Cosmic Elohei Dragon Kings Reclaim Draco Constellation

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Thus, the Emerald Founder Guardians and Solar Dragon Kings began the gruesome work of reclaiming the Draco constellation and rehabilitating its function in the mechanics of creation, which is significantly changing the magnetic field direction and the magnetic functions on the planet.

First came the extraction of Beast Machine structures, alien cube systems and black phantom timekeepers utilized to control the planetary brain through metatronic code and inverted current. As well as evict the hierarchies of Black Dragon Avatar Collectives seeded into thousands of Phantom Matrix hell realms inhabited by AI Draco Hybrids, clones and assorted creatures that were transited, evicted, delivered, removed as well as incinerated in the Typhon Tunnel system. Some are being rehabilitated through Guardian protocols, while for AI hybrid creatures with genetically labbed bodies, it is not possible for these entities to co-exist in the space of the White Elohei Sun and Pink Elohei Sun. Thus, when the AI creature does not have any organic consciousness record or is a cloned identity, when it is exposed to the rays of the Cosmic Mother Dragon’s White Sun body, instant incineration occurs and the consciousness units return back into the womb of creation.

Essentially, there is an intensive holographic repatterning happening to the Draco constellation which will impact all of the planetary grid sequences that were under the control of the false magnetism of Alien Dark Mother hierarchies of the lunar female demonic forces and that which was being projected out from the Black Sun’s Alpha Draconis network. As our Cosmic Parents return, they are repairing the Krystic architecture of the Solar Dragon lineages through the TA Sun tones, which emanate the dragon ouroboros expression. The TA Sun tones hold open the Emerald Crystal Heart’s Azura doorways which link the Triple Solar Masculine Christ and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ template which further reconnect into the diamond heart circuity of the Cosmic Christos Sun-Star networks, opening the dimensional doorways for the Christos Solar Dragons. We have been introduced to our Beloved hierogamic couple in the form of Metatron and Meritaten, anointed by our Cosmic Parents as the authentic Solar Dragon Kings that embody the TA tones.

The removal of this heinous anti-Christ architecture from Thuban and into Peruvian gates in the Albion Lightbody has opened the dimensional doorways for the Cosmic Christos Rainbow Ascended Masters, which source from an opalescent Solar Rishic family in the diamond heart of Andromeda. With the Cosmic Elohei White Sun correcting the Planetary Staff alignments into the 7D timeline, they are able to return to the planet and recollect their cloned or stolen body parts and confiscate the false AI identities that were used in reversals by the Thuban entities. Thus, the authentic Ascended Masters are undergoing restoration on the Earth, in which they reclaim their Lyran Temples and sacred texts (holographic records) which hold genetic keys to the genetic library that is Earth. This may generate some unusual occurrences as the authentic Cosmic Solar levels of Ascended Masters clear out inverted teachings, false or cloned memories or other deceptions carried out in the hijacking of their energy signature for consciousness slavery purposes.

They are gathering the intelligence coded streams from the Royal Houses of Lyra and the Hyperborean timelines in order to bring it to us here, as this is the collection of angelic human memories and sacred wisdom teachings that were stolen from us, which are included with the spiritual body parts that are being returned to the Christos family now. As we undergo intense spiritual initiation phases, we may receive what appear to be Dragon Eggs that open into spiritual gifts, which may appear in our lightbody as Red Roses, Long Stem Roses, Rose Tree Bushes, Blooming Flowers in every hue, and even Golden Apples. [1]


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