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LR Starseed Session Excerpt:

Theme: Clearing Moloch, (Melchizedek, Hibiru) of child sacrifice, the Lord's Prayer, Karen's Grandmother Shields (otter wolf eagle, owl + Merging Shield) as support, FKOT & return of Kings and Queens, Moloch distortions of Judaism, Hitler, Athena, Elohim, Great White Lion, Sothic Calendar, Activation of Sphinx.

Child Sacrifice and Moloch clearing, FKOT clearing, King and Queen restored

Opening: There are powerful influences that are leading into our purposes here today. As we open this field we open it in the solemn and only power that is the eternal natural light of God, that which is organic to creation. We open this field with that which is fully connected and protected in the Unity Vow. And we ask here and now as we open this field our alchemical container session and purposes are fully dedicated and consecrated to the purposes of One, to the purposes of God. We call upon our families of light the Guardians, those that defend the truth sovereignty liberation. As we anchor this space, we anchor it into the Laws of God and call upon the unity architecture field of the Christ and crystal forms, the Eucharist body, to serve as our foundation of Oneness, consecrated and dedication to the purposes of Christ. We ask our Christ and family to join us now in the waves of Omni and perfected Diamond Light love. We ask our note to reverberate through the cosmos and that, which sends our call our note our musical key to our beloved families across the multi-verse.

Beloved Aurora we asked for gatekeeping to hold our mutual God purpose our missions that which influences the planetary grid and consciousness to serve the highest expression of Freedom, Liberation and Ascension. We ask to gate keep the living light code and that which is fully connected and protected in the eternal living light of God. For we intend unification as the Cosmic Christ principle, as an energetic and manifested reality for the beloved child of earth here and now.

We dedicate this session for the release of the sacrifice of the child and we command this space to be released in the sovereign power that frees all the little children, and releases the suffering of all children now. We ask that which the serpent has overridden to be returned into the organic and natural state of God's Eternal Light. And to prove that which is the real the truth the way the light, to resurrection wholeness and sanity in at-one-meant with Godhead and with Mother, herself. We ask this handshake be fortified in our spiritual links our communication links into the cosmic trinity of God itself. We ask beloved Mother beloved Father as we resurrect to that, which has returned to deliver the bondage of those that have suffered through the sacrifice of the child.

We return the child to the womb and the heart of the Mother and the Godhead itself. We ask herein all of the beloved Guardians and families of our Christed intention and light, to serve as Guardians of support to all beloveds that fully need release comfort and alignment, of the sacrifice of redemption through all timelines, time-spaces and that which is secured through the rituals of abuse upon this child of the earth and planet.

We appeal to the shields of grandmother and we ask through the merging shields that have been gifted to us through the Godhead itself. To use and utilize the merging shields for our purposes and session here today, to return the otter the wolf for the eagle the owl, through water fire air and earth, through the elements of Aurora. We command the 'elemental command' of our beloved families of Aurora to re-encrypt all that is, through the reversal of sacrifice, through that which has been termed and deemed in the signature of Moloch-Melchizedek and Hibiru Tribes.

We ask here and now to override those grids and consciousness architecture fields, which have been fed and misused through the return of rightful owner now. As we command this space in the sanctity of that which serves God, we again here and now ask beloveds for the assistance of releasing all which needs to be exercised in the light of truth. Beloved God, Christ, Holy Spirit, the mighty I Am, the Mother the Father, Jesus Christ and the Christed forms of One.

We ask here and now for all beloveds for all beings which have been tortured through the bondage of these particular rituals of blood sacrifice and child sacrifice. Healed released and forgiven, in this statement through that which we hold in our portal here and now. We ask the Mother and trans-harmonic gates to transport and release all fragments, all beings, all entities, all implants, all artifacts, which are associated with the Bohemian Grove rituals of Moloch and Malach-Melchizedek.

We ask that the Melchizedek be freed of this aberration and the water the fire the air and the earth. The earth is represented as the owl and we are giving the owl, to the eagle the wolf and the otter. The otter the wolf and the eagle to again take the child which is the owl of the earth, which is used in the statements of Moloch and the demonics, which have used the enchantments in reversal to abuse this system.

We release this system and consecrate this system into the eyes of God, to return to the Christed Light. You are now healed and forgiven you are one with your soul and higher God-self. You are filled with the light and the love of the eternal nature of God. You are filled and surrounded with the true authority through the light of God. You are free from fear and suffering, and free of the enslavement vibration of the earth plane.

We ask beloved God the Guardians and the Mother and Father through the Christed Trinity of the holy ones, the illumined ones, the ascended ones of the luminaries from the next universe, that which returns the rightful Christic River and Prayer to build the house that God built. Fully in containment of the Christed form, the Christed child, the Christed earth. The body of the earth is the child that is consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God. As we return to bear witness to that which has transpired to the holy child, we return that which is her divine truth. To be witnessed in purity and love and forgiveness.

Beloved God we ask all above-mentioned, to be transported and released through the multiple portals that we have set up for those transits now. We ask that these entity transit portals be released of all of these fragmentations in their proper sequence and time and space. And we ask that glory to the Queen, to the King, to the Father, to the Mother and to the Christ be returned.

We ask that here within, I'm feeling I need to say interestingly enough, the Lords Prayer. In that which is the holy song in that which is returned to the holy light we command this in the eternal nature of God here and now:

Our Mother our Father our Christ which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we forgiving our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom the power and glory forever in the name of Christ and God, and that, which is consecrated and dedicated. We pray to be clothed in the wedded garment of the Christed robe of light. Composed of the threefold flame of the power of God's Love, Wisdom and Power.

For the protection of not only our families of light, for the protection of those that have been stewarded to our care, beloved God we ask that all that is drawn to us be healed and forgiven, as in divine contact with the Christed transmuting flame of the eternal and perpetual supply, at the time and heart.

In this moment of self we cancel all contracts agreements and instructions with this planet, with this child that have been abused through the rituals of Moloch, Bohemian Grove. Okay give me all energy signatures which need to be overridden, all geometries which are included in these particular commands. Okay in the statements in the 'Cremation of Care', and that which is ritualized and bastardized in the name of the demonic's and the reversals.

We again return that which is the true freedom to Moloch, the true freedom to the Melchizedek and the true freedom to the Hibirus. What we're understanding is that this is a grid system that is ancient that has been abusing the elementals of the earth. It is through the merging shield of the grandmothers that are granting us access into that portal, which allow the override into those particular shields that are held, again by Otter Wolf Eagle and Owl. To be again reinstated and brought back through the Aurora in the merging shield template, which brings each of those to be overridden into the true written and natural organic laws of the eternal Godhead Light.

That which is used, let' say it's a reversal system grid system, that has been tapped into used and abused. It is a structure of architecture that has been strengthened and put into place by the beings within the Monarchs, by the beings that are masking as the Kings, that are the False Kings of Tyranny. Again in the return to the rightful King we ask all that is tyrannical all that is self-serving all that is demonic, to be placed back in useless void. As this is returned into the sanctity and purity of only that which serves the earth child, by removing the blood and sacrifice of the child.

Okay, so I'm feeling that this is about the release of the children and the release of those that have been used, to be sacrificed in the name of this a demonic entity. Which is an entity that is holding a particular grid network. But interestingly enough it feels like a falsified networking. There is an entity that is a false God but it is an artificial one that is relatively weak, unless it is being fed. So there has been a systematic release, I guess of architecture that has been feeding this particular entity of Moloch. I'm seeing it as a part of the Fallen Angelic network that had been using multiple networks to again feed itself to exist.

So it's interesting as I see it now, it is actually very weak. And in coming into this annual cycle, this cycle that is happening now where these beings gather to actually feed this entity. Removing this from the collective matrix of where this is being plugged in, and it's being plugged into the elemental form. Understand that in this annual ritual where these being show up, and again these are the rulers the false kings of tyranny, those that have subjugated themselves to the dark and demonic forces that have taken over through the anti-life. They have been manipulating parts of the elements. Apparently the shield process and working with the shields is basically like a support window that allows levels of those kingdoms to connect through that portal. Which allows a freedom beyond the fence or the parameter in which it had been used.

So it's like saying as each one of us has been holding a shield, that particular shield is a portal, which allows an access for that particular kingdom to be returned back into the eternal nature of the perpetual supply of the God Light. And for now that is being represented in elemental forms of those four animal forms. The owl is being represented through the Merging Trinity Shield. Which I need to look at, I'm looking at it now and holding the visual of that Merging Shield as a portal. The Merging Shield has every sanctified color of the new ray structure of our planet. When we understand the ray structure as the seven primary colors that we have known that project into creation, into the particle universe. These are the ray structures that the Merging Shield is connecting to through the Aurora and through that portal and Gateway. Which allow not only the particulate structure to be upgraded but it's literally like removing the split and the static, of where those fields have been broken down or destroyed from their use in reversal systems. And the way the systems have been abused through the elemental kingdoms.

Athena, Elohim, Great White Lion

So it is through the Merging Shield, as I look at the shield of many colors the shield of the Aurora the shield of the Grandmothers, and returning the Mother to this planet. And in returning through the birthing of the Mother, each one of those colors of the ray structures is being returned to nourish the child of the earth. And returning the owl, which is represented as Moloch. I feel like I am cracking an egg right now and that egg is the birthing of a new owl. This being has been symbolized in an artifact as an owl, and this owl has been used in the stealing of something representing the liberty and the freedom of the human race. And I really feel honestly the rage of Pallas Athena. Athena, this is an Elohim aspect that's coming through.

Okay I'm understanding too that we are working within the auspice is of the Great White Lion grid. And the Elohim are making themselves be present and I'm seeing a female Elohim, Athena, has also been entrapped or ensnared into a certain function. I'm seeing that this function of hers is the Elohim, the vertical, the protectors the guardians of the verticals. I'm seeing that her tool, her jewel, her body has been stolen. And what it is, is this owl used to represent Moloch. It's saying that this being that has sacrificed Athena has taken a piece of her body and that has been used as the alchemical tool in ritual, in which to manifest those forces into reversal.

When we understand that in all of alchemy and in the control of elementals of planet Earth, there is always the masculine principle and the feminine principle that have to be alchemically merged. And I'm seeing that that is the owl. So through the Bohemian Grove in what has been ritualized through the satanic blood rituals, I am going to say now that from this position I am absolutely certain there has been the killing of children in that area physically, energetically and etherically.

And it is in this moment that we embody the Mother, to return these beloveds to the arms of their true Mother, and to be serviced and supported through their rehabilitation, their healing, and their union with Godhead. For this moment I'm going to have some silence for the beloved children that we are taking out of this ritualized grid, to be released and removed into the Mother Arcs arms now.

Silence.... some sobs while witnessing this. and "I am so sorry"

Beloved Mother and Father God we ask that each being be cleared cleansed within the universal white Christ light, the Godhead itself. Within God's will and for the highest good we ask that any negativity be completely terminated and sealed in it's own light and encapsulated within the ultraviolet light of the Mother herself, through the Mother Arc, and cut off and removed from these beings, from this planet, and from this grid. We ask impersonally and fully neutrally, we return all negativity to the source of emanation, to be either returned or cleansed. But decreeing that it is never again allowed to reestablish itself within me, within anyone within this planet, and within this body in any form. We ask that it be placed within the 12th dimensional light and 12th dimensional capsule of universal platinum white Christ Light of protection. And for this blessing I give eternal gratitude and thanks.

Okay in going into the Hebrew fields, what I am seeing is the Bohemian Grove and these Satanic rituals are tapping into the power of Holocaust and Genocide. So there is like a historical timeline or memory that is being connected into, it's strange, they're using a Jewish symbol or a Judaic kind of symbol. But of course we understand Judaism with the Kabbalah is really the closest emanation to the 12 Tree Grid, and the core manifestation bodies. So it's probably the closest information in terms of understanding the nature of reality in the universe as a manifested template and is probably why they're using it.

These are distortions of Judaism and distortions of anti-Semitic sentiments and behaviors. And it's odd because they're using something that is a Judaic symbol in an anti-Semitic way. Which is like seeing they are distorting a lineage or distorting the truth, which has a sort of consequence on that bloodline, which is like a distortion to the bloodline or distortion to that faith even. It is a contributing factor to the distortion of Judaism on this planet.

So I'm going to ask as we're viewing this, understanding this as well... Melchizedek. Melchizidek. Melchizidek is returned into the light of God and that which is witnessed here now to be released from the fallen, the fallen and misused of this particular energy. In the last cycle of this eon I guess in the 26,000 years there have been the 12 Tribes. And I don't know why Leviticus is playing through my mind right now. This is the tribe of Levis or Leviticus, I'm not sure what Leviticus actually is as I am not a Biblical scholar. However, in bringing this word into presence and allowing it to flow into the light and presence God.

We ask that all that has been misaligned and distorted be returned to the rightful owner, through the command that is fully reinstated through the restoration of God's Law on this planet. Okay I am going to state this in the command as representing through the Melchizedek's, Jewish and Rabbinical Law, Leviticus and tribes of Levi, and those that have been assigned as the hosts of the evolutionary process of the seeding of the human race in the last 26,000 years. It's like understanding that there are the 12 tribes, and the 12 tribes are becoming the one. And of course we are all unified through the 13th layer which is the Mother herself returning to reclaim her children back in the unified field of One, through the original inception of the seeding of the human race and through this last 26,000 year cycle.

Upon each cycle there are hosting members of genetic material or beings or entities that represent some kind of, it's almost as if they take turns. There is like hosting of certain entities in certain times. What I'm understanding is that the Melchizedeks and that which has Hebrew, strong Hebrew and therefore Jewish lineages in the tribes of the earth. As a part of the hosting mechanism of our planet obviously have had lots of distortions, but have also had a lot of targeting. When we understand what Hitler is and the genocide and anti-Semetic and Jewish sentiment. It's coming from the decimation of the hosts of this planet. Meaning those that were accepted or responsible for holding certain levels of light or information or DNA, or the levels they were keeping alive for the human race. The Hebrews the Melchizedeks were apart of this hosting and I'm seeing in this moment, this is a portion of the fallen that had impacted the Melchizedeks. The various web-works that hold together this Judaic, and Kaballistic system and how it's been relayed through the ages. So I'm looking at that and also understanding that we have an opportunity to release those distortions, which apparently have been held in place by sacrifices and by the entity known as Moloch.

So Moloch is a Jewish something, Jewish artifact. When they were doing this with the Jewish artifact they were also defaming and debasing and distorting the esoteric information that was given to the Melchizedek hosts of this planet. The more that this is sacrificed and distorted, and blood is powering that grid the more distorted it became. So we are having the opportunity in this moment, again to bless fully through unconditional love of unconditional forgiveness and forgetfulness, to return that which is the truth to the Jewish people, to return that which is the truth to Judaica, to return that which is the truth to the Kabbalists, and to that which is the sacred and sanctified as it is consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God. And we ask those purposes be fully resurrected in the eternal living light and perpetual supply of that Light of God, and through this now returning.

Okay, I am looking at books and records from across the ages. I'm not sure where I am. I am somewhere in the Halls of Amenti, and I am looking at all of the books of record. These are the holy books and these have to do with parts of the information. I see. Okay this Care of Cremation Ritual and one of the purposes in which it is carried out is to suppress and prevent the information being made available to humanity. Because what I'm seeing is that during the natural organic Ascension process is that the return to the rightful owner, the return of the Christ, the return of the technology and esoteric wisdom that belongs to humanity.

When we understand the Sphinx the lion is the Great White Lion. It is our beloved's that have placed the Great White Lion in Africa to protect the books of record of humanity. And these are sacred texts. These are our history our origins our truths, all of that which has been held from us, that has kept us in an identity crisis as a human being. Not knowing who we are what we are, not remembering. This has been a process in the returning of the Christ energy, is also the returning of the rightful owner, the technology the knowledge the information base, the truth revealed to the human being.

And of course this is not literal linear sequences of relayed information, but is frequency and it is a knowing. And this knowing I am seeing has been attempted to be subverted and suppressed. So it's like saying the use of this entity and web-work is also about releasing information or technology to human beings, but these human beings have been perverted and distorted and corrupted and demonically possessed. And so it's a way that the demonic's and the reptilians are able to access information that is the centralized brain of our planet. So I see what they do. So they possess beings that have Nephilim bloodlines beings that have been purposely hybridized and generated within a certain bloodline so that they can be easily corrupted and controlled.

Then upon that particular indoctrination into this reptilian and demonic system they are, if they make it to this level, in governmental power within this secret society network. The secret society networks such as Bohemian Grove are used as a level of extraction of technology from the core of the Earth. Like saying it's a way they were doing it, this is also giving us a tremendous insight to understand the power of the human being. And that without us they are nothing, they cannot access a damn thing without us. So what they do is they possess somebody and they corrupt them. And through the corruption of that human being, it is that human being, not the reptilian that is getting the information from the core of the earth.

So when they do the sacrifice or rituals like this, a part of it is not only the generation of forces that are being used and directed into certain outcomes used to enslave the rest of the population. But it is a way that they get information from the core of the earth. What I'm understanding in this moment is that as we witness this now, and as we command the space in the sanctity of that which is fully in alignment to the rightful owner of the human being in the Christed and God Light, that which serves the God force. That this area is being fully sealed off and removed from access, from those that seek destruction, abuse and ritual abuse of this earth. Again we command this area to be fully sanctified and protected into the light of God. And through the Great White Lion and through the roar of the Lion, we command the space here and now. This is the activation of the Sphinx that we're doing at this time.

The Sphinx is an actual it's like saying that we have been building portals in various places of the earth to generate power grids that could ignite a dormant structure that is in the Sphinx. There is something about the Sphinx it's a holder. It's like saying at certain times on the planet, we're understanding now more about the Moon matrix and control of what is coming from the moon, as an adjustment to the magnetic field. A part of those adjustments was removing grid networks that were active as certain types of portal systems on planet Earth. And of course Egypt is a fabulous example of that, where we have pyramids and structures that were there to generate massive amounts of force. And now are dead objects sitting there because they are not in alignment to the grid networks as they once were, between the heavens and the physical, as above so below.

So there is something within the Sphinx and understanding the Sphinx is the most ancient sanctified object on our planet, which happens to be in the continent of Africa, which happens to be the heart of the Great White Lion. And what is happening is the heart of that Lion is activating, the heart of that Lion is returning to the Sphinx, and the heart of that Lion is now rising to protect the technology and the knowledge that belongs to the planet Earth, and the children of the Earth. All I'm feeling is the children. Understanding that the earth is the child, the people are the children. This is an understanding that the earth is the child of the Mother and the Father and it is the child that has been sacrificed. So there are so many different adages about "the children will lead the way" and that is really the truth.

We witness we ask here and now all that stands in the power and glory of God, and the ignition of the heart of the Great White Lion. We thank the Elohim. The Great White Lion have been visiting me for about a week now. So this is really supportive and demonstrating what my experience has been leading to in this session here today. Understanding that the feline races and beings that I know are called Hathor, these are feline lion-like beings that are coming from the next universe. They've started to visit me this week, and they have been showing me the continent of Africa. And now I am understanding more about what this was, because it felt very supportive and benevolent and celebratory, these lovely connections at night.

So again in recognizing and realizing we have waited all of our life for this to occur. And this is the reanimation of the Sphinx. This is the ignition of the heart of the Great White Lion returning into her glory on this planet. It's almost like saying we have had to ignite the gas lamps. We have been in various places of the planets doing something that's like a piezoelectric effect, like a condensation of pressure in various areas of the planet as we ignite pieces of this grid of the Mother Arc. This additional piece, that I didn't know, maybe you understood this. But it was about breathing the life back into the Lion, breathing the heart back into the Lion. The heart of the Lion and we understand of course that that fourth dimensional gate is the heart chakra. And that we have been setting up all these little heart chakras all over the planet Earth, but now we are understanding that all of those heart chakras were designed to feed this centralized area, which is the Sphinx. The Sphinx is extremely important because of the area where it is located on the planet, but additionally we know that area and the ancient gateways that have been opened in that area opened into Sirius. Which is the ambassador gateway or the galactic emissary bases through Sirius where the Indigos came in and were directed from that point, and opens gateways into Andromeda.

So there is definitely something going on over there, which seems to not be ready to revealed yet. But understanding the activation of the Sphinx has everything to do with that. And this is very important in the returning of the Great White Lion to the earth. And returning, I can't help but say, the Roar of the Lion has returned to protect this planet. And the beings that are also a part the Great White Lion lineages are the Elohim races. And I am feeling both counterparts of the Elohim present with us here today as we are working on this. This is definitely a collective and a group effort that is witnessing this, viewing this, and participating with this. It feels that this particular ignition of the Great white Lion is also in the most amazing timing. It is a prevention of the access of the technology in the core of the earth that they were planning for this year's event.

One thing we didn't understand is when these beings come together through these Bohemian Grove rituals, what they are doing, is the reptiles are using human bodies to access technology and information from the core of the earth that they cannot attain without the human. And I did not know that. That is an important distinction that they are powerless without us. And this is something we need to remember going forward. Additionally it is also understanding that we are about to move into a sacred Sothic calendar and Galactic Gateway, which has to do with Egypt which is July 17th. So July 17th is for me the day of Sirius, which means it is the Egyptian calendar, and it is the Sothic calendar. And it has been utilized in tracking the stars by all of the ancients, and is a very important calendar that is opening this weekend. And also for me personally it has a very special connotation, because I have had incredibly mystical experiences on July 17th, including the meeting of Akhenaton, and many other mystical experiences on that Gateway opening of July 17th.

So it is an opening, which allows a connection into that gateway, with our families with our destinies, with our God purposes. The ignition of the heart of the Lion coming back through the Sphinx is obviously very timely, in regards to these two events that are just happening this weekend.

So I want to thank our beloveds, thank you, thank you, thank you. We ask in the here and now all that is needed and necessary to hold this space, to complete this space and to assist all beings through the transfer. Okay the Elohim and we have Guardians that are assisting in the transport of that. So again we have, we're still seeing similar to Asian grid projects, there is a portal that is opened to the trans-harmonic gates. And I'm just seeing the litany of beings walking through, and still moving. But I am being told that that is being handled. I feel like our job was to open the gate.

There is something happening to with the Sphinx, being opened up. Because I'm feeling that there are other grid networks that are firing up from underneath her feet. So I'm seeing as the Sphinx is getting activated and something has been turned on inside of it, there is a compression that is pushing out energy into many of the links that we have been working with in other areas of the planet. Again I can't see exactly how all that has an effect. But it feels very synchronistic to the places we are being either directed to go, or have been working with as a part of this last grid work that we had been doing.

Closing: So again in the blessings of God and the sanctity of God and Christ, we thank our beloved families of light. Thank you Elohim, thank you Great White Lion. Thank you Karen for the shielding and for all of those that hold the shields that are the intermediary portals, that assist in these connections into these merging with the Godhead. We thank our beloved teams, the Guardians and our families of light for their assistance. With love and gratitude we thank you for this opportunity. Please anchor lock and seal our session in the hologram, please anchor lock and seal our session through the time matrix. In this moment of Self, we are fully consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God. We ask that the heart of the Divine mother herself be animated through us as a beacon of light that gives comfort to all of those that are stewarded into our care. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. As we seal the field in oneness unity and truth. In deep love and gratitude, thank you. And so it is we seal and end our session. [1]


  1. [LR Sessions, July 2011]

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