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During this time we have been alerted that the 1st and 2nd Human tribes, that have genetic relationship to the related planetary Stargate system, are more vulnerable to descending timelines and getting blasted with accumulative black force genetic Miasma. One reason is that many of the humans on the earth belonging to these original Human Tribes are key coded as Grailkeepers, or DNA code keepers to protect power vortices. Also, this exposure is due to the fact that the accumulated energetic blockages and entities in the planetary body, are surfacing into the horizontal Ley Lines that run into these particular Stargates. This means these massive black force gestalts of consciousness (Shadow Creatures, Fallen Angelics, and Disincarnated Lost Souls) are travelling on the east-west moving lines on the surface of planet, in much larger quantities because they have been released out of the earth.

Stargates within the planet hold massive bowls of consciousness energy underground in the earth body. This is a chalice structure holding the contents of the instruction set for that particular Stargate and the DNA history for that human tribe. The bowl of consciousness holds sound and color waves that we could refer to as sections of the Cathar body in the earth. The bowl of consciousness intelligence held in that area of the planetary macrocosm, is dissolving into higher dimensional frequencies, exactly in the same way our Lower Chakras are being dissolved at the individual microcosm level. As these energies surface from inside the earth and onto the surface grid, the original function is to return these sound waves, colors and forces, back to the original Stargate of planet earth. The original point where consciousness intelligence entered into this realm to create the planetary body is called the Graal point or Grual point within the 2D Stargate. The collective energies and collective consciousness connected to that bowl of energy, is having problems dissipating the miasmatic accumulation in the color waves. These forces running in some places on the grid network are being re-directed to other spaces they should not, by alien machinery or grid damage. This is causing an array of problems on the earth surface, like entity displacement, decension capture of souls through Fallen Angelic attachments, and a slew of chaotic forces building momentum from primarily the slag in 1D-2D planetary energies.

Starseed people or earth seeds with 2nd Stargate key codes (and those disincarnates that are stuck in lower fields from 2D-4D soul split) are getting specifically targeted for entity superimposition and related harassment. This is because these groups have a natural pre-disposition for accumulating an overwhelming amount of 2D miasm that leads to potential disease problems (energetic blockages) in their body. The Controllers do not want key coded Grailkeepers to wake up and understand what is happening to the Grail points on earth. To help relieve these blockages building up in the field, what needs to occur is Transiting, to help release this accumulating pressure in the human body and the planet. This means that these forces must be moved into another time-space continuum, or out of this Solar System completely, and the Krystal Star Guardian Host must be contacted in order to accomplish the protocol for that relocation. (For more information see Transits, Transit Gate Vortex and Release into Aqua Portal in the Ascension Glossary)

Grail Keeper and Spiritual Community

During the Ascension Cycle, the New Age material became increasingly infiltrated by the Controlling factions of extradimensionals that are in competition, to write their DNA coding into the earth. Many of the New Age spiritual communities that have been organized on the earth over the last 20 years were established by an off planet ET group with an agenda to harvest or control DNA. (We must remember that DNA is a form of currency traded in many off planet societies that are not controlled by Orion’s money black magic, as the earth is). That ET group contacts one of its human representatives on the earth, that contactee or abductee has the same DNA history from other lifetimes or shares the same social complex memories. Many times the ET groups target a person with world service contracts that are to make karmic restitution or amends, such as a human that had their memories erased but were in high positions of power in other timelines. Galactic Ambassadors, Ship Captains, Public Leaders, Pharaohs, Freedom Fighters, Popes, these are people that had high recognition level and power given to them from the people. Recruiting these Leaders from previous lifetimes, would make it easier for the other people of earth to be stimulated to follow them in an organized group, without questioning their motives. Because they had followed that person before in another timeline, they recognize them at a soul level and the consciousness memories can be manipulated easily into sensory feelings that are hard to discern. As an example, we may recognize our killer from another lifetime, and feel our soul pulling towards them, and this energetic compulsion is not happening for the reasons we think it is. When humans are not given context for Ascension, spiritual healing and multidimensional reality, it is very hard for most people to discern between darkness and light, deceit and truth, on the earth plane. Often the people that blindly follow the leader and easily give away their authority, have been traumatized through many lifetimes in the Master-Slave or Guru-Disciple archetypes. Most of these recruitments for spiritual communities use a similar template that can be immediately recognized, and that would be the power interplay between the Guru-Disciple archetypes. The Guru is given levels of Absolute power and worship from the devotee, in order for the disciple to believe she/he is blessed with eternal salvation through the grace being dispensed. Many groups still believe this to be the pathway to find God, rather than finding the God within.

Because this topic of the 2D Human tribe has opened up, the Vairagi Masters are related to 2D Stargate fallen bloodlines in the 2nd Tribe, and have recruited for spiritual communities on the earth. They are a faction of Universal lineages connected to the Fallen Melchizedeks.

Fallen Melchizedek factions are in competition to control DNA, and have some history existing on the landmass of India, with those ancient tribes that migrated from around the 2nd Stargate of Jerusalem. Many world religions and spiritual teachings came out of Jerusalem, such as Buddhism, which returned to India and then went to the Far East to expand out into the Asian grids. Temple Mount is an extremely important power center for our planet, and Grail keepers will be attracted to be near this area or India, when they can. They also have a tendency to be involved in ashrams, or attracted to Spiritual Leaders from Hindu lineages, or people who return to India to live a communal life. The fallen aspects of this landmass are connected to people that have embodied into these Soul groups, human tribes or Star Families. They are more vulnerable for consciousness manipulation by following the customs of the Hindu caste system. However, many of these soul groups are here to heal the archetypal pattern of primordial chaos or Tiamat. Tiamat is the aspect of Mother-Goddess ensouled in a planet, which descended into the chaotic fields, becoming trapped in the bowels of the earth, after the explosion of her consciousness.

The issues more specifically impacting Humanity Tribe One and Tribe Two will continue to be our focus because these Human Tribes are in need of transiting and rehabilitation. The descending tribes need to be moved out of false timelines and spaces with false identities. This means that spiritual communities that have gathered based upon these Human Tribe soul families are undergoing extreme pressures to reveal more of the truth of the karmic timelines around the Guru-Disciple traditions. Many must be freed from the hypnosis and mesmerism of astral glamour used to bind and attach cords to people’s light source. The path to sovereign freedom is to learn how to become inner sustained, and thus self-sourcing, which is a result of building ones inner light source directly with God. We cannot pay another money for our salvation, we must simply do the inner healing work required of our heart, soul and spirit.[1]