Gradual Particle Acceleration

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Over the past few months we have been undergoing a process of Gradual Particle Acceleration. This particle acceleration is a natural dynamic of physics that exists at the quantum level. It is this exchange that creates a faster momentum, pulsing between the fission and fusion that exists between the antiparticle and particle mass. To understand this level of our Ascension process, remember that we are merging our Particle magnetic-female principle selves with our Anti-particle electric-male principle selves into a merged non-charged field at the zero point. This merging of our particles into the Zero Point is an event that is happening at every level and layer of the Hologram, at the personal level, Planetary level, Universal level and so forth.[1]

The Living Breath of God

All of the Universal creation emulates the In-Breath and Out-breath emanating from the Center Point of All Union, the God Source. As we are made in the image of God, we are also emulating this same principle of the Natural Laws. Take a moment to feel this as a guided visualization. As you take a deep inhaling breath, this is the In-breath of God, breathing in the God Particle principle of the Universe. As you hold your breath, or the space between the breath, this is the still point or Zero Point of God, where all is emanated and originally sourced from. As you exhale, this is the Out-breath of God, exhaling the Anti-particle principle of the Universal creation field.

As you Inhale and Exhale consciously following the movement of your breath, you will be able to note that this is the fission and fusion movement that exists between the particle and antiparticle relationship of our Universe. It is this relationship that manifests into a particle form such as our physical bodies, as we experience it in this density. As the fission and fusion exchange is accelerated, it changes the pulsing momentum and the charge of the frequency field it is creating. It is also important to note that our Creation, our Universal Hologram through the process of this fission and fusion, is like a light switch turning on and off perpetually. We are able to experience form creation through the principles of the Living Breath of God Source, perpetually breathing in and out, or turning on and off between the particle and anti-particle mass. This is the process of alchemy that manifests the physical form in matter, as we experience it.

And this is exactly what is being radically altered on our planet and within our bodies right now. [2]

Electrons and Protons

A note about Electrons and Protons. A body has an electric charge when that body has more or fewer electrons than are required to balance the positive charge of the nuclei. When there is an excess of electrons, the object is said to be negatively charged. When there are fewer electrons than protons, the object is said to be positively charged. When the number of electrons and the number of protons are equal, their charges cancel each other out and the object is said to be electrically neutral.

As we are healing the reversal polarity existing within our body, this is represented as the Electrical male principle on the right side, and a Magnetic female principle on the left side of our body. As a result of the lowest fundamental frequency that we have been exposed to on the earth, these male-female energies have operated separately. The extremes that exist in the polarity field has created the perception of duality and the illusion of separation. Humanity is now entering a new territory with the changing magnetic fields that are beginning to merge us into the possibility of the trinity fields that open into the Zero Point or Neutral Field. This is the spiritual goal of our Ascension Plan, biological ascension merging us into the neutral fields of our completion to remember ourselves as divine beings, ultimately on the awakening path to embody the Cosmic Christ Intelligence. The God Matrix energy at the Center of All Creation exists at the physics particle level as a Zero Point Field.

Aurora Matter Re-encryption

Now the Aurora are talking about particle acceleration. As one can observe the sequence of this, if the Aurora have been connecting with us to support the building of communication links into the planetary body and into the human body, now the next stage is to massively accelerate those particles. For those who have not been working with the Aurora or doing this level of Genetic Pathcutting or Ascension clearing work, this portends a great opportunity for human beings to be connected to the Aurora Body and begin their own encryption process through Gradual Particle Acceleration. (Source: QA, April 2008)[3][4]


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