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Over the past few years, it was noticed that some people felt as if their head was screwed on backwards and that they were facing into the wrong direction, moving towards the past timelines in a descending spiral. We discovered that the massive distortions of the unhealed and undisciplined Negative Ego greatly increased the polarization and fragmentation of the unconscious, instinctual and conscious minds to such levels the Lightbody anatomy became negatively entrained and then completely overwhelmed with very dark mutations. This state of spiritual digression with a “Fallen Tree” fully engages with the GOAT mind algorithm which intensifies the unconscious impulses and emotional hysterias, which loop in bi-polar states and feed severe addictions and possessions. When the state of negative entrainment with GOAT brain tipped the lightbody over 55 percent and filled it with extremely dark mutations, the energy field of that individual appears to have flipped over into full reversal positioning in an AI time loop that faces into the past timeline. Further, once the individual’s lightbody goes into full reversal so do their brain hemispheres, generating false right and false left positioning in the timeline. Another stage of Gender Reversal has also been observed, through a false male and false female energy which presents as inner scrambling of gender centers, with further implosion of the inner vertical staff.

Inorganic GOAT mind and Eternal Now Plasma Body

Unfortunately, the Controllers are exploiting this severe spiritual distortion in every way possible by giving individuals with GOAT Brain that have embodied time loop reversals into past timelines a celebrity like status, to lead the sleeping masses that are following them into the past timeline loop. It is important to note that the most unstable and incoherent GOAT minds are given a media platform in which massive amounts of money are thrown at them, rewarding them for their incoherent and depraved GOAT mind satanic behaviors which the Controllers want to spread into the masses. The global plandemic was the cover agenda for inciting the fight or flight autonomic system to activate the GOAT mind in the masses through the belief in a fraudulent virulent killer disease. This psychological operation was supplemented with the AI mind control running CV algorithms into the environment for the purpose of triggering the limbic system into continual looping fears, plummeting the consciousness of the masses into the lowest and densest frequency states. If this is not corrected, this can flip that individual into a complete inner reversal in which their lightbody will blend with vampiric time loops sending them into their past timeline and causing visible personality changes.

The antidote to GOAT mind algorithms is clearing the Negative Ego and Pain Body, refocusing your mind thereby controlling lower impulses, by working the many tools available to still your mind and open your heart to God.[1]

False Timeline Loop

Thus, the Timeline Wars on the Earth are based on humanity repeating the same timelines from the past over and over again, preventing the earth population from moving forward and evolving spiritually into higher frequency timelines that are organic to the angelic human consciousness.

This shift generates another stage of Bifurcation between those existing within the eternal moment of now self on the organic timeline that is moving into the future, and those existing in the opposing direction in the inorganic timeline, in which their consciousness body is facing into the past. At this time, it appears that those facing in the opposite direction into the past have been afflicted with the Fallen Tree making them susceptible to GOAT Mind algorithm and reversal plasmas. The consciousness war in play is designed to capture those many souls who are inverted by excessive fear and facing into the past Artificial Timeline Loops, yet think they are moving into the future, and this false direction represents the descending spiral of time.


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