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Kantarian Dragon Kings (art by Sequoia)

The Mother Arc of Covenant Stargate system was purposed for the transiting of an assortment of stuck or damaged consciousness bodies through the Aqua portals, in order to begin the foundations for rebuilding the KA-TA-RA Kantarian Dragon ring portal system.

KA-TA-RA Solar Ouroborus Lines

It was made clear over time that Ezekiel and the Family of Ezekiel gestalt, which extended into his Kantarian Dragon lineages on Gaia, were important keys in the embodiment principle of the masculine Solar Rod Template throughout the planetary grid networks spanning into all three harmonic universes. The three toned unified signatures of the planetary logos grid architecture were held throughout the dragon lines as they spanned around the Earth, Tara and Gaia in the electro-tonal patterns KA-TA-RA.

KA-TA-RA sun-stars are unified tri-wave embodiments by Kantarian Solar Ouroboros Dragons that seem to be connected to the original emanation of Founder Amethyst Dragon King Ezekiel and his father-son Triple Solar Masculine Christos consciousness body sourcing from the Rha God World Creation. The Kantarians are embodied as Solar Dragons with wings that held open the rotational core in the portal systems that link directly into the crystal diamond hearts within the center point of union and that central point is the Azura, which exists within each 12 Tree manifestation grid. Their function was linking these rotational core portal systems all the way back into the Azura point of the Emerald Crystal Heart circuitry of the Kryst-Krystallah matrix in the God Worlds. The Kantarians are the center point of union principle in the Galactic Core that are designated to embody the structure for the Mother Arc and Father Arc portal systems that lead all the way in and out of the nested holographic time matrices. The Kantarians unify in male-female Aeonic Pairings that step down the flows of the most sacred holy spirits of the Krystallah aquamarine flame source coming from the pure love transmissions of the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Hearts of God.[1]


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