Seraphim Line Heart Healing

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Themes: Seraphim Line Heart Healing, 8th chakra healing from Orion distortions; Moon and Moon Chain lineages used in magnetic field manipulation, mind control; Asian grid; Beast Machine timelines

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today. It is June 29, 2011. As we set the intention of our field, we call in God force and that which is eternal God light. Beloved God, please open all light fibers and channels to be fully aligned and connected into the heart of God itself. We ask our Guardians, our families of light, our ascension guides and those that defend the truth sovereignty and liberation of humanity. Beloveds again we ask you to join us now through our unification principle as we intend to unify through the Cosmic Christ and Krystal principle as an energy and manifested reality here and now.

Okay. Somebody is very angry we are joining together today. As I create the space I'm going to ask the Aurora to anchor the four pillars and I'm going to ask that the entity and energy that's holding this to be brought into our awareness through the challenge of the authority of God source and God force. Okay so, this is something we need to again create a portal and assistance for and I'm going to ask our Mother Arc Transharmonic gate as well as the Aurora forces: again assist in the escort and release. We ask that here and now we are fully willing to go beyond the fear and shadow to fill God's plan on earth. We choose God's authority in the light of truth and we ask that all that is truth to be revealed to us fully completely and totally now. We ask that any obfuscator, violator, impinger, impostor be revealed to us now and that which is in the truth and the integrity of the One Source light.

Bloodline Binding

What I feel like, this is something that is connected as like a curse through black magic fields, so I'm just going to follow it. It's an entity that's holding something in place and saying he's really angry and he's like saying, "You owe me." Like you're supposed to give this to me, something like this. He's been adding a little tumult into your household recently.

So let's follow the timeline and can ask, again this is just about calmly acknowledging and recognizing that this is a demonic force. This is a sort of an arm of dark forces that have been in control of certain energies in certain places. We know that there is a change happening and there is a shift that some of these Fallen Angelic beings are not too happy with. This has a family application so there is a genealogy and there is a genetic relationship to this. This is coming from family of origin and this has to do with serpent races and feathered beings and we're going back all the way into Blood Sacrifice and people in your lineage, beings that have been sacrificed to these lineages.

This is not new to us, I know this has come up before with you that this has to do with Mayan relationship, grid relationship, beings that are stuck on that grid relationship and entities that were feeding off of the beings that were sacrificed from these relationships. These are in the collapsing of timelines and in the understanding of soul retrievals, so this is sort of like a sense of an exchange of soul Fragments, body parts and pieces that need to be released as a curse off your family.

What I'm seeing is like saying that when blood has been shed there is sometimes a burden of that blood placed on a family line and that's what I'm seeing here. There is a family and a genetic lineage to this and as you know, fearlessly courageously and in understanding the truth of the authority of God's light, this is a part of your divine purpose and plan in supporting this family line; this is why you have incarnated into this.

Again we operate with this knowing that this isn't personal. What's happening is we've made an appointment to the face this at the time that this was to be faced, and this entity is really not happy. You know how we were talking about mid-creational realms collapsing? This has to do with that as well. It's like saying, a lot of us what our job down here is, what we promised to do is to come in here and we would stay awake through the Dark Night. Meaning that we would attempt to remain conscious in the midst of the proverbial you-know-what hitting the fan. That's really what's going on, this is what our mastery is being called for: is that we stay conscious and awake when all of this stuff is hitting the fan.

So at this particular time there's a lot of places and spaces like phantom spaces and dead spaces that have been utilized for bindings and for Black Magic and ritualistic kind of purposes. A lot of these are like catty-corners in areas that we have not - meaning we, those of us that have come to assist in the liberation and freeing of the souls that have been bound or trapped in these particular spaces: we haven't known where all those spaces are. What happens when a timeline collapses, when a certain dimensional state where there was realities or somebody using that space can no longer use that space, we start to see things and read the imprints of signatures that relate to other timelines in history or whatever. That's exactly what's happening now. I want you to understand this has to do with why you're in Denver area, because this has to do with original distortions that were Galactic Wars all the way into Orion timelines. This is something that even though there are manifested genetic relationships to the Seraphim, Golden Eagle Grid, and into the Mayan culture which deeply impacts you; if we take this further into galactic history we get into Orion. These are Orion distortions that are being addressed now.

In coming into the clarity of what this is, I'm understanding that this entity and being cannot be put through the portal or released until we go to the place where this being is holding a piece of land and a piece of ley line and a piece of - ooh, this is right in Denver. So in this area... okay this is actually making sense, I was drawing a blank there for a moment but when we connect to this area of the planet we know that this has been deemed the area of the New World Order.

A lot of the agenda is still continuing, meaning that there are beings that think they're in control at this level and are still working through that agenda; that they're either going to go underground or they're going to go to another planet, or to Mars or whatever this may be. That particular area has meaning: where you live, the residence where you live has histories that relate to you with the sourcing of where this manipulation occurred.

In going into the land grids in the mass there, we ask that any entity, beings or soul fragments that need to be returned to the rightful owner as well as returned into the light of God: we call upon our Guardian Council as well as our God Avatar self and the Mother and the Father to assist in the release and removal of all soul fragmentation, soul bindings and reversal grids of which have used hexes, curses, spells or their artifacts in the land mass that are I would say in stewardship or in relationship to your lineage and agreements with your God-self and higher soul identities. Beloveds please bring this to our attention.

Okay these are lower hierarchal beings that were placed on the planet and they were asked by - when we understand what Reptilians are and the Serpent people - they are very much into hierarchy and they're very much into, its kind of similar to a Hindu caste system where they believe that what you're born into is your divine right. It's kind of like if you're born into the royal line then God has given you the right to be the ruler of the peoples, this kind of fated/ destiny thing. So there are lots of beings that have been trapped or have been placed in the earth until the return of the "higher-ups" has come. When the higher-ups returned apparently they were not too happy with what had happened down here. It's like saying the beings/ Reptilian races that were in the planet, a lot of them are in the area where you live meaning they're underground there, When they were left here their job was to, as funny as this sounds, take care of the human beings on the surface, meaning this is our investment, this is our cattle; you need to make sure you do your job or whatever.

In late 2008 when these higher reptilian beings started to return, meaning that higher caste systems or higher hierarchies of these same "families", Reptilian families... because what I'm seeing actually in that area is something that looks gargoyle-ish. It has wings but it also has that kind of Dragon/ reptile-looking presence, it's like a dragon with wings but they're kind of like gargoyle-looking. What I'm understanding is that when the higher-ups came back to earth, they basically condemned them. Because this is the weird thing about the reptilian races of course is they don't have any loyalty for each other either. These beings are attached to a group entity field an hive mind, and they're - as strange as this sounds - defecting or leaving that particular order. It's like saying that there are beings that have been crapped on one too many times from this particular contingent and they have been left here to die, they have been left here, like threatened that you're just going to rot in hell and we're going to leave you there.

Seraph Serpent Hybrids

So this entity that is sort of like - it's a collective body of which I'm seeing is including a lot of different entities that are in that landmass. Now the interesting thing about it is that they are of the Winged, Carian, Avian races. In a sense what we're looking at is the result of certain hybridizations of the histories that have to do with Serpent, meaning lizard/ serpent/ reptile races, with the Winged ones. What they're looking at with you is, even though we're going to correct them, is that they wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you.

What they're saying that they mean by that is that you are representative of the Seraphim. So this is a part of the histories of where hybridization occurred that created genetic anomalies. We have an issue where we have beings that are considered hybrids in their own race and it's destroyed their credibility genetically because what happened - it's a strange thing but the reptilian races are very much about genetic discrimination. They're not into hybrids at all so it's almost like they consider hybrid forms of their own race as low-lifes. It's like looking at a mutt, like you're a mutt, you're not a purebred. It's weird because it's like so as long as we fulfilled your purpose on the planet, you didn't care. But now when you come back you treat us like whatever because we're not genetic purebreds or whatever.

So there is some kind of history or I think we could say maybe conclusion that's coming in with you that is releasing this. It feels like a package with multiple levels. I'm feeling a hex and a curse on your family line because of this. I'm feeling the purpose of that being lifted now because what this is about is acknowledging and returning Serpent hybrids into an opportunity to choose something else. I don't know how this is going to happen but this is like saying when you began the Asian grid project, you had some beings knocking on the door in your house. Because it's like saying, wait a minute you're letting those people go? What about us, right? I'm getting that there is a group of beings that are connected to Seraphim and Reptilian hybrids. They have been basically sent - some of them lived in that area and others have been sent there because they understood that you would be the one that would help them move through.

It would be like saying you have a beacon that says, If you choose the Guardian agenda to be rehabilitated and to get out of here then you come to this point in the grid and with that agreement you will be escorted. There are beings coming to that area and for some reason rather than just put an entity transit portal, there was an acknowledgment that needed to happen. We had to acknowledge that this was a pre-birth contract; this is a genetic history of which is a part of your bloodline meaning the genetic flesh you're in.

It's like saying that over the course of time and through different lineages on the Earth plane, in this we're learning more of the specific relationship between the fallen Quetzalcoatl hybrids which were apparently a part of Seraphim descension; the Seraphim became distorted once they hybridized and they fell even further. I feel like I'm dealing with an understanding here and I'm acknowledging them as well at the same time, is that there's a lot of rage and they're very pissed off. It's interesting because it reminds me similarly to the beings that started bleeding through the timeline and seeing what happened to Japan. It's like consciousness is having a self consciousness of its own. It's a strange thing because it's hard to explain but I'm feeling that here.

Because you ask a question, Well, didn't you understand this before? And I'm getting, no. It's beings and states of being having a different level of self-awareness that they weren't aware of before. So it's like through this awareness, very similar to the beings that have been decimated in the atomic bomb. It's like they were lost in a time-space field where they were just in a daze, you know. It's like they did not, whether they were fragmented or what it was like the realization of what had occurred and the immensity of it, was not comprehended as a consciousness. Awareness wasn't there. I'm getting this is the exact same situation. There are beings that have been hybridized that have been a part of the Seraphim lineages and the distortions that happen as a consequence of these agreements, there's anger being felt at this; because there isn't an understanding as to why beings would be subjected to that.

I'm feeling the same thing here, is that ultimately even though we're dealing with rage and we're dealing with anger and we're dealing with something that has been connected to black magic grids, but we know that this has been used and manipulated by higher-ups. What we're dealing with are beings that have been stuck either earth-bound or have been stuck in lower astral that have been "left behind" and are very angry about that. That is what we are acknowledging now, so it's like the acknowledgment of that. It is seeing them for who and what they are, acknowledging it and letting that past history and memories through the family line also be cleared through the witness.

It's very interesting because it's so similar to people that die a tragic death and then go and try to connect with people on the earth plane because they need to be witnessed. It's very similar to that. I'm feeling that the anger is subsiding just by me talking about it, meaning that this entity and the energies of the forces that are holding this together that were just in an attack mode and seething, I can feel them deflating. It's really as simple as being seen. I mean really simple as being seen and acknowledged from a place of non-judgement and also saying Look, you want to negotiate your place in alignment to the hierarchies: we can arrange that. It's not that difficult, all it has is coming into the awareness of the mind control and the manipulation and understanding that this run of this way, this chain of lineages running the planet is come to an end. I'm understanding that there is an acceptance of that here. So that's really all that it takes, is an acceptance of the current things.

I'm going to ask again for Aurora and Guardian Host support in assisting, in addressing these Seraphim hybrid lineages and Reptilian hybrid lineages. We're going to ask that a transit and assistance to each of these beings be supported and enforced through that which is the Guardian Alliance and Guardian alignment. We ask that the Krystal consciousness and God consciousness fully govern this time and space, and that which is fully connected to the service of God's plan and God's light is fully present in the here and now.

Okay, this is a heart chakra clearing for you and your family because what I'm seeing is that this is something that has been held in your chest, in your heart: it's a burden. Lung burden and chest burden being released from you and allowing as well God's grace to flood through the heart chambers, the heart complexes.

Wow. Okay also what I'm seeing with this is that.. this is so interesting, it's like if your body was again a universal remote controller and one, there's been no doubt that a part of your awareness and development with yourself is the realization of really who you are and what you're here to do in the capacity that you have. Even though things have been very difficult and challenging to a certain level, it's also because there is a tremendous amount of which you can do while you're here and this is one of those moments. I'm feeling that there are parts of the human angelic divine perfection body, the crystalline form: a part of what we're doing of course is bringing the embodiment of that architecture into the physical human reality in the here and now. So what I'm understanding is that there were pieces of the body in this realm, meaning in the aura, if you go into the lightbody of the architecture there's parts of the architecture that were completely dormant and unplugged. A part of course of what we're doing is bringing these back online. What I'm understanding this piece that we're working with here today: it is a piece that is connected to one of the heart chambers within this lineage.

Remember how they were talking about that the Seraphim lineage especially is having problems with bipolar and other sort of mental schisms? This is because that lineage, until we become self-aware and we cannot be imposed by these same external influences... What is happening on the planet is beings/ humans that don't know they're Seraphim, like they have more percentage let's say of Seraphim genetic bloodlines in their cellular memory record: what happens is those beings become more vulnerable to certain things because they're not aware. This is a big shift that's happening on the planet and that field or that particular grid network happens to be one that's really troubled.

What I'm understanding is that there is a piece that you're clearing for the Seraphim genetic lineage. It's like saying, this is for the Seraphim spiritual body and it's for the Seraphim genetic blood. So I'm seeing there's two pieces of this in the DNA level. The histories of the spirit bodies that are related in multiple dimensions connected into the original prime creator of the Seraphs. Additionally through the histories of descension and coming into more and more dense dimensionalization, there were hybridization histories - we know about some of those - that originally the desire of the hybrid and I think it's really what's led to the human body creation, meaning that this body that we're in was actually designed to synthesize genetic material into a complete pattern to heal the warring histories of multiple ET races.

What we're seeing is a history prior to that where before human seeding millions of years ago was happening, there were attempts to hybridize prior to the creation of human beings being given that particular task on this planet. There were these wars and there was this understanding, Well if we hybridize that genetic material, won't the enemy patterning or whatever had been created to create these oppositions would allow those races that were in conflict to hopefully more clearly resolve their conflict, because they're a part of each other.

I'm seeing that this is a part of the histories we're looking at is the hybridization histories of the Seraphim. This is something that affects your physical blood through your genetics that go back especially into the Mayan cultures and into your family history on Earth as who you are embodied as right now. Additionally these go back into galactic history.

Generally it's interesting because I'll kind of see one or the other but I'm very clearly seeing both. I'm seeing, what we're doing right now is by recognizing this piece and releasing it. This is a part of the genetic histories that hybridized these races for various purposes at different times, that there are beings that have been stuck in that location because we know that there is an incredible underground system that is there and there have been beings stuck - reptiles stuck underground, entities living underground for a very long time and they're in the area that you reside now.

A part of you being there is about creating an opening of an access which allows - because that area that you live is a conduit into the Asian gate, remember that China is the Orion gate; it's the original organic Stargate and the area, the reason why the New World Order chose this area as its primary area to build underground cities is that it was an alignment to the galactic core from the other side of the antiparticle levels.

Meaning that what they were showing me a long time ago is that, if you take a perfect orbit in what was aligning - because we're starting to understand that the lunar relationship to our planet has not always been a positive one in that there has been manipulation of the magnetic field and the moon has been used for those reasons, for that manipulation. This is what creates of some of these anomalies that are called wobbles, meaning that certain planetary orbits are supposed to move in perfect spherical trajectories; and we know that as an example I think it's the moon has a strange wobble axis in its orbit. It doesn't have an orbit like a regular planet, it has a different kind of orbit. We also know that our planet has got a 23° off axis anomaly as well. So what I'm seeing is that a part of the magnetic field alignments that were manipulated to create polarity and the manipulation of the reality down here was a part of this whole Orion war stuff. Because the abusive technology is really what we're getting at, it goes beyond Atlantis. Using technology, whether we call this the technology of God: we call God technology the organic consciousness of that which is the organic nature of God and is in alignment to the natural laws of God which is the universe. And then we have those beings that decided to wreak havoc with their own purposes or whatever.

So in terms of that artificial misuse or control of those magnetic fields, this has something to do with the area that you're in as well because the orbit - what I'm understanding is that with the change that's happening in the magnetic field, in the moon and the sun and the Earth's relationship: it's changing the magnetic field and therefore it is changing vortices and ley lines in certain ways and waves and patterns of how energies move on the planet itself. The major use of mind control was being manipulated through the magnetic field of the Earth, so we are understanding now since June 7th that the moon has been a part of that, which I didn't understand until then. I understood that the magnetic field and the global brain of planet Earth had been hijacked, but now we're looking at a different way of where these fields have been manipulated from the actual Moon. This is Orion-based wars, Orion-based timeline.

So all the complexity of what is going on in the moon with its control, it has a relationship to histories of wars that happened in Orion. What it feels like to me is that there was a war and it was brutal and something was lost. Maybe this territory and the moon was brought there as a part of something that was conquered somewhere else. So I'm understanding that that is not an organic body, that it was brought here and it was designed to create a certain effect down here on the planet and it has.

Now as this is changing, because what we're understanding is that certain beings that have existed in planet Earth, meaning these reptiles have been here for God knows how long, they've been here a long time; and beings that are existing in some of these mid-creational realms have been somehow intermediary forces of these mind control chains. It's like saying, the moon is sending out certain projections of force which are manipulating the magnetic field. Then there were subsidiary systems in the mid-creational realms that would further step it down or direct it in certain ways. With that being decimated and collapsed and these entities that have been used in that way not acting as intermediaries, as sort of step downs of that force: it's changing the magnetic field on the planet and I'm understanding that this is why this is happening now as well.

Meaning that the portal access that is being aligned at this location of the planet is - because it's like saying whatever that anomaly is, let's say the 23° anomaly or the shifting of the magnetic poles, and this is not a shifting in terms of the complete cataclysm of the surface of the earth, but it is understanding we are having magnetic shifts, no doubt about it. That magnetic shift changes the structure and the architecture that had been used at multiple levels which in a sense were like locks. They were like density locks. These beings that have been stuck here at multiple dimensional levels, there were locks in-between the dimensions where they couldn't get out; there was no access. It's like saying, you have brought an access to that point, and beings are coming to that access and they're being released through this access now.

The reason why you're in Colorado, the reason why the location, is for this reason. This is not independent of you, meaning that this is a genetic relationship to you. That's why you're doing it. It's got multiple levels of complexity to it which mean that this is a part of your freedom too. The thing that I'm trying to explain here that is the complexity of this which is really fascinating, is that when these sort of magnetic manipulations and trajectories of force were being used in certain ways, they had different effects in different dimensions. They either clogged up or rendered things inactive in the lightbody.

There is this specific thing that you are healing and that you are releasing through this which has to do at multiple levels: the family of origin, genetic bloodline and the galactic histories of the Seraphim, is that when the Seraphim became hybridized and the histories of that originated in the timeline, there was parts of the heart chakra that became defunct and destroyed. It's like saying there was a channel that when this happened got plugged, it's almost like saying that when we remove this, the plug opens. Whatever was locked there in this thing is going to be released. What this does is it changes something that has to do between the 2nd layer and the 4th layer; but what's interesting is that I'm feeling the emphasis is not broad as in, it does support the human race in the Krystal consciousness body. But that is almost secondary or tertiary. What is really of the primary issue is the healing of the Seraphim.

Golden Eagle Grid

Because what's happening apparently on planet Earth right now, the Seraphim bloodlines are the most affected right now because of their relationship to the Golden Eagle Grid and how that particular consciousness grid which is a part of the mind matrix of the Seraphim races. It's like saying they're first in line to be distorted because of this. The drag on their genetic material, it's the number one priority to help them because they are starting to be twisted and distorted into a place of possible no return. What's going on with the Golden Eagle grid is like saying, we understand that the Golden Eagle grid and the Seraphim have been and are the Guardians of the Horizontals. The magnetic field and the mind control and the architecture used by the negatives and the regressives was to manipulate the horizontal Ley Lines because by manipulating the horizontal they manipulate time.

As an example then, because the Seraphim lines are the Guardians of the Horizontals- because the reptiles aren't completely interested in creating their own Timelines, they create the distortion on the horizontal which creates all kinds of problems for the Seraphim genetics. What I'm understanding is that the Seraphim are having the problem more so with the breakdown of their genetic material faster, because these beings are using that as a primary leverage point. They're not over on the Elohim line trying to work the vertical lines. They're working the horizontal lines. So it means that because this level of consciousness and it's genetic material is specifically the masculine principle, the horizontal, the Rod function, all of that stuff: it's like saying that that area was where the primary bit of control is. And because it's a feeding frenzy over there, which is really what's going on - desperate attempts, feeding frenzy at all these different levels - this genetic lineage is having more issues right now because the bid for control is really working the horizontal timelines which means the Seraphim are getting the end of the stick, you know what I'm saying. They are starting to be pulled down energetically because the drag of that frequency on their genetic material is so severe.

I'm understanding that that's why you did this. This is why this is happening right now is that because your body has a high resonance and of course a genetic relationship to that as well as understanding that this could be done through you or by you, that would release a level of this burden off of them. As strange as it is, the way the reptiles work is they use our own body against us. That's how they do it. So they use the Seraphim body and they inverted it and they distorted it into a twisted version of itself. Certain things started to break down and the mental body, the bipolar split that is being created from that is a part of what has disconnected or created problems with the heart function.

Because everything that we are working on into 2012 that we understand is to assist as getting as many human beings and souls out of their 3-D mental body as possible, because this is where the consciousness war is really being waged. If we keep our identity locked in 3D and our Conscious Mind matrix of the solar plexus and the beings that are human that are in 3-D that are locked in 3-D awareness and are of Seraphim genetic material, have more weight/ more percentage of that influence in their body; those are the ones that are more subject to the brain and the neurological problems right now. The brain, once you start getting into bipolar thoughts and mania, there's no connecting to the heart.

What I'm understanding is this is an override. What we are participating with here today is a release but simultaneously as we see what this is and it's connected, we see that a part of its connection in the bodies that are being released. These are bodies that are related to a portion of the fallen Seraphim matrix. They have been infiltrated with certain levels of hybridization and these are beings, they're entities and they're sentient. They are having awareness of what has happened, similar to Japan they're having the awareness of something that has happened that they're really upset about, that they're really angry about because it is a crime; it's a crime against humanity, it's a crime against this level of life. It's being so distorted at a level that you are unable to do anything about it.

So what is happening is that there is something in the genetic matrix of the Seraphim that you're going to give the Seraphim that has to do with your higher heart chakra. What it is, is an override. There is a process that is being put in place to support the Seraphim lineages that are genetically still being manipulated by that Golden Eagle grid, because they're still working that thing. They're still using it. That's their main trump card, that's their big leverage point is that thing. Human beings that are not consciously aware but have that Seraphim lineage are the first ones that are going to be manipulated by that.

Breaking down Genetics

Again it's the same thing about why the UK Nephilim Reversal Grid, why they're fighting tooth and nail to keep that active: because it's designed to break down genetics. They don't want the hybridization to bring in unity because they don't want to be rehabilitated. When a human being let's say has a Nephilim blood or has a Seraphim blood or whatever it has genetically, there are races that can manipulate through that point. The person not aware that they're being manipulated is more prone to that manipulation because of the genetic relationship. That's what I'm trying to explain here, this is why this is occurring.

The Guardian project, what we're being made aware of at this time is, there is an override template that is specifically for the Seraphim lineages that is related to an upgrade or a clearing or something that was shut off in the heart. A human being with Seraphim lineage, when they are being genetically manipulated they have more tendency to be manipulated by the Golden Eagle grid mind control program than an Elohim one or someone with a different weighting. For that reason that group is having more problems with the breakdown of the mental body.

What is happening is the Guardians are attempting to bring in a place that was shut off in a complex of the heart. When there are beings trapped somewhere it also is a way that these beings have inverted or used parts of larger bodies to entrap smaller bodies. The group consciousness body of the Seraphim inverting on itself to entrap the Seraph genetic humans. The Guardians are looking at this and what they are attempting to do is open and heal parts of the structure in the heart that have been damaged from the inversion of it, the inversion of the group body on the nerve cell of the body which would be the individual human.

I'm looking at this massive field and I understand it's collective. I'm seeing the collective body of the Seraphim being used against itself. How that manifests is the individual human being that is a nerve cell of that body. This is karmic relationships, not in judgment but understanding the various histories of all of us. So there are just some of us, we have all kinds of arrays of genetic material - this is one. This has to do with the Kerian races, this has to do with the Annunaki, this has a lot of different relevancies. It's being connected all the way into the Seraphim bloodlines and into the reptilian hybridizations, and all the way into multiple histories of what has given us the result in the here and now.

The question is, why did the horizontal field get infiltrated? Because again it is the horizontal field and the Seraphim then that became a byproduct of that damage. Then that byproduct is manifested in the human body from the being that is a nerve cell of that Seraphim body. Even though it impacts all humans, all of us; I have Seraphim lineage too, but I can only describe it as a percentage. It's like saying somebody that is holding let's say the Mayan relationship has got a lot of Seraphim in it. So there is a highly weighted percentage in your blood that is more than mine. It's like saying the difference of why this is your project and hasn't been mine necessarily.

Seeing how that fits in with Asia grid, let's come back to that. Asian grid we are understanding now, there is some mystery card and wild card with Moon Chain beings. What we are understanding is that Moon Chain beings we are seeing have been in vast control, majority control of the Asian grid. There is a relationship to China and Asia to the Moon Chain and lunar forces. I don't understand it exactly, why and how but the relationship has been shown to me.

So the lunar relationship to our planet is changing. The Moon Chain entities that came in and have inhabited mid-creational fields are being exited systematically. As this is happening it's allowing access points at certain levels. One of the access points we understand is the 8th portal, is the connection into Orion and we know that that connection - hopefully - we're trying to build that all the way into the Andromedan core.

The core of our universe is through the Orion portal and through that Orion portal is the connection of all the cores of multiple universes; and one of the cores of the next system of evolution is Andromeda. We understand the Guardian universal Ascension model is going all the way to Andromeda because as we go into the core, that is the next cycle of evolution. We're exhibiting an evolutionary pattern in a lower creational form; the destiny of this universe is to roll up and move into the next universe which is the higher evolutionary form. That is through Andromeda.

But we can't get to Andromeda without clearing up Orion, because Orion has got a lot of issues and it's the core of our universal structure. So what we're talking about also has relevancy to cleaning up a place of the 8th chakra, the heart channels. We're coming back to monad families of the Seraphim that have been blocked at the 8th chakra level, unable to get all the way into the 8th dimensional - because the 8th dimensional understanding is like understanding the higher emanation of the emotional body. If you go into the harmonics and understand the emotional body and this is the problem with the Seraphim right, this is about building the emotional body through the heart chamber because the heart is the access into God, the access into Avatar consciousness and the access into what would be the emotional and higher sensory intelligence that cannot be accessed through the mental bodies. We're moving into heart channels.

So it's like saying in our body if we go into the 2nd chakra and we double it, we get 4, two and two is four. The higher harmonic of the 2nd chakra is the 4th. Four and four is 8. What you're building is the harmonics through this release in your heart for the Seraphim that allows the Seraphim bodies to be able to connect into the higher heart channels, which allows them access out of here.

With the human beings that are Seraphim that are subject more to the issues of the horizontal problem that the reptiles are using - again their main leverage point is manipulating the horizontal fields and that is all about the Seraphim and it's all about the masculine principle and it's all about the Rod function. We've been working on overriding that Rod function but this still doesn't necessarily help the Seraphim genetics, because the Seraphim are still embedded in the Earth body; it's a part of them, it's a part of all of us. This heart channel upgrade is to assist the Seraphim brain in overriding because what the Guardians are saying to us is that for a while now, we have been made aware that the brain and thought processes of the impulses that are coming from the mental bodies because of the control in the horizontal field are impacting the Seraphim races big time.

In order to override the function of that bipolar mania that is being created - again, that is the mind control that the beings that want to assert mind control keep you in dualistic bipolar thinking. The bipolar thinking is actually a byproduct of what's happening now as the 3rd dimension is disintegrating. They talked about this before, how we've got to get everybody out of the 3rd dimensional grid system and that conscious mind matrix of the solar plexus because that area is disintegrating. You have at the same time the pressure on beings in the Seraphim lineage, meaning there is a pressure on them almost I feel, like a barometric pressure of the weight of the vibration that comes down into their field, and the brain is unable to process the impulses from heart. Whatever this distortion is in the horizontal which is impacting the mental body of the Seraphim, it makes it really hard. As you know, if somebody is a looping in obsession or mania or negativity, it's very hard to connect to the heart isn't it. That is the whole thing.

This is something that is healing a piece of the Seraphim bloodline genetically in the template. This is an architectural template. It had something to do with why you needed to come to Damanhur as well.

It's like saying that when you were in Damanhur you received something to take back with you to Colorado. Because over there what I'm understanding is now as the Asian grid project has been brought to our attention, the 8th and the 9th dimensional Stargates that are shut down, but they still conduct... in the middle of China and in Tibet, even though those Stargates are not opened organically like they were originally designed to be: when these frequencies come through they still concentrate in those areas and they create certain anomalies. The issue is that they have been attempting to create a clear channel which allows the conduit of that frequency to come through China into some kind of core resonance that exits as an orbit out the other side. Again, the other side is where you live.

So one of the orbits, if you were to think of something in a spherical fashion: the energies that were originally designed to come into China are coming where you live. This is why the Reptilian and Negative Alien Agenda has chosen Colorado as one of their main underground headquarters. There was not an accident why they decided that that would be their headquarters and they would start building underneath cities and everything. Again this was about their particular agendas whether that was going to be pole shift; until a cataclysm this was so they could go underground and that was one of the possible timelines that is a part of our job with our community, that was the 9/11 override. We know that the FEMA camp scenario like the Hitler-esque thing, apparently we seem to have overridden that in the 9/11 timeline; and the pole shift has also been overridden, meaning they have assured us that the pole shift of total cataclysm is not going to happen. However that is the agenda the negative aliens are still working for. The New World Order and the Illuminati are still full forward with their colonization of Mars and their manipulation and their underground crap, again that's for their families and not for anybody else because they still believe that that's what's going to happen; similar to the coastline's going to be flooded.

So understanding that apparently the purpose of you being there has been an energy placement holder and an access point. You're like a Guardian access point and you're there to make sure that there is an access to the Guardian consciousness, to create portals in the area or whatever that helps; either mitigate or stabilize area or remove large amounts of of somebody out of there.

Because again these beings use these bodies to manipulate things. What we understand is Orion is very important to them, they have been collecting energy and sending it off planet to Orion for a long time. A lot of the obelisks on the planet are doing that because the obelisks represent the male principle; they're connected into the Golden Eagle grid, they collect energy and they dissipate it in the grid and they send it to certain conduits and that's what the whole phallic symbol of that stuff is. That energy then is redirected into forms that benefit them and that may be as an example, some of those forms that are really being fought over right now is in Arizona. When we understand like the Congresswoman that got shot, that was an offering; that was a ritual. They went and they tried to kill people and bind their souls for that particular Beast machine timeline.

So the same crap is going on where you live, where energies are attempting to be harvested to be used as a force that promotes a certain agenda. We have known that from May until August there was going to be a tentative period, and I really think too that that has been a part of what you've been feeling. I can feel you're totally connected to the Guardians, they're all around you, so there is no worries; but I am seeing that the energy of where you live and what's going on there is extremely heightened because it's an area that is not a descending matrix yet but there is a jockeying for position and a sort of war over the dominion of that space.

It's all about, can we gather energy to create some kind of chaos and disturbance somewhere else. Like we understood what Fukushima, Japan was or what this recent Arizona shooting was, this is dark force involvement to push 911 Timelines . It is either possessing somebody to do something like this, that creates a chaos and disruption in a certain area in the grid point, and they can collect the energy around that and use that in certain directions. Japan was the same thing, we learned that when we went to Damanhur that that was not an organic situation with the earthquake over there. So what they're doing over there is trying to replicate a nuclear event because the traumatized event is there. They re-use cellular memories so that's how they manipulate.

In your area of Colorado there is a lot of that, with heavy military, MILABS and shadow government presence there. There's a lot of that attempt to manipulate and re-create what has already happened in our history. I'm sure you've seen that, you look around and you see how our governments and how the human race keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. It's different actors and different wars or different things, but it's the same thing over and over and over. And you just go, my God is anybody going to look and see that its the same game? Over and over. Somebody was telling me too as an example recently, that the Democrats were saying this and the Republicans were saying that and now this time three years later the Republicans are saying with a Democrats did, the Democrats are saying what the Republicans did... They're dancing and they change sides and it's just the same thing over and over again, the same b.s., all for the same purpose and we know most humans just can't seem to see through all of this deception.

Anyway, there is an attempt in Colorado to harness those beings that were pissed off in the beginning of the session, were in line to be used for... it's like saying somebody in the higher-up area said, 'Use those low-lifes for X reason'. These beings were livid, like 'You left us here and now you're just going to decimate us after all.' It has to do with strategy, it has to do with - there's something in that area that is important to them. So they were willing to sacrifice or maybe it was there all along, I don't know. It's like saying, 'We just put you there, you're dispensable. We don't care about you.'

Beast Machine AI Timeline

Because there is something that these beings... what is happening as we are having this session, we're having an awareness of what's happening in Colorado at this time; is that there is with the Beast Machine timeline and understanding that energies are jockeying for position to create some kind of cataclysm. That's what they were talking about in early May, that the Beast timeline was beginning and that meant that they're more aggressive with gathering energies, using energies. Again it's that hungry ghost phenomena, trying to collect as many people that are as miserable as possible so that they can be used in alignment to this particular agenda. What I'm understanding is that there has been something in works in Colorado that is... we understand it's a base, we understand it's a headquarters but this group of beings that we are understanding who and what they are were going to be used to do something. I don't know what that something is but I know that what we're understanding just like in the Asian grid project was, beings that are trapped there that are going to be collected as soon as the mid-creational realms fall.

This is the same thing. There are dark entities that have certain levels of access at certain levels where they can't go and sweep in certain fields. When this area collapses we get access, they get access; it's a two-way thing. That means that we're trying to get there before they do. This is the fight over souls. This is the war over consciousness. This is the attempt to take the energy bodies and whatever they're doing with them directed in whatever nefarious purposes they're doing with it.

I hope that this makes sense to you, there's a lot of complexity to it but I just want you to love and acknowledge yourself for what you're doing honey because definitely it's a big piece. It's something that you really need to love and honor yourself for as you're undergoing this because I know that there has been obviously a lot of craziness and a lot of surreal stuff, but at the same time what I'm really understanding is you're totally protected. What I'm seeing is that because of this relationship that you have genetically and otherwise and the area that you're living, there are beings that know who you are and and are really angry, but they can't touch you. So I'm seeing that you are getting a little bit of that; it's like I see a whirlwind around you. You have a bunch of beings around you protecting you and you know it's almost like stuff tries to fly in and it deflects. It reminds me just like your car window, it's like something tries to come in and it's just taken out of your field and it goes off that way.

It's like No, you're not getting close to her. So the protection level and that's because I'm really feeling... the Damanhur thing was really important actually because you brought back with you the new architecture and that is what allowed you to do this. The new architecture is like, you're in your own little bubble and they can't see you. They know you're there but they can't see you, they can't lock down on you. It's weird.

What I'm feeling though is that the angry entity is already dissipated. It just wanted to be acknowledged for what it is and what it's going through, and that we're not going to leave it there. It reminds me a lot of, remember when we were in Damanhur and we were in the metals, the Hall of Metals. The same kind of thing where I walked in and it was all this real heavy feeling; and then as soon as I said 'Look, we're not going to leave you here. I see you', they calmed down. They were like, 'Okay'. This is kind of a similar thing. As soon as I acknowledged it - firmly - [laughing], it was fine. Because a part of it, it's interesting it's like the witnessing of the story and being seen for what happened. Also really kind of acknowledging through this, that this level of the being also kind of got the raw end of the deal.

It's not just human beings, we've got so many different levels of beings that have kind of been jacked up for whatever reason. When you can actually view it with compassion instead of judgement, it just changes everything. That's exactly what happened here. These beings were definitely - I don't want to say weren’t attractive, but in most point of view would be considered ominous looking. I could see that's not what was really going on. It was interesting too because all the fight was out of them. They were angry but they were also deflated.

It's in another dimension. When we go into the Earth we start going into inner timelines, like Inner Earth timelines and different parallels. I wouldn't say it's a physical one.

I think that this will make it smoother and easier but also at the same time you are in an area that is very tentative until August. Because what I'm understanding is that the reason why we're doing this now also has relevancy to the window of the Beast Machine. Both the forces of positive and negative tend to capitalize on cycles on the Earth. So this cycle now until August is a magnetic peak period. They tend to use this time to manifest things, some kind of event somewhere.

That's what this is. I remember in I think it was [ in an early May session ] that was the first time I really started to see we're coming into what is known as this Beast Machine timeline. They are attempting to grapple for control in certain areas and they're collecting energy in order to do so. I hadn't really seen that before, where I really perceived them like a squirrel taking a nut and hiding it away. That's what these beings were, they were like a nut that was being hid away and it's like saying 'We're going to use you, you're dispensable.' But it has an energetic yield that can be directed. I don't know how they do it but that is how it works; they use bodies, they use beings that have, like if they're trapped in a container, that container has X amount yield - whatever the energy potential of it is. It's strange, it's like using a human bomb or in this case Seraphim hybrid bombs of fallen angelic looking beings.

These are actually Fallen Angelics. This is what we're looking at. Somehow they convert that into usable energy and they decimate the beings in the process. So no wonder they're angry. It makes a lot of sense. So that was a part of the collecting of energy and squirreling it away for use at a particular point in the timeline where they can manifest something that they want to achieve.

What we're doing today is so complex because I'm really sensing it at so many levels. This is collapsing a timeline; this is freeing a bunch of Fallen Angelics that were partially connected to that Golden Eagle grid. So some of the horizontal field is released or lightened up from this load. It also had something to do with the change in the heart structure of the Seraphim specifically. Also what is in that area as it connects to the Asian grids, because all of our focus is over there and at the same time this is another component of the rabbit hole. We're understanding that the moon had something to do with Asia. This is collapsing; and that Asia also is connected to the 8th dimensional Orion Stargate which is connected to where you live in Colorado.

It's definitely a lot. There has been a project in the interdimensional, meaning that when we go to sleep there have been beings that have been passing that we have been trying to get out of there; and I'm understanding that what we are speaking of today is also relevant for your family. You are holding the space for your biological family so they do not get caught in this false light webbing.

Meaning that if [ one of your family members ] chooses to pass they won't be stuck in this. I feel that that is why they're not going either, meaning that they will go when this is complete because they're not planning on getting stuck in there.

I'm understanding that there is something in terms of timing, just in case because I want you to feel very comfortable and good when your family member does choose to exit. Because I know that this is being timed, if you're wondering what's going on. There's a timing with this because this family member also has that heavily-weighted genetic material and could get spun out in there. It's making sure there is a clear access for everybody in your family. I don't know. It just feels like we don't know what it's going to look like 50 years from now either. A lot of what we're doing is supporting the future. I don't know if it'll come to pass for us to see it or not, but meaning that we're clearing that pathway for family members.

It feels like there has been another extra little bit of an energy burden there with you because I can feel your family connection to that. But I think you wouldn't have any other way.

Closing: I want to thank our Guardians and our guides for our clarity today and for our healing and I really hold in our heart in the here and now our hundred percent desire to support and align to that which is in steward of the divine plan in service to the oneness that is the God-head; the support, healing for all Seraphim races; for all of the Seraphim hybrids and to those beings that wish to be united and merged with the organic God supply to rehabilitation and re-education, that we hold that space in unconditional love and compassion for each and every being in their journey back to the light source.

We thank you for our session here today. In deep love and gratitude as we come back into the full presence of the Now moment in the physical self, fully supported protected and connected in God's eternal light. Thank you thank you thank you. And so it is. We seal and complete our session. Thank you.[1]


  1. [LR Session 6-29-2011]

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