Dropping Density

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In the world of matter, as we drop density we can also feel that our body is experiencing some kind of energy loss which may also feel like physical and neurological exhaustion, when processing an overwhelming amount of external stimulus that is combined with emotional or Pain Body content. Sometimes, our overall Aura is holding a much higher frequency and experiencing a series of energetic downloads, accreting light codes and consciousness information that is not yet fully absorbed and translated into conscious awareness, and this internal to external processing may make the body feel extremely dense, weighed down and tired. It is important to know that this is a common ascension symptom when the physical body is acclimating to embody higher frequencies that shift the internal landscape of our Consciousness. The painful content or traumatic memories cannot remain recorded in the same location or place within the body, and as a result these lower energies recorded in the pain body will begin to surface into our conscious awareness, or they may unconsciously play out in our life.

As the personal, collective and planetary consciousness undergoes this massive cosmic shift in which our consciousness rises in frequency, many people do not realize as a result of the polarity amplification and the increase of the forces of chaos that the matter world is actually becoming less dense. At the same time, our physical body may feel a great increase in energetic pressure that is created by the change in density that is occurring on the planet at the quantum level. Our physical bodies also become less dense overall as our personal frequency increases. Yet, as we come into contact with lower energies or reversal spirals of energy, the external can feel extremely dense, heavy and uncomfortable to navigate. These extremely dense energies in the external can feel aggravating to our inner child’s pain body triggers, and any emotional conflicts that we have yet to resolve and clear within ourselves, as they are becoming magnified and amplified. This means our unresolved conflicts and pain that are recorded in our Pain Body are extremely heightened now.[1]

Shifting Consciousness

Ongoing and worldwide, material forms on the earth are undergoing a process of Dropping Density, which frees the movement of life force that has been harnessed, compacted or stuck in the extreme density of matter. This creates the opportunity to shift into another state of consciousness while maintaining the current physicality. In segments of the population, this dropping of density has been naturally releasing Alien Implants, such as Crucifixion Implants that function as Death Seals. When matter becomes less dense, at a certain threshold that matter changes its location in the time and space field and reorganizes itself. This also helps to explain how our physical body is undergoing a process of less densification as the basic compounds of our elemental body are becoming less dense, as our consciousness shifts into another reality. The human body is required to drop density rapidly in order to physically adapt, and this has initiated phases of immense levels of releasing densification through Ascension Symptoms. This creates ripple effects throughout the Planetary Grid Network and Stargate system, which are also rearranging to function with much less densification. This presents major problems for the NAA groups who are losing control over sections of these Reversal Networks that are required to run the Checkerboard Mutation. [2]


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