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Ezmeralda Archetype gestalts form an unholy trinity of Lunar Female Demonic Forces installed in the planetary body to run and promote satanic reversal energy for running lunar female reversals in the lightbody of humanity to suppress and enslave the Solar Feminine Christ consciousness of Mary, which is impacting all sophianic body parts and acting to prevent embodiment potentials of corrected Solar female Christ consciousness. Ezmeralda has shown bindings along with Ezra and Ezekiel distortions in the grid, which generates a trinity of satanic reversal Black Magic structures that are also designed to infiltrate the masculine layers of the human Lightbody with Dark Mother, binding them into reversals and energy blockages through its Consciousness Trap.

These demonic gestalts are hybridized with AI programming for off planet control and manipulation of these assortments of lunar female forces, which run Negative Ego programs for Luciferian superiority complexes, Princess Code, delusions of grandeur, self-entitlement through astral glamour which blocks the energetic balance within the lightbody that is required for achieving the Solar Mary sophianic embodiment or authentic inner hierogamic union. The Ezmeralda gestalt is designed as an Imposter Spirit that masks itself as the Mother or Goddess female consciousness, yet its design is to stop all levels of authentic sophianic embodiment in the female principle structures throughout all timelines and the entire 12 dimensions of the Diamond Sun template. This dark imposter of the Mother acts and feels like a female version of the Thothian Luciferian consciousness gestalt, the False King of Tyranny program.

Ezmeralda Archetype gestalts have an energy resonance connected to Morgana or Morgan La Fey with the conjuring of Black Magic satanic energy current used to infiltrate the female principle with lunar forces, binding the consciousness body to the Qlippoth current of the reversal base 10 Artificial Tree of Life. Guardian host considers these gestalts as hybrid AI demons being connected to generate an assortment of planetary grid distortions that overlay assorted negative female archetypes, such as in the negative ego beliefs imprinted upon twin flames or high priestess role playing that abuses sexual energy, using seduction, charm and emotional or sexual manipulation which instead enforces sexual misery programs that run Solar Mary Reversals or Sophianic Reversals. This can run distorted beliefs of the Sexual Misery programming in which keep females fixated on male partners that are actually anti-HG unions (Alien Love Bite), in that they may believe their spiritual mission and personal role is to use their sexual energy to heal men during the Ascension Cycle. These are the archetypal forces of the Dark Mother and the Lunar Female Demonic Forces.

The Lunar Female Demonic Forces have been surfacing during the phase of The Great Transit and destruction of the Baphomet Network, thus they may appear in assorted formats; she-demons, Succubus, AI Demons, Black witches, Black widow programs, Giant Spider Beings, Black Skeletons, Bast or Black cat feline shadow creatures, Ez unholy trinity body parts, Black Lilith, Achamoth spawn and more.[1]

Lunar Female Demonic Forces

Effectively, the War Over Consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix is between the Lunar Consciousness, (finite parasitic forms) and Solar Consciousness (eternal light forms) that are engaged in conflicts to gain control over the human Soul’s future timelines on the Earth during the Ascension Cycle. The Lunar is fighting for access to the genetic material in human bodies that they can use for colonization, life extension, Alien Hybridization and slave labor.

Thus, Lunar Forces also called Moon Chain entities have generated artificial false mother energy currents which have been utilized to run Sexual Misery mind control programming to promote the Archontic Deception Strategies that are used for enforcing human consciousness enslavement. These are collective consciousness archetypal forces that have been inserted into our planetary grid network and thus embedded in human consciousness to generate sexual distortions and gender reversals. See Lunar Female Demonic Forces.[2]


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