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A note about Electrons and Protons. A body has an electric charge when that body has more or fewer electrons than are required to balance the positive charge of the nuclei. When there is an excess of electrons, the object is said to be negatively charged. When there are fewer electrons than protons, the object is said to be positively charged. When the number of electrons and the number of protons are equal, their charges cancel each other out and the object is said to be electrically neutral.

As we are healing the reversal polarity existing within our body, this is represented as the Electrical male principle on the right side, and a Magnetic female principle on the left side of our body. As a result of the lowest fundamental frequency that we have been exposed to on the earth, these male-female energies have operated separately. The extremes that exist in the polarity field has created the perception of duality and the illusion of separation. Humanity is now entering a new territory with the changing magnetic fields that are beginning to merge us into the possibility of the trinity fields that open into the Zero Point or Neutral Field. This is the spiritual goal of our Ascension Plan, biological ascension merging us into the neutral fields of our completion to remember ourselves as divine beings, ultimately on the awakening path to embody the Cosmic Christ Intelligence. The God Matrix energy at the Center of All Creation exists at the physics particle level as a Zero Point Field. [1]

Building Blocks of Matter

Let’s look at how the Law of Polarity is working in the building blocks of matter.

The main three layers of the building blocks of all matter in the Universe include:

  • Electron, Proton and Neutron as positive, negative or neutral charged consciousness units.
  • Math, as the language of code for setting blueprints and architecture.
  • Forces and Energy which include spectrums of color frequency, oscillation and vibration.

The atom is a basic unit of particle matter that consists of a dense central nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Here, the protons have a positive electric charge, the electrons have a negative electric charge, and the neutrons have no electric charge. An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral. Atoms are extremely small and every solid, liquid, gas, and Plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms, which describes the gain or loss of electrons that happens in an atom. So even in an atom, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender are at work. It is wise to consider that if our biology is made of atoms that obey the natural laws of gender, and we decide to ignore that truth, we will greatly increase the disconnection between our physical perception and higher spiritual consciousness. When we make choices that violate the laws of nature, we disconnect from our spirit and thus, we suffer.

Positive and Negative Charge

To better understand the model being used below to describe the positive and negative charge in the Law of Polarity, we consider both the particle and anti-particle building blocks of matter. Our primary focus is within the Blueprint of the instruction set made in the electromagnetic field, thus our model will tend to use the anti-particle setting which is the counterpart to particle mass. To better clarify, as a result the information below will be opposite to the current mainstream scientific consensus for assigning positive or negative charge to electrons and protons, in relationship to the atomic theory of matter.

  • Particle Matter Building Blocks - Electron (negative or -ve), Proton (positive or +ve) and Neutron 0.
  • Anti-Particle Matter Building Blocks - Electron (positive or +ve), Proton (negative or –ve) and Neutron 0.

So taking in this information every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity in particle matter and its double in anti-particle matter, and that combination is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. Ultimately our spiritual goal is to unify and link up the particle matter and anti-particle matter of our Consciousness and body via the process of polarity integration. Polarity Integration is identifying and locating that consciousness content we have which may be unable to link and bond together, and then intending to unify them through the witness in the neutral point.[2]

Gender Pattern

The right side of our human body is the male gender pattern, which is the active force principle with internal circuitry that works as the electrical transmitter of positive charged electrons. The male spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the male spin may reverse its position to counterclockwise rotation.

The left side of our human body is the female gender pattern, which is the passive force principle with internal circuitry that works as the magnetic receiver of negative charged protons. The female spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a counter-clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the female spin may reverse its position to a clockwise rotation.[3]

Quantic Field Impact to Space-Time

The Subatomic particles of elemental matter are re-arranging within the new atomic structure that is in the process of being built to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. Subatomic Particles are particles that are much smaller than atoms, and describe particle shifts at the quantum scale of matter and energy. Subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons, make up atoms and are the building blocks of matter. As Subatomic Particles rearrange, it stimulates ionization of atoms which produces electrical energy and a series of chemical reactions in the body. The human body when subjected to strong Electromagnetic Signals, or activated Kundalini, is capable of biological ionization that can generate Plasma fields. In the ascending human body, ionization produces higher frequency Plasma light for continuing to build our liquid plasma spiritual body. Eventually, we evolve to the point that we shift out from the Chakra configurations in the Lightbody that exist in the lower creation realms, in order to build a plasma Lightbody structure. This structure (merkaba) is for a traveling orb body that can house our higher plasma consciousness. This state of lightbody structure, chakras or orb body, signify the difference between reincarnation through the lower densities of space-time, or being freed from the lower constructs of space and time that allow our consciousness body to travel beyond the Solar System.[4]

Rate of Spin

Since the Bifurcation of Timelines began, the Universal Cosmic Clock is undergoing a Zero Point recalibration throughout each of the planetary chains that are a part of our Solar System's evolution. The Solar System recalibration to Zero Point is changing the four main directions of the true North, South, East and West nodes, as coordinate location points within the constellations. This is saying the constellations that are directly a part of the multiple millions of stellar bodies that interact with our planet are changing distance and moving position, from what may be considered a gravitational fixed point in time. These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points, both counterclockwise and clockwise, and rotational axis. This controls the rate of spin of Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons that exist in both matter and anti-matter. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics, which govern the measurement of time and space in our Harmonic Universe.[5]

Splitting Electron-Proton Balance

The NRG forces electron structures to distort the spinning ratio through smashing the protons. We can see a clear agenda of smashing protons to create black holes, such as the billion-dollar CERN project. These technologies are designed to stop the neutron and neutrinos from being generated and to split apart the electron-proton balance.[6]

Energetic Potential, Visible Light

Additionally, all light or colors that you see are the result of movement by electrons. When electrons slow down or stop, they give off light including visible light. When these electrons are manipulated they alter and change the Visible Light Spectrum. The electrons, protons and neutrons in the atoms of your body, could be exchanged with any protons, electrons, or neutrons from anything in the universe, they are identical. What does change depending on the dimensional field is the quality of polarity between the proton, electron and neutron, that which we describe as the energetic potential of a field with a specific vibrational frequency. The nature of the quality or gradual shifting of polarity between these forces has measurement which quantifies the variation of frequency and vibration.

Let’s look at the nature of an Electron (male) and Proton relationship (female) as a part of all atoms in matter. In the particle world of matter the polarity charge is the reverse of the pre-matter level. Note that electrons are attracted by natural force to protons and begin to create orbital spin around the proton. It is the rate of that spin, orbit and its ratio which determine the charge level of its polarity relationship to the proton. That spin potential can either create waste product of dead emissions or activate the neutron in the proton into alive emissions. [7]


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