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Mentor Session Transcript:

Excerpt Themes -(masculine rod energy, Morphogenetic Field instruction sets, 911 grids, rebuilding DNA, trinitized field of first 36 sub-harmonics in ES container)

When I am seeing the Oraphim who have shown up just recently in sessions, I see their hands. I see these humongous hands that show up. I don't know if it is just the signature of that? Getting, we're being held in the blue ray of the Oraphim hands. Thank you so much. So as we hold our session space, again take in only what feels right for you in your own heart, but I'm getting a tremendous amount of gratitude from the Oraphim for your service. I'm getting a group of our Melchizedek Guardian family, the Ra family, it's a lot of Blue Ray and Elohim Guardian energy.

I'm getting a very clear confirmation of gratitude, of recognition and of celebration of your support of the work. Because through that which you have been supporting you have been healing the container and creating the foundation for the container, which allows them to exchange with us more freely. As those of us that are more of the anchors or understand a little bit more of how to hold this space, we create a hub that opens, similarly like our 12D field it opens a hub and allows an exchange to occur.

It's only when we have that hub anchored of consciousness where we can exchange with these families, these families which are us. Our families of unity, our Avatar of Ascension family, our Avatar of Ascension network. So I'm getting a celebration and gratitude and a confirmation of the work you're doing, of the support you're bringing. And someone is saying that it has been especially supportive and powerful because of the masculine energy that is being utilized through you. As we know the synergy of the alchemy in trying to create a balance between the masculine and feminine is critical in being able to amplify the level of the energy work that we are doing. So they are showing me that you have taken on a big piece of the masculine in order to try to balance the feminine energy that's in our group.

So it's like understanding right now as were building it, the desire is to create like rod and staff as a structure of foundational support, as a part of the template and the energy the group template consciousness, which is created within the community. And there have been imbalances, which have been a part of the growth and a part of our stabilization, but coming into greater understanding of what the masculine role is. It is the revelation of the masculine which allows the embodiment of the Rod, which allows the anchoring in the physical to occur. This cannot occur without the masculine. So they are applauding you for stepping up and they're saying that there is a humongous basis of success and growth of the container having been fortified and protected by your masculine archetype.

You have been able to hold that which has allowed them to become much more present and active in our container. Without the energetic balance they cannot reach us. So even though all of us contribute our own specific consciousness energy and specialty, there has been... Okay, one of them is saying that literally they put out a clarion call on January 1st (2010), because they knew. So this is interesting because I'm getting this, as you are here at this time. They knew as of January 1st, they started to put out like a beacon of energy to masculine beings that can hold the masculine Rod to be able to help support the community field as this masculine energy was needed to support Energetic Balance. They knew that was going to be necessary in order for the container to continue to stabilize itself. And they're basically saying that you answered the call and they're very appreciative and grateful for that.

In answering that call it has allowed us to move forward to the next level. And literally they're saying that you are a large part of that being able to happen, and so there is a lot of gratitude coming from them. So again, I have to extend my gratitude to you too and say thank you so much, I didn't know. Because I was down processing through December and January, totally wiped out as, the change in Astral Plane field with the Phantom Matrix had just bowled me over. I didn't really start to come back to myself until January 9th. I remember the 8th is when they gave me the current information about what was going on with the [[False Ascension Matrix|white light webbing. So I was just trying to take care of my body at that time, so this is very sweet for me too. Thank you so much. Okay, so again all that is needed and necessaries as we move foreword.

Okay I see, okay. They are saying that what our group is doing and why the masculine presence of the rod energy was so critical for this, is that our group is a template that is very similar to the Morphogenetic Field. It has instructions and coding to it. What I'm seeing is that we have been working with bringing different genetic variations of Starseeds and in Indigos that are attracted to our group field, because they're getting dinged. It's like a little ping saying hello, we need this kind of frequency sub-harmonic to stabilize this field to build a shield, and who's able to do that.

What I'm seeing is we have been working on a shield, and not just the 12 dimensional shield. But understanding when we create the hub of the shield we are also bringing in and creating morph fields, because as we were mentioning earlier everything has to be in the physical embodiment. So what we are doing is grounding it, grounding it, grounding it. Trying to get it into the physical bodies, get it into us. Get it into our structure with the architecture of our energy template through the Internet, is a body in itself. This again, I'm learning this with you as we're going through this, which is really interesting and fun for me as well.

Seeing that in the first couple years with the birth of what energetic synthesis was, there was a reason why we were are also working with the 911 grids and those imprints, because they were dense. They are showing me that we were like moving through a scale of some harmonics, we are moving through a scale of frequency, and we are moving through scales of dimension.

They're showing me that when we understand frequency, it's like a frequency band if you will, is repeating sequences of these flash lines that flash on and off. And these flashing on and off points are scalar wave points within a scalar grid template. So our group has created a template and it has its own grid, and we're working with frequency bands of sub-harmonics within the grid we're creating. We have now reached a level, where in the first couple years since 911 of 2007 when the site became an experiment of template with the guardian's. Someone is correcting me, it is not an experiment, its purposed. I've been using that term, but okay, thank you.

Building Horizontal Shields

That this is purposed, we've been building the horizontal shields from the bottom up. And it's like what we're doing is we are working with a grid template within the ES group. We are building, it's like we are taking frequency bands and we are weaving them into sub-harmonic patterns to create a horizontal shield. With every level, we are building the rungs on the ladder. The higher we go in the dimension, the higher the frequency is. There is like a faster oscillation but a slower Vibration. So what we are doing is we are slowing down the electrons while working with this, and it literally helps us.

I am seeing we are able to go in between the density of matter. When we are working with these sub-harmonics and these frequencies we are slowing down the electron spins. And it allows the blueprint or matter if you will, to become more malleable. I am seeing it gets malleable when we come together and we do our group things. I'm seeing that you are hooked into the template when you are working with members within the field. And I'm also seeing that's why you're starting to feel that it's important to work with members that are in the field, because we are creating a scalar grid. There is an actual grid template that is weaving a part of our, what I would call our Avatar of Ascension grid. We are building, building, building this template. And as it grows it allows beings to connect to a plethora of frequency sub-harmonics that are needed to rebuild their DNA.

So what they are showing us is that we were successful up to this point in building the first trinity of 36 frequency sub-harmonics, in dimensions 1-2-3. Like we've created a shield that is now, it's hard to explain but I'm understanding this is the physical part of the structure. And maybe that's when we see the website and it's interesting they are showing me the computer server movement to Peru, which is going to happen very soon is where were going to start moving to the next set of frequencies sub-harmonics. So it's like understanding that we've got it up to 36 now and we created a Trinity field. And the first level of the shield has been physicalized. They're saying now as we are moving into the next level, we are going to go to the next level of the shield, which is where we start building soul matrix template. Now they are saying the Soul matrix, the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. You know how we do 1-2-3, and with every three is a horizontal shield, there's the body.

So it's like our group has been building a body and that body has just been completed now. This is why they're saying it's strengthening now, because we finally did it. We made it through the first three layers of 36 frequency sub-harmonics and bands, to build a grid and we did it. So now that grid is built what they're showing me is that we are moving now into what would be the Soul body of this grid. We are starting to move into the 72 frequency sub-harmonic structures, off the 36. So I'm seeing again it's like 12, 24, 36, 48. I see these 12 increments of these sub-harmonics. Every time we do 12, we're working with the base 12 pulse. We're working with the pulse rhythm of frequency currents that multiply in 12's, and this is what we're trying to do to repair the grid systems and structures down here, because these beings don't have 12 base code. This is a DNA structure that our Guardian Host family is clearly working with us to embody and to be. And those of us that have coded structure that can hold that field, that's the importance of attempting to bring it in. Because we can become more of the anchors that lend those sub-harmonics to the larger field, so this can be rewoven into it.[1] Transcript by Paige


  1. [LR Sessions Mar 2010]

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