Matter Lock Down

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When we apply the awareness that the human Lightbody is a biological liquid Crystal, held within a blueprint coded crystalline grid, it informs us how the expansion of consciousness energy really works. The potential for inner alchemy occurs when the crystal’s inherent properties are catalyzed from naturally sourced frequency exposures in the environment that hold the loving radiant vibrations of the Godhead. Conversely, artificial electromagnetic exposures such as nanotechnologies and Microwave weapons, are devoid of love and condense the liquid crystal into Matter Lock Down, impairing its ability to freely move in any direction and preventing energetic expansion into Multidimensionality.

Condensed Matter

Through the Bifurcation cycle this phenomena of particle shift is occurring and impacting how energy becomes matter, and how that matter behaves while it’s moving into a different density.

As an example, the more condensed phases of solid matter are more rigid and locked in place, they have a denser frequency and the particles cannot move or slide past one another. While the less condensed states of matter are more fluid, such as liquids, gases or vapors, which have a higher frequency. There is more free space that exists between the particles, in which there is an easier flow of those same particles to move and slide past one another.[1]


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