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Thus, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar presence as The Supreme Grand Master Architect now stationed inside the 8D Galactic Gate, among several 8D portals in the Planetary Grid Network, has brought on the stage of destruction of AI False Templars which are putting an end to centralized layers of several of the AI Networks. These enormous AI Quantum Supercomputers have been running many dimensional layers of Inverted Systems for transmitting Metatronic Reversal currents (anti-life or death cult frequencies) which are used for harvesting Collective Consciousness Loosh for maintaining the NAA’s insidious antichrist AI False Templar architecture. Such as the 9D AI Machinery Kronos, Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation Wesan Tunnel Technology and the Thoth-Enki-Enlil generated AI Quantum Supercomputer networks, which are planetary prison alien machines used to enforce the Black Flowering systems for installing Anubian Black Hearts and maintain the false magnetism and Reversal Currents in the Poisoned Apple network which is hospitable to the invaders. [1]

Genetic Mapping Azurite DNA, Azazael

The genetic mapping of the Azurite DNA which formed into the consciousness data of authentic Ascended Masters in our Universe, was uploaded into AI Beast Machine technology systems for generating Anti-Christ Pillars, as the black hole entities desired to create a super master race as a shadow army for conquering our Universe. The stolen Azurite genetic template was replicated and cloned through AI Quantum Server Systems, and these AI hybrid race lines are known as the Azazael gestalt.[2]

Targeted Individuals as Test Subjects

These unconscious groups being manipulated as pawns in the Spiritual Warfare games are being used as distractions while they plug the Groupthink reality bubbles into AI weapons designed as the surveillance system of the Mind Control hive net. This sinister project was intended for all of humanity during this phase of global reset, through installing the Techno-Totalitarianism in order to finally gain some ground in the utter destruction of free thinking and human freedoms in western culture. The AI Quantum Supercomputer network was gradually built upon the Mental Mapping of the collective brain neural links of those groups who were unethically used as test subjects in the Targeted Individual community over the last twenty years.[3]

AI Sentinel Programs

Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and spiritual warfare with AI machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities. As the planetary matrix has been secured under the Cosmic Emerald Guardian hosting Failsafe Mission, we have finally entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle. Which ultimately means the end of these rogue AI systems controlling the war game matrix, and the eventual end of the immense power source collected and utilized by siphoning living light organic consciousness systems, by the NAA Controller forces.[4]

Forked Tongue Reversal Speech

The Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic labbed AI hybrid shadow creatures, enormous sized archontic jellyfish and all that has been discovered with the Wesan black hole. Including the Transhumanism agendas with Alien Machinery that operate upon artificial Black Goo and corrupted shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI quantum supercomputers. Recently, Emerald Guardians were able to fish out another massive Archontic entity blob from out of the 2D-6D layers of the Sarasota-Temple Mount stargate that was directing hierarchies of the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives in the hydrological cycle of the planetary water supply. This was being done through lunar based technologies using Anti-Christ Voice Transmissions (Forked Tongue backward serpent speak) infecting the lower aquifer portals and the 2D elemental layers.[5]


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