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This month we have reached another milestone of planetary shifting in which the massive gears that cause the forward momentum in the world of forces are bursting at the seams to push the collective consciousness of humanity towards another significant global bifurcation event. Many of us are aware of global changes and observing the accumulative effects of the Bifurcation of Time, in which the point of divergence grows between the reality perception of the two main groups. For the masses, there are spiritual opportunities to make life choices that move towards more love and truth which will herald wonderfully supported new beginnings in the Ascension timeline. Or to remain in mental bondage to the 3D fear and Tyranny which will be aligned with more unpleasant situations that are filled with the emotional despair of the end times and the grief of significant losses. Humanity will be somewhat co-existing in these two primary realties happening side by side, as the 3D Breakdown and Enlightened Contact is happening simultaneously, with the themes of consciousness experience being explored through the lens of human liberation or the lens of mental bondage. Yet for those spiritually Awakening towards the Enlightened Contact experiences this will feel like a distinctly separate reality, in which the opposing fear-based timeline will feel far removed as if watching a horror movie that is happening in some other world.

During this cycle, the extreme outer pressure caused by the planetary Emerald Cosmic Clock Initiation and the result of shifting timelines may cause an estrangement from certain social circles, including friends and family members that are deeply entrenched in the 3D narrative. Thus, many stuck in the Mind Control narrative are still harboring emotional conflicts of persecution and traumas that contribute to unresolved subconscious fears of facing the unknown. There are people that we love and care for that will choose to distance themselves even further away from truth and truth seekers. They may suddenly change their personality in such ways that they become unrecognizable and unreachable, seemingly shifting into someone else that you never knew.

Some people may double down by digging their heels even deeper into the controlled narrative by staunchly denying any evidence that is contrary to their 3D belief system doctrine, which are usually based in similar thoughtforms being reinforced by their immediate social circle. As the 3D Breakdown is occurring, this may incite tremendous amounts of subconscious fear and denial of these events as they are happening. Rather than evolve beyond the status quo, they will instead choose to protect the very social control system that enslaves them with trauma-based mind control deceptions, because they find it more convenient for maintaining the beliefs in their current lifestyle. Sadly, they may unexpectedly consider those family or friends awakening to greater truth and Enlightened Contact to be the main threat to their current reality perception and thus, angrily turn on them. Further, they may transfer their fears and project their shadow wounding upon you as a truth seeker or truth teller, seeking punishment for those choosing personal beliefs different than theirs. When you are opening dialogue and asking them uncomfortable questions, they may consider you to actually be the source of all their problems. Thus, they may abruptly abandon your relationship or friendship, betraying your trust without any warning or explanation, even going on a campaign to discredit or defame your character.

This energetic chasm generates tremendous difficulty in connecting or communicating with those groups that are on the polar opposite or descending timeline, as they simply cannot see or perceive what those on the higher timeline are seeing and perceiving. The ongoing fear Propaganda has fed the negative ego in such ways that many people are being consumed by its shadows and remain disconnected from their hearts and inner spirit which renders them unable to see, feel or discern truth frequencies.

Breakdown of Mental Faculties

Additionally, there are the harmful effects of the toxic substances being put in some of the injection lots along with the inorganic and artificial magnetic nanotech frequencies that are digressing mental faculties through a gradual deterioration over time that is similar to Sponge Brain symptomology. The bio-weapon was designed with many experimental mind control nanotech elements which were intended to degrade the human target’s Bio-Neurology during real time mental and emotional body processing which can suddenly reach startling levels of incoherence, mental fracturing, memory problems and confusion happening mid dialogue. Observing the breakdown of mental faculties and vaccine related accidents happening around us is something that those awakened to this harsh reality must prepare for in coming months. The outer environment is shifting with the increased onset of strange or unusual behaviors linked to social situations which surface sudden physical, mental or emotional impairment. [1]

Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide

Sadly, the heavy burden most Awakening people carry is the difficult realization that the majority of intelligent people around them will only glance superficially at some enormous Disclosure event of great importance, disregarding any semblance of Critical Thinking, common sense and reason.

As the result of full spectrum Mind Control programming exposure, many still don’t seem to care to inquire any further into the crimes made against humanity. Instead, their situational awareness is compromised as they continue to ignore blaring red flags and reinforce the mainstream Propaganda of Satanic based ideological subversion and their Controlled Narrative. Rather than dig deeper to question what has happened to our civilization through an open dialogue or be willing to review critically important information that is available to those willing to look at it, they just shut down and ignore that situation entirely. Many of those awake and aware to current anti-human genocidal agendas see that many people around them insist on avoiding addressing anything that would disrupt their reality bubble or personal comfort zone. Those awakening to the Controller deceptions and atrocious crimes of Genocide will be facing more of these social and relational difficulties this year, as the 3D Breakdown continues to crumble the main pillars of society from within. [2]

Love Guiding Inner Direction

In these trying moments, we will need a very tough skin to remain neutral within the great changes happening in our lives brought on by ongoing disclosure related events, in witnessing the contrast of vaccine injured people. And with a loving and compassionate heart that is wrapped in the spiritual armor of God, to know that we must remain committed to a state of unconditional love throughout very difficult circumstances. Love must be the inner-directed and primary guiding force in order to remember that we are spiritual warriors for serving truth and light, thus we cannot control others choices or take another’s unkind words with false accusations personally. Even when we are calm, loving, neutral and speaking with compassion within an intentionally respectful mutual dialogue, the loved one, friend or acquaintance may not be able to process the fear they feel when triggered or understand what it is that you are even saying.

It will be painful when we realize that no matter what clear and credible disclosure evidence is being shown to an individual suffering from extreme brainwashing, even when it has been proven as factual events in black and white, that the post-traumatic stress may have pushed them past the point of no return. All we will have to help is silent prayer and giving it to God. Many people are completely unaware that humanity has been engaged in an active spiritual war on multiple fronts. Thus, in the future we will have to face that there is a segment of society that qualify as mentally ill and severely traumatized whom are unable to cope with the stark realization of the many unpleasant truths that will surface about human civilization. See Full Disclosure Event.

Societal Breakdown

As we enter phases of the breakdown in society, many people are losing trust in the rules and regulations of the establishment and are seeking to reorganize into parallel structures with those that have similar values or like-mindedness. These are the Starseed groups of ascending angelic humans that choose to self-lead from the immense love guiding them from within their hearts, in order to form cooperative alliances with others in which to remove dependence upon this corrupted system that has fueled the death culture of war and division. From within this place of choosing love over fear, many of us are fully guided by our hearts and we will be ushered into a new beginning of co-creation which offers protection, support and meaningful connections. Embarking on these humanitarian and service oriented projects are subjected to divine timing and spiritual guidance, as timing is everything in such matters and many of us will receive more clarity during this year.[2022]

Armor of God's Spirit

The Armor of God’s Spirit is a true and accurate consciousness structure and it is intrinsic to the protection of the Lightbody of the individual that wears it. The Armor of God protects those that are heart based and spiritually devoted working for God’s divine plan and highest expression, seeking alignment with truth. Protecting them against the most heinous levels of Spiritual Warfare targeting being directed from the Anti-God forces.

Krystal Aegis Breastplate


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