Limbic System

The Limbic System structures in the Brain are extremely important for connecting with our emotional and spiritual experiences, as it functions to interpret our emotions and feeling responses connected to higher sensory perception, as well as storing memories. This area of our Brain is wired directly with our Soul matrix which is our higher emotional sensory body, that when spiritually activated connects into our Heart Brain Complex which creates natural feelings of Empathy. Humans need a healthy brain with a functioning limbic system and bio-neurology that is not being assaulted by artificial mind control frequencies and neurological toxins, in order to experience compassionate empathy and achieve higher consciousness or enlightenment. Starseed people tend to be natural empaths because they have unique neural profiles in which their limbic system actually functions at higher levels to communicate with their heart center.

The Controllers want to destroy the emotional functions and higher sensory experiences connected to spiritual experiences that are provided by healthy human brains by targeting our Bio-Neurology with an assortment of energetic and physical neuro-toxins. Recent events reveal to us yet again another aggressive attempt to destroy the healthy functioning in the human brain and nervous system, with a full spectrum assault targeting the limbic system through blaring fear Propaganda that we cannot escape.

When targeting the limbic system and amygdala with artificial frequencies and fear, distortions in the emotional state are made which change the individual’s perception and the meaning that they assign to that emotional state. When circuits are damaged in the limbic system with excessive fearfulness, the amygdala emotional center can be overwhelmed with negative polarity emotional states, plummeting that person into depression and despair. When the limbic system is being unconsciously entrained into fear and negative emotions, people have difficulty with their perception and memory of things so they cannot use Critical Thinking to make a good decision as they are unable to perceive the consequences of their actions.

The areas of the Amygdala and Hippocampus in the Limbic System provide the foundation for emotional states that connect us to the higher sensory perception levels where we connect with positive spiritual and mystical experiences during our meditative states. This means that through practicing meditation and cultivating stillness of the mind, we can develop mental skills and strengthen our brain to overpower artificial input towards negative emotions and replace them with positive states, by training ourselves to hold inner stillness and a clear mind. Going into deeper meditation to generate inner stillness works to clear emotional negativity and dissolve neuronal entrainment to negativity in our amygdala through the mere focus of going inside ourselves and holding meditative stillness. In the nothingness of the inner void, we are the eternal light within the complete absence of any unpleasant emotion or thought, just existing in the moment as pure stillness, peace and calm.

When we decide to be the master of our own thoughts and emotions, we then become the master of our own brains and these artificial frequencies and fears will cease to disturb us. This can be achieved through a simple daily Meditation practice in which inner stillness and focusing on breath is emphasized, which is suggested to maintain inner peace during these incredibly chaotic times.[1]

Medical Tyranny is Hybrid Agenda

It is critical to know that Alien Hybridization has been accomplished through the medical brainwashing of accepting pharmaceuticals and the injection of foreign DNA and related programmed instruction sets into the human bloodstream. From inception, Big Pharma and Vaccination campaigns were designed by Black Sun entities to be a genetic hybridization program that makes humans more susceptible to these NAA entities influences with various methods of Mind Control and compliance to serve their agendas, culminating in total Amygdala control via GOAT Brain waves. The more humanity is being hybridized with Genetic Modification of foreign DNA designed to repel organic human Diamond Sun DNA signals, the more susceptible they are made to become automatons used as pawns and Dark Portal Sleepers by these same NAA invading groups working on achieving their ultimate transhumanist goals.[2]


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