Fallen Elohim

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Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים, romanized: ʾĚlōhīm: [(ʔ)eloˈ(h)im]) is a Hebrew word meaning "gods". Although the word is plural in form, in the Hebrew Bible it usually refers to a single deity, particularly (but not always) the God of Israel. At other times it refers to deities in the plural.[1]

Imposter Elohim Group

Some of the Elohim groups digressed into the control of the alien hybridization agendas with the invading NAA groups of Belial entities and Thothian Luciferians, and became integrated with the fallen AI hybridized entities that serve the Luciferian Covenant. The Elohim references that are made in the Torah, Talmudic literature or in the esoteric Kabbalah teachings in the Jewish religion are sourced from the Fallen Elohim hybrids integrated with Belial and Luciferian factions that gave the Artificial Tree of Life or Base 10 Math Sephiroth teachings to the Semitic races in the Middle East. This was Information Warfare in order to confound original angelic human language, to suppress the solar feminine, and replace the original Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings that were being protected by the remaining Hyperboreans that came to Earth after the Gaian Wars. The remaining Hyperboreans that came to the planet Earth to serve the Christos Mission are the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines or Celtic Essenes. They were hunted down and massacred by these Fallen Elohim groups in order for them to act as the imposter overlords of the so called chosen people, the "god of Israelites" and to oversee the seeding and indoctrination of this new anti-Christ alien religion. See Celtic Massacres/Druid Sacrifices.


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