. Some of us have operated these masks of identities and beliefs for many, many lifetimes which embed energy blockages even more deeply into one’s cellular memory. Many of these identifies and belief systems are also sourcing from an alien genetic memory or from a past or future timeline of Alien Hybridization. These levels of Alien Hybridization and inter-breeding have impacted inter-generational bloodlines, and many can be traced throughout certain families that were chosen to be a part of hybridization, or in worse cases, experimentation for NAA purposes.

We are preparing to move into another position in the evolutionary chain which impacts Universal timelines with alien hybridized identities and their relationship to the Personal Christ gestalt of consciousness in new ways. Our spiritual communities will be impacted, and will continue to feel the energetic and spiritual impacts of these recent events. This opens up the potential of meeting future hybridized selves or other self related identities throughout the Timelines during the spiritual initiation process which may happen in lucid dreams, meditation, sleep state or other consciousness work.

We can mistake these alien or other identity masks as our own body because we, along with our ancestors, have lived with them for so long. We have forgot who we are and from where we have originated. [3]

Alien Implantation is Reptilian Ownership

Many people on this earth carry an assortment of fragments, attachments, ancestral beings, alien implants, Fallen Angelics, and potentially one or more alien hosts as a result of hybridization, miasma, karmic bloodlines, or alien abduction. Mind control programing and their holographic inserts, allow the consciousness body of the individual to be infiltrated through the energetic signature of the alien implant. Mind Control programs enforced through alien implantation, and their entity Attachments or Possessions, are two sides of the same coin. The energetic signature of the Alien Implant will depend on the genetic and consciousness relationship that person has, to the entity that has placed the implant in their human target. Many of these entities believe that humans are their personal property, so the alien implant will have specific information from the extradimensional source of the species that have "laid claim" to that individual, family line or group. [4]

Three Main Agendas, One Serves Human Freedom

Every human being that has been contacted by interdimensional entities or has suffered through abduction scenarios should be well aware that the Earth holds great interest for these non-human entities that want to access the entirety of the planetary genetic library without restrictions. On planet, the history of the human genetic race line and tribal affiliation is key coded to interdimensional Stargate mechanics in the grid network, which is held in the DNA record of the incarnated human being even when its potentials remain dormant and inactive. The high majority of those that are contacted or abducted are directly related to the genetic affiliation that the human being has had with one out of three primary interdimensional stellar agendas that are connected to that particular star family located in higher dimensional realities.

Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation. The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa, which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset.[5]

Tainting Human Blood

Transcript - The blood in our body in advanced stages of our natural spiritual biological evolution, our blood becomes truly less dense, it becomes spiritualized. I am trying to explain the means of how that occurs. The more we embody our higher spirit these resonances turn into crystalline substances and it gets through our breath and our heart becoming a part of our body, this circulates these crystals through our heart, through our arterial and venous system. Our spleen is supposed to protect these crystals. The spleen implant has been put in the earth and therefore it is a holographic implant in many people where it is designed to toxify the blood. The spleen implant is designed to taint the blood, to make it karmic and a part of the reason for this is in the slavery principle. If they taint the blood and superimpose karmic loads on a person's memory record, a human, that human becomes a carrier of somebody else's karma. This is how they have been using loopholes in the slavery system to collect people, taint their blood, superimpose karmic loads with false karmic holographic memories that are assigned from the entity to this group of people. The entity is shoving off his toxic waste and is giving it to the group of humans to process. This is one of the means of how they do it, of how we process and digest negative energies through the blood. What happens in that person is that person's blood is now holding this miasmatic record of whatever that alien record actually is. This is a part of the alien hybridization damage that has been done. How did the Alien Hybridization create the means to create so much damage? There are direct genetic ways where they have spliced, cloning and used genetic material for these purposes, but this is to also understand that the cloning of a body isn't necessary in creating Alien Hybridization damage. When a human being is being superimposed a karmic load from another species, that genetic record in the karmic Superimposition is being recorded in that person's blood stream. This creates an intermingling with that species of which that human may have never been in consent with to begin with. Meaning that person now has a connection to whatever Reptilian species through blood, but the human wasn’t in Consent or in agreement with. They didn't really come from that genetic line but were manipulated and engineered to do this for that alien group, which is basically running and processing energies in a way that predigest it so that the entity receives the pure energy that has been processed out of the human. While the human is left with a karmic exhaust of this Miasmatic imprint. Sadly, we know this isn't anything new. We have talked about this before but in understanding more of the details so that we can connect the dots as to why they are bringing forth another level of aggression to attack the heart and the blood of the people of this Earth, how they're doing it and the reasons why.[6]


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