Lemurian and Inner Earth Timelines Session

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Themes: connecting to Group Consciousness from and Inner Earth Timelines, inner earth access in Mt Shasta and Tibet, inscending rather than ascending, bringing magenta ray from off planet to recoding the Root Chakra at both individual and planetary levels, new level of female embodiment, female energy getting syphoned by regressives, how 9D trauma held in the back of the neck 9D allowed syphon in root or sacral area. pattern: activations, recover memories, create vulnerabilities, when cleared, support gridwork.

Opening: Going ahead and creating the intentional space here and now. We open into the intention of the infinite source beloveds through I am God, I am Sovereign I am Free. As we create the sacred alchemical container of our space we call in our mutual families of light those that serve the Law of One mission. We ask that all the master teachers guides and God source, assisting in service of this being at this time in the highest capacity of fulfillment of her mission and expression of God source. We open this now fully completely and totally in the sacred service of the One. Okay, they're bringing me into you're still point area and again I'm feeling that we're doing a file-sharing, which is a funny term for it. I feel this when there is a being that shares a similar blueprinting in our architecture. It's like I feel all the sudden information is shared and it's like whatever intelligence or information I have that is needed for you is exchanged so that your guides and your teams can start to share and expand that level of intelligence with what you're doing and how that's being experienced. Thank you so much.

Lemurian Holocaust

Okay again I'm going to see if this resonates with you, please let me know and that is that I'm getting very much that a part of the resurgence that you are has to do with the Lemurian history that you carry. I don't know if you have a sense of feeling a connection to that particular level of time. Does that resonate with you at all, the Lemurian time cycle? Yes well basically what it is if we could try to encapsulate it in words was a state of Eden a state of paradise reality. But understanding it from a perfect balance with the goddess energies. So again what I'm feeling is that the Lemurian energy was directly related to a point in time where consciousness first experienced a Holocaust or a trauma, which literally reverberated through the entire universal structure.

And what I'm aware of is that it created damage in the consciousness matrix that then became the seed of the Enemy Patterning and a lot of what we would term as holocausts. Even in our known recent history this has gone on, on a lot of different levels even outside our awareness. Meaning that Lemuria as a Root Race cycle was a part of the history of how we got to where we are in this time and space now. Even though all time is simultaneous, a way of understanding linear time is that there are certain events that have happened in consciousness that influence other times and spaces. From where we are at this station of identity this would be considered like a past, because it's directly impacting who we are here and now, in the third dimensional reality structure.

Seeds of Betrayal

So when we connect to this Lemurian seed what I'm getting is like not only was it the the seed of the betrayal because it was literally the first level of this Holocaust energy, but it also seems to be related to the schisms in masculine feminine, and the feminine enslavement if you will. And obviously both masculine and feminine genders have been enslaved, meaning that our true union with God is when we are in full balance with our masculine and feminine energies and that has not been easy for us to do down here, at this level of reality.

So what I'm getting at is that the connections that you have had, the Tibet China area on this planet, when we were a part of the 12 Tribes, and the 12 tribes meaning that we broke apart and we experienced ourselves in a certain level of identity that held a piece of the code. And the piece of the code is literally the genetic material that opens the Stargates during the Ascension Cycle. So a lot of that was distributed throughout the globe and consciousness like ourselves when we choose to incarnate there are lineages and forms and nationalities, and all of this is related to the genetic configuration of who we are. I'm again getting this pull to Tibet for you, in the Himalayas and Tibet. Seeing that there have been lifetimes you were there and you were a holder and a keeper and protecting the inner earth gates over there.

And the inner earth gates are now opening primarily the big center where this is going on is Mount Shasta. So Mount Shasta is kind of like the new, it's been there for a while and we've known this. We have all the Violet flame material over there but what we didn't know is that the Violet flame is female. The Violet flame in its purity is the God consciousness of the female principle being realized on this earth. That information that intelligence the planetary grid that conducts that Violet frequency had been implanted and distorted in a lot of ways with the patriarchal energy. Obviously, many beings weren't understanding that this was going on, so there was a certain level of corruption that was going on with the Violet flame not being able to express itself fully. And this is now changing. What I'm feeling is that our families from the inner earth, our families from the Lemurian histories our families that are connected to Mount Shasta, what I'm feeling is that whatever was in Tibet has moved to Shasta.

So let's look at the Lemurian Holocaust played out there. What's going on in Tibet, look at the history. What happened there is that information as an archetypal reality as a creational myth, was playing out there. The Chinese invaded Tibet and that was really to get those levels, those Maji beings that were protecting that space to get them out of there. So now there has been some kind of intersection as we've been systematically opening Stargate into these timelines. And this is new for me I really didn't know how this inner earth thing was going to play out. So this is good for me to witness in this session as well as the part of your piece, because I'm seeing that this is starting to connect and collaborate with us in a way. It's like a level of support we're getting, it's a connection with inter-dimensional spiritual family that have long been the away and not connected to us.

Mount Shasta and Violet Flame

And there is a specific connector point of this energy, which is the goddess coding and the Violet flame energy that is now connecting into Mount Shasta in the inner earth timelines there that has not been available to us like this. So the fact that you are feeling pulled to Mount Shasta, I can't tell you how perfect that is. Because clearly that means that there's something there for you to exchange that is in support for you as well. What I feel even when I talk about that is that there is a piece of yourself that you're going to pick up there. Meaning an expanded piece of your own divinity will come into the memory of your understanding of your role as a gatekeeper on this planet, because there is a special relationship you have with the mountain itself. Which is literally like a capstone that has been holding this esoteric information for very long time, and now is starting to create its own beautiful grid pattern on our planet. So that we can now bring the reality of that intelligence and consciousness in, and truly what the goddess energy is. Which is the female God aspect principle in manifest form, which is not something we have had down here.

So again as you feel guided, I definitely just feel incredibly strong about you and Mount Shasta, and allowing that to happen however that's going to happen. (question...) It's like understanding that each one of us has our own piece you know what I'm saying. Maybe it is his piece to go hang out in Tibet and your piece to hang out in Mount Shasta and then you guys are looping. What I'm seeing, what's happening is we are connecting the orbits of dormant vortices and Stargate portals. So that area in Tibet is obviously a major intergalactic highway over there. And I didn't know this until like really recently, about Mt Shasta. I understood Mount Shasta and the seventh ray and all of this, but I didn't understand how big its piece was until very recently. I didn't think of that is a Stargate opening so to speak, but there is a massive inter-dimensional gateway opening over there. And this seems to be almost like the heralding of that seventh ray goddess energy that is now starting to get unleashed out of there in ways that are much more powerful because it's not as suppressed. The Violet flame has always been there, but like I mentioned there has been a lot of implantation and a lot of distortion around that body of work that has a patriarchal slant on it. Not allowing it to be fully in this level of intelligence, which again I can't fathom at this level. I just know that it's big over there. Thank you so much.

So as we connect into in the master guides and greater God-Self we ask for the highest capacity of exchange and preparing the physical vehicle at all levels of interrelationship to this awareness, to this participation and cooperation with her God consciousness and to allow that experience to be felt fully and completely. Okay, so what I'm getting is a connection of circuits within the bodies that represent masculine and feminine polls. Understanding again that there is base magnetic, which is electrical negative and then base electrical, which is the masculine energy, which is positive. They are showing me that there are some ratio spins in the chakras that they would like to correct in terms of their spinning mechanisms. Okay let's look at that and show me what you would like to start with.

Okay in the first base level of the connection in the base chakra itself. Okay I see, thank you. I'm actually looking at the female organs there, I'm just going to go ahead and clean that out. What has been interesting and what I'm noticing in you here and it's very mild actually. So I just want to say first of all I'm really aware of a protection and connection to your group consciousness that you have. There is just a little bit of residue in the root premium area. What I'm seeing is that in the last few months especially when the Galactic Gates started to open, those of us that are embodying this new female presence this new God source energy, I have been calling it the perfect proton and how that is being embodied. Because literally what I'm feeling with you is you are becoming a Violet flame holder, which is different than directing violet flame. So as a consciousness when we are working with the rays and we are working with spectrums of frequency, we can call to mind the various color spectrums and frequencies and we can project them out for healing or whatever we're doing, when were working with these forces.

Everyone works for the Violet flame and calls it in and interacts with it, but what I'm feeling with you is that you are becoming an embodiment of this. That means that your physical body or your light body is fully coming into an embodiment of holding this Violet flame energy, which is another way to say the balanced female. Not only male-female, obviously the male is going to have to balance with the female but understanding there's a particular code with this that is being held with you. And what I'm feeling is this is going to be supported in healing it into the grid through your body. And that may also be a part of your practice. I'm feeling like you've been going through and integration to fully embody part of your Galactic nature. And this Galactic divinity that you are the specialty niche around this, has to do with everything I've been saying. How there is a collective group that is now emerging from the inner earth timelines from Lemuria.

Inner Earth Melchizedeks and Magenta Wave

And I would call these beings if I had a way to describe that, these would be the Inner Earth Melchizedeks. And the Melchizedeks being the ones that rehabilitate the grid and genetics and do the repair work. There is something now emerging in you that has to do with female coding. It's like in a sense you are embodying this and you're doing it now because it's available, quite frankly, it hasn't been available like this until now. We were waiting for the Galactic layers of the Stargates to begin to open so these exchanges would be possible. What I'm seeing is those exchanges are happening in your body and they're changing your root chakra, your colors are starting to change in your aura. This means there is some kind of merge, when we used to think of the root chakra as red, your root chakra is not red anymore, it's turning magenta. It's like the Violet and the Magenta energies, what I'm seeing is that you're starting to intersect and be a connector point between the cosmic energies of the goddess feminine and this color coming in, the cosmic energy layer is like magenta in color.

And this magenta is coming in a humongous ribbon that looks like an infinity symbol, like a figure eight. Seeing yourself on the planet and see a humongous figure eight where the center of that eight is coming into the center of you. And that the top ribbon is connecting to the cosmic intelligence of this magenta energy, which is literally like the cosmic energy of the female God principle in her perfected form. Coming in this magenta field in a figure eight, coming into the center of your being and the loop on the bottom is going into the center of the earth core. So I'm seeing that you are like a cosmic singularity point between this massive energy coming from the cosmos, coming from the Galactic timelines. This understanding that goddess energy, a level that is off planet, meaning that planet Earth has had distortions and problems with the imbalances of the female. And this is about bringing the female principle of God back into balance.

So I'm seeing this come in through your body through the core of you and the bottom ribbon as it comes out into it's figure eight, goes into the earth and its transforming the root. Because the earth core is the first chakra right, like understanding underneath the body there when we look at our aura in the interface of our light body, underneath us is where we connect actually into the earth core. Not all of us have that activated again it depends where the consciousness is, and again with no value difference given. But just meaning that if somebody had these open and they weren't mentally or emotionally or spiritually prepared for it, they would just blow up or spontaneously combust. Because the frequencies involved in this are so massive.

So coming underneath you is a threading. What I feel you may be called to do, actually now that I'm seeing this. You may be called to go into Shasta for this reason, because I'm seeing this humongous figure eight now is interfacing. And you're just coming through this, oh my God. This is just happened in the last like week or so, it may just have been a part of your galactic activation that you've been undergoing. Some kind of spiritual initiation and shift in you, because I'm seeing that you've had, for lack of a better word, you've had a soul shift. And there is a level of divinity interfacing with you that is you, but it is a part of the intelligence of this field now, that is a part of your bodies. I'm seeing that this is now you connect into the earth core and you never did before like this.

Recoding Root Chakra

This is another kind of configuration that has happened and it's purposed for the recoding of the first chakra. The first chakra is connecting into not only the earth core but some of the inner earth timelines. What I'm seeing is all the chakras beneath you have been activated in a different way, and these are connectors into the earth. This isn't surface though I'm trying to explain this, as this is new for me too. These are chakras that connect into the earth core and various timelines that exist there, which I believe with their trying to tell me here, these are the inner earth timelines that we've not had access to. That those conductor points were a part of our light body, but we have not had them activated just because of where the planetary grid and the limitations of the energies of this planet were. So I've not understood this until right now that the conductor, like literally seeing axiatonal line hookups coming out from underneath you, going into the core of the earth and moving. It's like I see these superhighways moving into the timelines down there, and what I'm getting is that wasn't possible before. So obviously there must be a group of us doing that now, I'll have to check in with myself. I haven't seen that on myself yet, this is the first time I've actually seen that, which is really cool. I didn't know that that was the connector to that dimension. Because it's a dimension and it's a timeline and this is pretty new for me too, in understanding that there actually are something that they call the inner hub worlds or the inner God worlds.

Incending and Inner Hub Worlds

You know how, I don't know if you've heard me talk about this, as I haven't understood exactly how this was going to happen. And now we're getting another glimpse of it, is that in a sense Ascension is not an accurate word to interpret what's happening. We're literally inscending, our bodies are becoming Stargate portals and we're going inside to ascend, like literally we're going inside to a place they are referring to as the inner hub worlds. And it's through the inner hub we are connecting into what they're describing to me the Edenic Stargate System, which is the 13th gate. Which is about the 12 becoming One, all the 12 gates, all the 12 Tribes, the 13th actually meaning that it is the Christ Consciousness. It's unified it all now everything's been brought into unification and integration.

So I'm seeing this unusually beautiful set up happening in your light body and I can see this is a learning for me too, so thank you so much. It's like a massive axiatonal line opening configuration underneath you that is connecting into the inner hub worlds. And what I'm seeing is that this ribbon, that's what this ribbon is. You've somehow anchored a part of your spiritual initiation that has allowed a galactic frequency, therefore an intelligence and level of divinity that is you, but exists outside of this planetary plane. This is an definitely off planet. And it's coming in in it's magenta color and its merging in and assisting, not only through the physicalization of your body. But I don't understand yet what the inner earth has to do with the recoding of the first chakra, but that's what I'm seeing is going on here. There is something about the root, because the root in the human being the root chakra is one of the more traumatized.

Okay, they are showing me. Okay what that is, is Earth. Thank you so much. Okay, so because the root chakra is the first level. When we understand that as consciousness units, we are God consciousness units, these units of consciousness came into biology they came into a form at a certain time to experience form. And exactly when those consciousness units came into a biological form, that is the first chakra. That is the first level that consciousness had an experience of physicality and separation. So there is work that you're doing with this and it is happening through this root area with you. I'm seeing through your body here this also seems to be comprising a new level of the female energy that's coming from off planet sources. So this means frequency that hasn't been corrupted.

Galactic Female Coding

The majority of the female energy that is on this planet, again not using it in a gender application but just understanding the physics of the movement of energy. And that the female God principal in its particles has been distorted, usurped, implanted you name it it's gone there. So what I'm seeing is that you've transcended, you have gone off planet to bring in energy from frequency and intelligence and a level of divinity that is you, from literally Galactic realms. And you are bringing that energy here to recode what's gone on here. This is like the source of the blueprint at a new level that you're bringing in here. And it is about assisting in the planetary field consciousness in literally upgrading and restoring it to this level. Because what I'm seeing is it's an override. When this energy comes in when this intelligence and this code, and I want to call it goddess code I do know what else to call it.

I see, they are showing me the difference between something that is living light and what is not living light. So there is life force the eternal living light the giver of light. This is the ultimate Mother the Cosmic Mother here this is the Cosmic Mother energy the ultimate giver of life and light. And that which has gone on down here, which is not it's been an anti-life force. So meaning that it's crystallized light it's not the eternal sustained light code. And I know that may sound controversial but just meaning when you look at our bodies, our bodies deteriorate they age they die. Our consciousness doesn't but our body does. Understanding we're existing and anti-life, the body isn't supposed to die. We could choose to exit if we want, that was the original part of the human experience was to have that choice.

So again you're connecting the eternal light and it is a goddess code. It's magenta in color, it's coming through you and it is recoding violet flame energy. And for some reason this Violet flame energy and I have not known this until now, is recoding the survival mechanisms in the first layer. So it's almost like the root that used to be red, is now turning magenta. It is merging with the Violet energy, it's almost like the goddess light code is coming from the cosmos and coming in to reconfigure and heal the Earth base. Because that red energy is coming from the core, it's planetary the whole planetary body suffers. The whole planet itself is the collective human consciousness. We don't think of the planet as our body but it is. The planet is our whole body as a species the whole human body represented is the planet. So by working with it this way, that surely sounds like a pretty effective way to affect the collective. Because you're now working with the entire collective field as opposed to the individual units that come to you. This seems to be a larger application of having access to this.

So let me just ask, is it important that she understand how to interface with this? Is there any information that she needs to understand? Okay I'm just getting as you move forward. (just got disconnected) Are you there? (reconnected) Oh my God, that is hilarious. Okay, the information that you are a carrier of Goddess code and of living light code was something that a couple of tricksters are not happy with you understanding. And the issue has been and this is something to bring into your awareness with your female clients, that this change is happening on the planet. Some of us are more intricately involved that's our piece, I'm feeling this is your piece. What has been happening is that there are still energies in resistance to that.

And what has been coming up as a nuisance is these energies have been hooking in and cording through these areas underneath. We've been building new structures or these new levels of our chakra systems that connect to the earth, are being updated. This is changing how we ground how we anchor how we interface with the planet. There have been some groups of energies that are negative or resistant or they're losing their grip on where to get energy, to parasitize or whatever. So they're coming in and they're using the female energies in that lower area. So if you come across this in your healing or whatever, you may want to check and assist that person. It's all females it's clearing the female energy from being siphoned and reclaiming the female energy powerfully in the body. And there's been some unusual paraphernalia coming into the root from the bottom. So when you check that it's very easily removed, this is one of those things about not knowing it's there. And it creates urinary in genital and reproductive issues.

So again as we look there I just want to make sure that we clear out any residue and remains, from any past, present and future, through which any thing is sticking or attaching into that area. Please clear. Yea, you have a whole new set up here. From the root of you like literally where you are anchored in, all the way down. I don't even know how to describe this. I'm looking at a massive beautiful filigree, it's really like beautifully refined and in these geometric like shapes. But it's very like curlicue, I'm seeing things that look like spirals coming all the way down. And it is some kind of not only a transducer but it's a part of what you're doing in clearing that part of the female energy and the survival level. And so what I am getting is and as you feel guided, that Lemurian energy and Inner Earth Melchizedek's may start to communicate or contact you, because that is what they are here to collaborate with us on. They are emerging from, at this point what I'm aware of is Mount Shasta is an area that has just opened.

Gnostic Cathars, Magdalene and Inner Earth

There is an interface now between inner earth and surface earth in a way that was not available and so we're having more connection and more contact and more collaboration. Because again this is about supporting our group mission a lot of us have been on the front lines dealing with things ourselves. (question...) Sure, sure what they're showing me with this is you know what the fleur-de-lis looks like? This is their connection with you what they are showing me actually is that you have a history of being a part of the Magdalenes and the Cathars. This is a part of the Cathar symbology. I know the French royalty use it, it's a common pattern that's used in France. They are showing me that this can be your symbol with them in your third eye, when you are inviting a spiritual communication from them. Imagine and hold that plume in your third eye and this will be a way that you can test as well. Like if you feel a presence and you want to test, okay is this in alignment to the Law of One, and who is this? This is to create a beginning symbol of communication with your mind to connect with that level and understand that it is coming from them. And this is a group consciousness, I would describe this as heavily Lemurian, but this is Inner Earth Melchizedeks. That symbol itself seems to be about the perfected plume of the three sound fields, the gold the blue and the violet merged in the threefold flame. These three plumes are coming up and that represents the power of God in its three principles in its triad, like it's a Trinity in a sense.

So but I'm seeing that this symbol is relative to you, it might bring up cellular memory for you. Because it is a symbol that was used in the times of the Cathars, and the Cathars were running around in the France area. They were the Magdelenes and were the holders of the Gnostic wisdom and this kind of thing. There also was an emphasis on holding the female energy the Magdalene principal, through the Cathars. So even though this Magdalene principle what it feels like to me is even more expanded, it's becoming something else now. It's like a Galactic female energy that is moving beyond what we knew as Magdalene, but they're using that symbol. So sure, absolutely, thank you so much.

Okay just looking at there's a little clearing up and connecting happening around your hips and your root chakra area right now. Okay and just coming into the heart center there's a heart drop, I've not seen this before but putting a code through the heart and they're dropping it into the bottom. Okay so again I'm focusing on your heart center and again the exchange of any living light code goddess code and that which is in service to assist and support the stabilization of the bodies highest emanation and fulfillment of God source and purpose. Thank you. Coming in through the heart something that looks like a mandala looking egg-thing just came in through the heart. Allowing it to drop down and anchor coming into the tailbone.

Okay not at this time is it time for that exchange of the code to go into the earth. What I'm seeing is that there are preparations happening with you and your body. The fine-tuning of this connection and structure that is overriding and bringing this magenta force into the earth core and into the earth itself is not fully done yet. So what I'm getting is that just a little interference at the bottom is being cleared out to facilitate the process. Because what was going on is there was a little bit of an energy syphon from you happening. What seems to be happening is there are beings, believe or not, that are living in the earth but are not a part of the inner earth timelines that I'm referring to. Believe it or not there are things like Grays and Reptilians that actually live in the earth or under the earth, but more under the surface. And these energies have been utilizing certain levels of energy from the surface and from human beings and their losing their ability to do that. They're not able to I guess siphon or parasitize energies in the way that they have needed in the past.

So what I'm seeing is that in the core of the earth where you are connecting, you are bypassing that level. And when you started to activate this part of you on the bottom, these entities and things that exist in the earth, underneath the earth but not in the core like all the way in, saw this and started like latching onto it. And it was again and it's funny to say this, it's not personal. It's just these energies are actually very aggressive right now because they're losing their hold. They're losing the way they have existed and they are looking for alternative ways to survive quite frankly, from their level of consciousness.

Everyone is being given benevolent ways of rehabilitating but we still have some factions that are not cooperative and don't want to deal with it on anything but their terms. So what I'm actually feeling is that your teams or your guides want you to have some awareness with this. I really feel that you're protected and it's not anything to overly focus on, but just to have awareness that that is going on at the moment. Until this exchange happens there's a little bit of shenanigans going on and that's because these energies know that when we start hitting these inner hub worlds and exchanging these energies, dare I say their fun down here is over. There has been a lot of consciousness down here that has also forgotten who and what it is. There's been a lot of manipulation and parasitizing of the planet and human beings and that level of vampirism has got to stop. So it's like those levels of being are going to have to rehabilitate and move and they're not too happy about that, they are resisting change. So I'm seeing that that was why there has been some shenanigans going on in that area. And I feel like the guides just want you to have an awareness. (disconnected again)

Fortification of Session Field

We just state now again, as we create our alchemical container in service to the One source One-Self, we are fully and completely removing any interference both in frequency, any disturbances that are coming through the communication links. We ask to fully and completely clear. Defender warriors of truth sovereignty and liberation again please join us now and update our individual and collective template. Hold the mission and the mutual highest purpose, in service to the one light our source. Fully and completely removing any attachment interference or disturbance in any way shape or form. Again I'm removing through the outside any observers any remote viewing, again all that is in the full alignment of the Cosmic Christ principle here and represented to the oneness, is that full on consecration of the space by fortifying the spiritual links to our cosmic triad and in and through the core of the One. We fully consecrate our space now to that oneness only. Thank you.

Okay so in further protecting the field, I see. I see. Okay links, spiritual links that are connecting into the inner earth are happening with you now and that's what's being interrupted. When you accomplish this goal of being a conduit of this particular frequency, again it's a tremendous amount of I want to say God power coming into the core of the earth. So the thing that is very interesting with this is that I can really feel the kind of interference and annoyances we used to have in our physicality from these the sources, was a lot more intense than it is now. I can see that it's more like an annoyance right now. It's just something to be aware of that's going on. But it's like we've transcended the pattern, once we went off planet they have a really hard time connecting with that. They can't connect into that energy field, so they are throwing mud but it can't stick. They're trying to throw some mud around so it creates some interference in the periphery but that's really all it is. I can see that it's really not interfering with any kind of effectiveness.

I do want to ask though in the energies of the cosmos the Galactic energies that are flowing into the body, to assist them in integrating into each of the chakras and DNA patterns. We allow the divinity of the Oneness and the God Consciousness through this activation to be fully re-patterned in increasing the effectiveness of each of the layers of the chakras as they connect into the sources highest expression for this being. Beloveds thank you so much. I am looking at the bottom there and bringing it all the way down, thank you so much.

9th Dimensional Interference

Now I'm looking at interference of energy coming in through the back of your neck in the 9th level is being cleared. What's happening as we start opening to these new energies, we're going through spiritual initiation and I'm sure you have inexperienced this and figured out, that every time we have humongous levels of light and luminosity come in, we have little bits of our history and record and memory that have been connected to that other timeline, start to also be revealed to us. So I'm seeing that on the 9th dimension there is some interference with an aspect of your over-soul, that's being cleared to the integration with DNA and chakras. The area behind our neck tends to be an area that has vulnerability to entity attacks and things like that, energy's manipulating that area. So I'm just seeing they're doing a re-patterning back there, to remove a galactic timeline at the 9th dimension, connected to the Andromeda energies coming through the back of the head.

That is really interesting there is a frequency. A way to understand this is through all of the different densities that create these harmonic universes, meaning that there are these parallel universes all going on at the same time, as we are starting to connect these universes together and that's the whole singularity and bringing in our divinity and embodying this energy. What I'm seeing or noticing is that the core primary colors of creation that all splintered off, in terms of all of these other palettes of colors have relative levels of I want to say purity or energy. So it's like I'm looking at electron proton neutron at the physical level and then through this other density level, what I'm seeing is that the 9th dimensional energy that comes in has this silver-ish color to it. And the 12th dimensional energy that is the crystal consciousness, which is the original divine blueprint of the unity consciousness of the human, is also silver-ish but it's more chrome like.

So I'm seeing that some thing is happening at the 9th dimensional level, where that energy is being traded for the 12th dimensional energy that you are connecting to. So it's like sorry pal, no you can't run off with that you are going to have to go get it yourself. So something at the 9th dimensional level was just redirecting some frequency out from the base of the neck. Because the 12th dimensional energy in you is part of your Hara Line or monadic staff, like right in the center where your chakras are fastened on. So I'm seeing they are just redirecting the flow back to your core and stabilizing the monadic staff and Hara Line in your body so that 12th dimensional energy, which is a part of that Ida and Pingala energy coming in and out of the column, is being directed appropriately for you and your purposes. Thank you so much.

Oh, well but of course. The 9th dimensional Stargate is Tibet that's why. Because that is one of your primary encodements, meaning our genetic encodements and our star energies and what we carry were all designed to activate a certain Stargate. So a lot of us are gatekeepers are protectors of certain areas of the earth, and yours was this 9th dimensional area. So you have in your consciousness you know histories with that being exposed. And in connection to frequencies that come in through the 9th dimensional level and those galactic histories, so to speak that you've experienced at that level. So that creates vulnerabilities when we're doing our Ascension integration, that stuff will start to come in and be healed and cleared and completed. That's what's going on. Thank you so much.

Nibiru Council of 9

Because I was looking at this and like what does the Council of Nibiru have to do with anything? Then I realized they are the council of nine. So there are some re-weaving patterns happening in completing that particular galactic history, as it's being held in the body. We release the cellular memory matrix of that and integrate the DNA and open flow into the patterns of the 9th dimensional layers that can come through the bodies easily and effortlessly.

Okay 9th dimensional family, you have a star family that needs some support and healing through I guess what we could call karmic histories or timelines. Okay can we address this now please? Okay fully completely and now as we address the councils and fully bare witness to the exchanges here and present. Again we open all timelines and portals that allow connection into the infinite source light. For healing rejuvenation and rehabilitation through the histories contained within the 9th dimensional timelines connected through and in this being. And that are connected to that Stargate portal. Okay these are also energies that had manifested on the earth, from the Tibetan groups. I'm just seeing like monks, a group of monks and again in fully baring witness to this with grace with ease with release. Remove any belief systems judgments implants and that which is impinged upon the consciousness within this time and space through the core soul protection program to be applied into the entirety of this group.

Tibet Stargate and Lifetimes

Okay I see. I'm not sure what timeline I'm in, but what I'm looking at is like a monastery, it's a group of monks that are connected to protecting. They've been stationed somewhere I am not sure? Is it relative for me to know where this is? It's connected to the landmass on the earth in Tibet. Okay so I'm going to look at that now, moving into that border between India in China. Fully opening the cosmic triad into this time and space. Beloveds again we open the neutron window and release all those fully ready to receive freedom and sovereignty and connection and merging into the source. We open this now fully and completely in divine grace, divine love and divine forgiveness. I'm not sure, I'm seeing like a battle actually. This is fascinating I had heard about this, but I haven't seen it. That in times of history specifically looking at around the 1200s somewhere, understanding there were monks that were like warriors. And even though they were monks they were brutal fighters and this was apparently part of the sect or something there that has some relevance in terms of your memories. That just in this time and space, we have the ability to not only witness it but to clear and release the particular traumas that were associated with that particular event, of conflict and death. In the sense this was its own type of Holocaust situation.

So again in the completion and fullness of releasing this, we're fully willing to remove all residue imprints and remains from this trauma, by utilizing sacred triads cosmic triads both simple and non-thinking, through the DNA and through all layers and levels through which this is connected and interfaced. This is a memory in the Stargate because it was connected to a timeline there. Seeing a circle like orbit come in from your neck and into your heart or something cycling there. What I'm seeing or what I'm aware of is that your body is used as a portal of releasing this energy or memory of spiritual lineages. I see, Thank you.

Okay, I see. What they're explaining to me is that when we have certain traumas in our body, we all do for goodness sake, because we're here to clear the collective. But the energies that were siphoning on the bottom were connecting to this memory. It's like when there's nothing for them to connect to, there's nothing for them to connect to. The challenge for us is that we're holding, as the Galactic beings, we're holding the collective energies and our bodies are being utilized to heal a lot of that collective memory. So this is not an individual thing it's a collective thing, but your body was holding the memory of this particular event. And it was of this trauma that was held to be released that these energies were connecting to and manipulating. So what they look for in the body, they try to find something to connect to. Because that is how they harvest an emotion or a frequency, it is coming from a trauma generally. Apparently there's a lot more charge of energy that comes from trauma, pain, anger and this kind of thing, rather than like being blissed out.

So when energies are attempting to siphon or redirect frequency a lot of times they will look for trauma that is recorded in the body somewhere, and they will cleave onto it. So they're showing me that they're removing the trauma now, because it was in the back of your neck. The connection between the neck, the sacral seals at the spine level at the back of the neck and the tailbone, are closely related. So they came in from the bottom and went into that area to syphon off energies, so there removing the causation right now. Okay, thank you so much.

Kunda Ray

And again bringing the Aurora fields those of the universal harmonics and rainbow light, as we call upon the Kunda-Ray and the rainbow to fully encompass this being now, please call upon each of the sub-harmonics in each level to fully integrate harmonized balance and bring the bodies into the maximum and optimum expression of vitality and presence of the God source. We honor the female goddess code and that which is seeking expression through this body now, with all intents of the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light. We call forth the infinite power of the goddess code the living light code within to be resurrected within the flesh, and to fully assist in the consciousness and expressing the highest fulfillment of purposes in the here and in the now, with the sacred intentions of the alchemy here present. May love light and power restore the plan on earth, here in and now fully commanded and present in the goddess that is the truth. Thank you so much.

Closing: Beloveds, please anchor lock and seal our work through the hologram and through the time matrix. Take this through all layers and levels of the morph field and instruction sets please. Stabilizing balancing and strengthening the bodies, opening all ballast points between the cosmic and the inner core energies as the body is a singularity point for that. Fully stabilized protected and supported in the source light thank you so much.

As we seal our field, we seal our communication. I'd like to thank the Inner Earth Melchizedek and Guardian beings for your assistance and support with us here today. Again we open through the highest levels of our spiritual links and communication of that expression fully and completely now. Thank you so much. Seal our field close our communication. As we spin the field down and fully bring our presence into the still point and core of our being. Our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you so much.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session 2-17-2009]

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