Polarity Integrator

The Principle of the Vesica Pisces geometry is bi-wave or polarity. The overlapping space between the two spaces of polarity is known as the cosmic womb and is the Mother principle in creation. From the cosmic womb, everything else emerges, the rest of the geometric principles and shapes and numbers are born. The process of Polarity Integration is the process of merging the duad from the extreme of opposite poles in an attempt to attract to each other in so a merge may occur and return the poles into the state of balance and unity in triad. In this process of being a Polarity Integrator we are healing the Mother principle in matter and the Father principle in his pattern or Blueprint. The triad or tri-unity is the symbolic base of our divinity. The wholeness of the Universe is a Triad ( See Threefold Founder Flame ) that mediates our return to energetic balance and transmits the Sacred Geometry which brings forth our inner perfection and completion that perpetually returns us back to the Godhead.

The mastery over the Pain Body and Negative Ego is a direct reflection of the level of Spiritual Maturity achieved within a being. However the only way to heal, rehabilitate this emotional damage that creates pain is to have the courage to face it without judgment. It also requires that one have an accurate assessment of this reality, to understand the Ascension cycle and Extradimensional dynamics of the NAA and Mind Control, in so one can live in the matter world and not be impacted by it negatively. This is the path of the Starseed and Polarity Integrator. [1]

Law of Polarity

Energetic Polarity is Gender Principle of Creation:All things exist within the Gender Principle of Creation, The Natural Law of Polarity, also referred to as the Law of Pair of Opposites. One will notice the same repeated pattern in absolutely every energetic force or form in matter. Every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity that is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. This is represented also within our Gender bodies,which expresses as a polarity in matter form (male or female). While our physical body exists in one polarity form in matter, our internal energies exist at both male and female principles. Our right side is “electric” and works as a transmitter, which is the active force principle of the male gender CW Male. Our left side is “magnetic” and works as a receiver, which is the passive force principle of the female gender CCW Female.

Starseed Galactic Agreements

This is a phase of great remembrance for the Starseed, as we are entering now the beginning of this Galactic consciousness cycle (Circa 2008). Many more of us with off planet agreements finally remember who we are and why we incarnated on the earth at this time. This will rapidly grow to expand to include many more awakenings in this year. The group of this Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy Externalized (either by walk in or rapid ascension activation) has learned to embody polarity integration through the process of Alchemy that exists in this 3D system of darkness and light. This soul mission was not what seemed to be a personality chosen existence and has created much pain and confusion for the burgeoning consciousness of the "polarity integrator" Starseed. This Galactic group of Starseeds (and Indigo 3's) have incarnated purposely with this task of embodying a template of polarity integration by healing it through reconciliation with the pairs of opposites. This can only be made possible by the full embodiment of these intense polarity forces and related experiences that often made many in this soul group feel a burden they were unable to express in words. They had to find the deepest level of compassionate force for themselves (and the human race) to perform the Inner Alchemy required to transform and heal the Pain Body. This is the process necessary to heal the race memory and genetic template form of the human being so that it could move from a bi-wave energy being - a polarity charged electro-magnetic form - to the energetically complete level as a "Trinitized Form". The Trinitized Form is a Tri-wave field form and is "neutral", without polarity charge.

The 3D human Lightbody has been operating at a polarity charged wave level with Bi-Wave Influences of Mind Control reincarnating into the Astral Plane repeatedly for the last 11,500 years. This recycling of Soul's is what drives and keeps humans operating in the Atlantian Program.[2]


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Term first found: Page 63, HGS Manual