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  • Apply context that human body is a sophisticated bio-computer
  • Bio-computer resonates to positive /negative responses when asked
  • Focus Upon, Point, Touch or Say the Number or Matrix item
  • Employ preferred HSP method to discern response
  • HGS Calibration process (Setting the Field commands) is Mandatory for scanning accuracy
  • Remove programs by making Conscious Choice to do so
  • Identify and Locate problems running the bio-computer
  • Delete viruses, obsolete software, belief programs, spammer, hacker, junk emails - just like your home computer!
  • Objective is to delete all alien, artificial, inorganic programs running our bodies and suppressing Consciousness[1]

Inorganic vs. Organic Frequencies

  • Discerning forces that are inorganic or organic to your natural person is important
  • Organic or Natural forces exist in harmony with nature
  • Inorganic or Artificial forces exist in discord with nature
  • Replicated energies, artificial machinery, AI used to replace natural forces bring destruction and death, disturb eco-system
  • Hidden manipulation such as Alien Implants are inorganic to the natural energies of the human bio-spiritual system
  • Synthetic chemicals are inorganic and harmful to nervous system and brain
  • All interference intentionally blocking bio-spiritual Consciousness expansion is Inorganic and a violation of the Natural Laws
  • Removal of Inorganic Forces, Artificial Machinery will allow natural rebuilding process for the spiritual-energetic foundation of increased consciousness
  • Technology can be used for health and organic expansion through right intention and use for Service to Others.

Accessing Information

  • Knowing the Right Question to Ask the bio-computer is how clarity is achieved to delete the program from running
  • All Answers ( origin of problem) come from the Person’s own bio-computer directly
  • The more accurate the question, comprehending the energy context, the more accurate the healing with quicker results
  • Each person is their own best healer
  • If not possible, HGS may be used with permission on family, friends, pets, etc.
  • Test Facilitator/Client energy exchanges for total acceptance and positive resonance for opening session field

Harmlessness and Effortlessness

  • Inner Spirit guidance always acts harmless towards self and others (never attack, only defend)
  • Spirit avoids increasing karmic entanglements
  • Evolution is accelerated through harmlessness via accepting responsibility for life patterns and accountable towards actions
  • Natural Law is to conserve energy to maximize impact, be Fluid in Motion
  • Shift paradigm of grueling work to effortless to maximize energy efficiency
  • Nature moves effortlessly to generate power, emulate nature
  • Develop energetic effortlessness and maximize output efficiently by prioritizing your tasks
  • Reducing mental and physical stress increases receptivity to creative solutions to resolve problems

CNS and Brain Messaging

CNS Chart
  • HGS sessions are emphasized to make correction to CNS and Brain messaging
  • Therefore ALL SESSIONS are to be closed with Clearing Memories & Influences from the CNS (page 114)
  • Certain Sections will suggest you go directly to Memories ( for clearing from CNS) and then return to Home Page to resume session work
  • Getting comfortable with the functions of CNS through the Anatomical chart is suggested
  • Corrections are made through Spinal Nerve and various bodily interactions (Touch, Point, Focus or Swipe)


  1. [HGS Bali Class V]

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