17° North Parallel

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There is NAA machinery in the location of Vietnam that is being activated and used in the sleeper mind control at this time. It is not at the exact 17th parallel, but at Latitude 16.5 Longitude 106 lattitude. This location is exactly half of the 33 degrees. When looking at the GEG map, it seems this line at the 17th parallel runs close to the central point of the 2 sides of the grid (on the map it would be the line between the red and green grid overlay).

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Earth Coordinate Map

  • Longitudes -50°
  • -134° Pacific Ocean
  • -100° Mexico near Guatemala
  • -8° Near Mali
  • 43° Yemen
  • 40° Saudi Arabia
  • 80° Near Thailand
  • 106 Vietnam
  • 140° Pacific Ocean
  • 53° Red Sea

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Earth coordinate map

  • 50° area between Saudi Arabia and Yemen

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing 17° North Parallel - 3/27/2015 [1]


  1. HGS Session

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