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Starseed Session Transcript:

Excerpt: I am seeing there has been a clearing in the planetary field, and I'm getting to this because it has direct relevance to the work you've been doing. You have been working with this process as a part of our Group Consciousness and anchoring the piece that is building the physical shield in that first Trinity. And now they're saying that we're moving into this, and this feels like something more specific to what you have been working on. And that is the damage in the planet, the same damage is in our bodies. When we understand the genetic damage in our flesh, what has gone on to corrupt the raw materials of physical substance, that is what the Aurora's work with. They are talking about the damage that is in something called the Perceptual Bridge.

Okay this is interesting, because this goes back to a meditation and process that they started to give us. When they were talking about the changes happening in the mental body and that we must work on the Perceptual Bridge. They are saying that you have been working on this. And please take only what resonates, its all good. But they are saying that you have been, you are working on now, as a part the process of your spiritual work with the group and those that are connecting to you.

You are building what has been severely damaged in this in the people at the flesh level, at the mental body awareness level, and that is the Perceptual Bridge into the higher mental body shield that we are building now. So it's like understanding that we've created a base shield, there is a physical shield, it's got 36 sub-harmonics to it. It's completed. This is a beautiful thing and they're congratulating us. Now they are saying, okay here is the big piece of the mental bodies where the part that goes beyond the physical that starts bridging into the Soul. This is the huge work because this area of the three layers of the Soul Matrix is the biggest damage that has impacted the planet at this time. That people on the earth in this density, this physicality cannot embody their soul, because their Perceptual Bridge, which is a structure in their Lightbody has either been usurped, or taken, or damaged.

So this Perceptual Bridge is critical for the person to tap into their own soul layers into the Mentor Field. You know when people can't sense their mentor? And they're saying that you have been working as a mentor, so that you can build the 5D mentor body, and that you are actually going to help build the mentor fields. Or you are building a mentor. This is understanding that literally this is the function of our next form, this is complex, I am trying to verbalize this so it makes sense to you. They are saying that the fourth, fifth and sixth layers, when you take these three and integrate them, you've got the complete Soul Matrix. The soul matrix is created in a trinitized form, and there's another horizontal shield, there is another consciousness body that is created.

When the body is complete, when it can be stabilized what happens is the person, the consciousness being, now has a Perceptual Bridge. This means now in the physical the person can can perceive and work with its soul, by directly experiencing the relationship with the soul intelligence. It's a higher aspect of itself, but at the same time you experience it as a Mentor, as your higher self. They are saying that most people, even though in the new age they understand the concept of the Higher Self, they're not experiencing it directly. What I'm saying is that they may have an intellectual idea of what the higher self is, but the Perceptual Bridge is broken. They don't have that working properly, and because of it, they can't experience this part of their Consciousness.

When we understand the damage in the Astral Plane, the damage that exists in the fourth layer. If the fourth layer is as damaged as it is, the fifth and sixth layer cannot create the body, cannot complete the entire body for the Soul Matrix. If there's one broken sub-harmonic tone, say there's layers in their fourth body that are just mangled from all this distortion that has been going on the Astral Plane. What happens is it interrupts their Perceptual Bridge, they can't go to that next level of soul or Monadic connection. When they can actually work or feel the higher self inside of themselves, because it's experienced as separate to them. We are doing this as writing a new template, we're doing this for the community field as well, so that the community becomes the prototype of building this Perceptual Bridge for the Mentor Field. This is a big piece that is broken in human Collective Consciousness. The light bodies are damaged, these horizontal shields are damaged, and the person is trying to connect to their soul but they cannot feel it. If we understand the fourth dimensional body is the etheric Nadial Structure that connects to all of these nadis (blueprint of the CNS). It's our nerve endings that help us to perceive energies or intelligent information in the field. Without the nerve networks, without our central nervous system functioning at a level where it can connect to our soul energy receivers, it doesn't have the mentor intelligence. Therefore it doesn't have the Perceptual Bridge. It cannot bridge between this physical dimension and the soul dimension, which is the next Harmonic Universe or density two.

What I'm seeing is once you've got this body built and you've got those three layers, there is a magnetic repulsion zone in between each of these horizontal triads. So we have got the first, second, third dimension, and we've got all of those sub-harmonic patterns and its physical expression. We're dealing with the physical matter and we're dealing with the substance that makes up the physical body. And so when the person starts to be activated into their solar layers of higher consciousness, it's got to get past this magnetic repulsion zone, before it can move into the next triad, into the next frequencies in the harmonic set. They are saying with most people their physical bodies are so damaged that they are unable to have that bridge experience. Without the perceptual bridge, it creates mental problems, such as with bipolar, it creates the problem in the body and the brain not able to process the next set of harmonic frequencies.

What's going on is that the brain, the nervous system, and the mental body connections, not only are dealing with massive levels of Mind Control and electromagnetic barrage in the energetic fields of that control over their brain impulses. People are getting onslaught of mass unconsciousness negative energies, along with the deluge of these Neural Net bio-neurological controls that the Controllers are using. Archangel Michael matrix is one such level of control interfering with the Perceptual Bridge. Now the damage that this level of inorganic or AI frequency has perpetrated on the body, unfortunately, is really not good.

As these systems are being dismantled and taken down a part of what appears to be a core part of the template building, is creating the perceptual bridge between the first triad and the second triad of consciousness. So it's understanding we've dealt with the first three levels of intelligence, the first, second and third dimension. We created the shield and we got it anchored into the planetary field. Now we're moving up, creating the bridge that goes beyond this magnetic repulsion zone. And repairs the Central Nervous System issues that activate the frequency receivers so that people within our community field can activate their Perceptual Bridge, and however this is going to happen in the larger macrocosm. We're starting with a template that will probably be duplicated at some level for macrocosm use in the future, or the sphere of influence of the Mentor Field template will be made larger. We are going through these frequency rungs on the ladder, where we have to anchor these consistently in physical embodiment, in order to bring this to the earth.

So now that we have the core foundation built with that first level of the shield (1D-2D-3D), we're now going to the second triad (4D-5D-6D). And they're saying that this next area is really the crucial piece. Because this is the piece in most human beings, going from the third layer to the fourth layer, is where a lot of people get hung up in Consciousness Traps. People start to loop in this energy field, and they don't know how to stop looping when they get entangled. This looping mechanism in peoples mind and behaviors keeps this reversal loop rolling. Most people within the false light structures, are looping in the Astral and don't know how to get out. What this does is it interrupts the 5th dimensional higher mind. I want to say it's more on the 5th dimensional level, because it's a process that happens as a natural byproduct of the soul matrix when the soul matrix is stabilized. And the soul matrix makes up the fourth, fifth and sixth layers.

In order for the soul matrix to become merged into a triad and anchored in the physical body, this means the person's got to have 72 frequency sub-harmonics running through those layers. So they are saying we got the first 36 in there and now were working on the next base 12; the 48, 60 and 72. When we get to the 72 this is when we will have built the horizontal triad shield for the Soul body. And this is about anchoring the Perceptual Bridge and creating the higher mind or the Mentor Field consciousness that they're talking about.

Also as you know, they told us we have two years to help get people out of their third dimensional body or the severity will be immensely damaging to the consciousness while in a body. How are we going to raise the octave of the mental body out of those first three layers, as most people are stationed within their Solar Plexus. Most 3D people are using their Solar Plexus, which means they are running in a certain frequency sub-harmonic patterns. The shuffleboard game of reincarnation doesn't care. If you're in that sub-harmonic pattern it just shuffleboards you off into the Astral Plane, because you're just going to leave your body into that frequency parameter. So what they are attempting to do and support the earth is get the mental body out of that parameter, by correcting and creating a stabilized horizontal shield for the second triad, and then building the Perceptual Bridge between the two, so that this consciousness of the Mentor can be embodied. Because this is an embodiment.

We're understanding that Soul matrix in most people is not stabilized or integrated, that their second body (4D-5D-6D) isn't built. When the higher heart center starts to come online, where the thymus area is, that is when the second body is completely built. Understanding our aura is similar to a skyscraper where you have pillars and shields that stabilize across the Aura. Once these shields, these bodies are laid into the aura the energetic stability for that person becomes much, much stronger. But what happens to so many people is the foundation of their aura is not strengthened or stable. It is very weak. So the foundation of the energy body is like a house of cards that can be blown over. Many humans do not understand that the human body has an aura, the body has a pre-manifest form. It is similar to if we are going to build a strong house, we've got to have a good and stable architecture. There's going to have to be support beams, there's going to have to be pillars, the foundation needs to be laid correctly.

The shield at this level manifests at the heart chakra. Once this three-layer shield is Trinitized and the person can manifest this in their aura, they're basically showing me the fourth dimensional damage in the Astral Plane cannot hold them back or spiritually oppress them any longer. The fourth dimension of our heart chakra is a major component of our lightbody function as it has the Nadial Complex. This area functions as our nerve endings that communicate into so many different layers of our spiritual bodies. We know what that means what has happened at that level. What they're saying is that literally when these sub-harmonics are rewoven and we are able to build this perceptual bridge. I'm seeing once we get the sub-harmonic patterns in that triad complete as a body, within the template of our group, beings are going to start to be almost like imprinted with it. It's like a field transmission where that will exchange.

What I'm seeing is that our first level of mission was to get everybody to run the base 12 total of 144 harmonics of the 12D Shield. Because when people are working with the 12 dimensional base pulse rhythm, they are in the base 12 current, which is what is needed on the planet. Now we are taking that base 12 and we're multiplying it int the grid. With each Multiplication of this 12, we move into higher frequencies of sub-harmonics that move us into higher octaves of these consciousness bodies. As we go into the higher bodies, the lower bodies cannot dominate the form any longer. Literally this starts generating a system override of who has control over the form. It raises up into a higher octave and the same kinds of issues will not exist.

What I'm really getting at here, is that I'm really feeling the importance of the stability, of the building and the strengthening of the Mentor Field and Perceptual Bridge, of what this body does to the architecture of the human aura. This seems especially important because we know that the most significant corruptions to the human body exist at the heart chakra level in the fourth dimension of the Astral Plane. So once this trinitized form is shielded in the person, it's becomes a shield energy that is a spiritual body, that stabilizes the person's energy field at the chest and heart level.

The first shield that we built is at the base chakra level. So that means the people that are coming into the field right now, they get immediate help to build a strengthened Vertical Channel or hara line. They start getting the base shield that starts stabilizing ad integrating their form into their first, second and third layer. Most people don't do this, they don't know how to build a shield and certainly, we have not been taught how to strengthen the body. So now were moving into the next phase of that building, using the base 12 octaves. They're giving this for our edification it's obviously something that is in the awareness of our higher consciousness, we're not always fully consciously aware of what layers we are working with at this level. Clearly, they are showing us that's what we've been doing. So over the past few years we've been weaving this new template for the Mentor Field together, with out being conscious of it, because certainly I wasn't fully aware of this until right now.

So the Perceptual Bridge is being built now as a template, and this is the next part of our function with building the Diamond Sun body template itself. Apparently the goal of this is opening and healing the nerve networks that have been damaged in the fourth dimensional level, in the heart chakra level, in the Nadial Structure level that needs to function with the Perceptual Bridge.

This is is one issue concerning the brouhaha that is going on to control the Giza network. The dimensional four access as we know, is the Gateway into Giza. We know that this is the collective emotional body of the human race. This is why I am going there. Okay, so I just got the purpose of my Gridworker mission to put the template of the Perceptual Bridge in the Giza network. So this is the necessity of our exchange, this is our current project. It appears that this needs to happen in this year, I don't know how long this is going to take us or what this is going to hold for us. But clearly they are sharing with us that our next role with the community field and as anchors, which seems to be what we do just by the process of being who we are, is creating the higher mind access for the people. Creating the mentor access in the body that is woven in at the fourth, fifth and six dimensional levels. A big part of that is going to be something that needs to be exchanged within the dimensional four access, and this is why the focus right now is on the fourth level in Giza. Because this is planetary, as well as personal, we are working with the macro-micro levels in templating this, for the planet and therefore for us as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Is there any thing specific that needs to be assisted in our understanding with this being at this time? Okay, so they're saying that you have been prepared, as a part of your shamanic training and a lot of your spiritual work. What I'm getting is that you embody the mentor field, you have embodied this through your spiritual initiations, and therefore it's a part of what is being built within our system at the same time. I'm seeing that with your previous years of shamanic training what you were doing, is you were opening the higher communications with this aspect of that body inside you. And as you were activating the nerve endings and energy receivers and transmitters, what it was doing is giving you remote healing skills, remote viewing skills, bi-location skills. Activation of this part of our consciousness body, this is the function of Higher Sensory Perception] that's what it does. This is a body, this is a level of intelligence and it is body-brain. It is a specialized portion of our consciousness that relays frequency from our higher consciousness into our 3D personality matrix body. It has a specific function that is important for our HSP.

So it's like there's got to be a very specific bridge, this perceptual bridge is a communication link, it is an architecture, it is some kind of consciousness architecture. It's interesting it's not on the hara line. Whatever this structure is in the human Lightbody, it is the part that has been intentionally messed with to remove HSP in the people.

Because in the physical body, what happened is the person's higher consciousness, their life force, their consciousness bodies have been diverted away from them. The human being has access to all of this consciousness and doesn't know it, because the Perceptual Bridges gone. This function of the perceptual bridge was taken away, so that we wouldn't know about it or how it works. This function is the thing that makes us know. When this function of the Perceptual Bridge is in place and we start to sense this, we start to sense energies, to have some kind of awareness and consciousness experience with HSP, and that's not what's here on earth now. This communication link has been ripped out of the human aura, and it's been ripped out through the astral body openings, and through all the astral body damage.

We know what goes on in the astral plane. With all the Alien Machinery that's gone on there and the damage it's created on that level it's completely interfered with and in most cases, this body part, it's not even there. I'm seeing that this part of the body is gone in most people, like they do not have it. So without this they cannot feel or perceive anything. It's very hard for them because a part of the spiritual embodiment, is going into your higher spiritual bodies and having the exchange of that life force energy supply come into your physical self. That's how you become healthy, connect with the higher frequency of your spiritual bodies. This governs the health of our immunity, our life force, our Qi. The consciousness bodies that connect to these higher frequencies, that build our body, it's very physical too. It definitely is about supporting the physical health and Energetic Balance of the body.

I'm also seeing with this perceptual bridge in place it helps to heal the body. They're saying honestly, that the issues with the physical problems where the energies are creating compaction instead of expansion in people is because they don't have this body part working in there. The higher energies come in and they have no conduit. And this bridge is literally a specialized portion, it is the bridge that takes the frequency from the higher harmonics, from the fourth and higher and allow them to flow into the 3D body.

You know how the heart is the synthesis between the physical and spiritual? There is a process that does that synthesis, and this performs the same functions. This perceptual bridge is the synthesizer of that frequency from spiritual to the physical, physical to spiritual, the feedback loop. It exchanges intelligence, you start to be able to get spiritual energies in your physical body, more than from the outside or external. So they're saying again, as we understand Prana and everything that comes into through the heart. Think if like if our first three chakras only transduce and work with the first three dimensions of the energetic spectrum of these frequency codes, how is the physical body going to get any prana into it? This whole piece has been taken away, thus it can't function.

Because this part of the function of the body cannot come online until that body is built. It's like we don't even know we have that body, so we don't know how to build it. So what they are telling me is that through all of your training that you have built a mentor, you have built this body of the Perceptual Bridge, and you have the mentor body. You have all of that inside you and you are embodying this architecture. As well you have been applying and practicing this in your sessions; the remote viewing, the remote healing facilitation, the bi-locations. All of this HSP skill is coming from that.

You have the perceptual bridge in place, as you built it through dedicated spiritual practices. You built this higher mental body and I want to find a word for it. Because it's a body, it's a structure, it's a level of intelligence, and it's a part of linking the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional body together. Creating that trinitized form of the soul, because the soul matrix has been really hurt in so many people. The soul body has been really damaged. So this body, this perceptual bridge can clear cellular memories that create those Miasmas. This starts to heal sub-personality fragments. All the emotional debris, all the stuff that is recorded in the second chakra freak outs and the inner child tantrums. Many of these emotional outbursts from the inner child is caused from not having this. The person, the body is not being connected to the soul like it should be, and starts to manifest distortions in the emotional body and its functions. And pieces of the Ego/Personality, and pieces of identity start fragmenting, because it wasn't designed to operate this way.

What's happening on the same level is the Controllers are working to fragment the body further. Because the more fragmented we are mentally and emotionally, the more helpless we become. We just defer to whatever we get loaded with. We are guided through in the path of least resistance. This is like guiding people into the gas chambers, the people are so dehumanized and so demoralized, you are starving, so what else are you going to do.

So this is amazing. We're building a living breathing organism, it is a consciousness body. And this living breathing organism, we've got its body now. And we are going to continue to build the soul layers for it now. It's us, it's a part of us, it's a creation of us. It's designed to heal the template of our bodies, as human beings as well as the planetary consciousness. It's an interface at that level too. I'm seeing it interfacing at both levels, and we're building this multidimensionally with the Guardians, with our Guardian families. We're building the rungs of the ladder that create the consciousness body and architecture for building it in the future. I can see they are on the other side working, we're over here working, were building the Perceptual Bridge together. As we are certainly leaving our bodies and sleeping, what I'm seeing is that we are preparing for this now. I don't know when we completed the first stage of building the base shield, but it was rather recent. This is rather recent.

So we completed the first body and now they're showing me because we stabilized the first 36 sub-harmonic fields in the physical dimension through energetic synthesis as an entity. We can now move the website, it's got to be moved to the next level, and so we are migrating the server to hold the new body. The ES group and the entire web presence is going to be moved to it's own dedicated server. Right now it's on Go Daddy it's on a public server, and it's being moved now to Peru. On its own dedicated server, meaning it's not sharing space with whatever the public Internet things are.

Fascinating, this is actually amazingly helpful for me too. This gives us an indication of the growth of the group, the agreements that clearly we have made creating this Group Consciousness field. The entity that it is and a larger runway in terms of its purposes of us understanding why we are connected to it and what it's all about.

I can see the linear sequence of this project. It's absolutely beautiful and amazing how orchestrated this has been. Because I'm seeing too, the first year one of the reasons why we were given the 9/11 projects, was because that is a physical grid structure. That particular program is in the 3D dimension. They had us working with those Timelines and working with that energy as it had its multi-purposes. Clearly, this was also about assisting in removing that particular timeline of destruction as an event horizon possibility.

I remember at that time, the Controllers were pushing hard for the 911 Timelines to generate the World War III scenario, as connected to the event horizon in the future. In the beginning when the site was coming online, really soul-searching and asking them an honest question. "Look if this is what is going to happen, if we are going to do FEMA camps?". I don't know if my heart can take it. I don't know if I want to be here to even have to observe that. It's just too much to take. Having to deal with another Hitler-esque scenario, was not something I want to be on the earth to observe, which was clearly a timeline that was coming up very strongly that the NAA is pushing for.

So when we completed our first year with the 9/11 timeline projects, that Hitler-esque vision I saw, they said that's not going to happen. That was a reality at that time that was potentially a possible choice, and that we had passed the window of that timeline activation now. We had passed that probability into the manifest, and that's when our Gridworker work with 9/11 timelines evolved to the next generation.

We started building the new physical body for Diamond Sun, which is so interesting because I remember them saying last year, that the ES group did six 9/11 projects and six is the builder of form, if you use the archetype in terms of the biblical reference. Spirit and God uses archetypes to embody into the physical reality, and our job is to get these templates embodied into the physical. The creation of the planet in Genesis is supposedly six days of work and on the seventh day he rested. So that's exactly what we did, we did six projects and then on the seventh day we rested. And the seventh day was one year for us. Now in that seventh day when we were resting, we were building the physical body to hold the new template for the consciousness body's. Six days of creation, we were in creation for six projects. The seventh day we rested, and we began the next stage of the project, we created the physical body.

Now here we go, we're moving into the next stage which is building the soul matrix. If we compare this to the physical body, like the human individual body. Understanding the hologram is multiple fractals of itself, both at the smallest levels to the highest levels. So what we're working with is templating that fits at every body level. It doesn't matter what it is because the core of creation is all the same. So were seeing like an accordion, I'm seeing it spiral in both ways, from the smallest fractal everything is being recorded.

Now we're working with Perceptual Bridge and mentor body, which is a higher mental body function of the soul. As we go through this process, obviously we will experience whatever that is to be. But certainly it seems a big piece of this is why Giza is in our current awareness, this is why we are working with astral bodies and clearing out Phantom Matrix so diligently. Because the nerve networks and the major nadial lines that activate this body is that structure we're working with now, and there's something called Apparthi receivers. And these are neural like endings that receive frequency into the Lightbody. Without these receivers the body can't receive the frequency being trasnmitted. We are going to be building a new nervous system network, a new nadial network or we are helping to repair it. However this is going to work, we don't quite know right now, or they're not telling us.

But understanding the fourth, fifth and six layer, we're building the trinitized form and correcting that soul matrix body. I'm feeling you have embodied this through the work that you have done and this seems to be your anchor point with the community. This is a big piece you're holding. Does that make any sense? What I'm seeing is that you've been playing with it, you've been experimenting with it, you've been doing it right. Every time you do your remote viewing, remote healing, bi-location this is a function of activating and utilizing this body. You've been working on this.

This is so fascinating, because honestly in seeing this it is so cool to see that we made this agreement to help build the Mentor Field pre-birth. It so clear because the whole thing, your alarm to show up for this project went off in time. Because the whole shamanic training, the whole line of what got you attracted to in that lineage, was purposed in so that building that body could happen now. The perfection of the intersects here are just amazing, so amazing.

This also gives us a real understanding as to why you experienced the Psychic Attack. Because we didn't understand all of this at that time, and can you imagine why they wouldn't want you to do this project. This is the phase were coming into now. So if you would've walked away from this right now, this would've been Plan B or C would have had to happen. And this gives us an indicator, because like as you are saying it was intense, you were like really blown away by the intensity of it. And the question why was it so intense? Why would someone go to such great effort to deter you? Because at the time we just thought that you were putting some crucial thread together.

But obviously what it is is we have just now completed a piece that is taking us into another process here. You have done the groundwork and the templating of lending that mentor architecture and helping to lay that in the community as a Mentor. Because your are already holding it, because all of what you've been doing to prepare your channels and your body and activations. What I am seeing too, is what this perceptual bridge does, is that it is possible for you to send it. Because it's an intelligent field and it becomes a part of your Consciousness, but until you have this active, you don't have this capacity, you don't have these abilities.

This function is the same thing that I'm understanding what allows beings like us to use HSP skills in the field to help clear damage. Like with me, I can go follow a timeline and I can clear it. How does that happen? It's because this part of me has been developed, I have it, as well as you. Because what you can do with it, is you focus on an aspect of yourself, which is a part of the higher consciousness mental body of your aspect in the field. And you can send it into the cellular memory of your body. So I'm understanding too, that this is the body function that I'm sending in the cellular memory of the planet. We can send it into the cellular memory and we can locate the damage that has occurred. It locates the blockage, it locates the damage in the soul, or the re-incarnational issues, or what miasm is there. And it can link up those sub-personalities, where the fragments are located. When a person is fragmented or has all these sub-personalities, which is actually quite common, because the soul is so damaged.

This is the recollection phase, reclaiming of all that function and then reconnecting it in. There's something important about what this body part does, what this function is with cellular memory. As we know cellular memory is the key to everything. Because once we locate cellular memory and we erase out the Trauma, the effects of its impact and the consequences of it cease to exist in the now moment. This is just a lot more detail, with a lot more clarity that's very helpful actually, in understanding that function.

Because I do know that that is this a big key for us that do this kind of energetic clearing. That's why they're not happy with us on earth, we know how to erase timelines, we know how to go to cellular memory and take it out of the field when its designed to be destructive and its inorganic to human consciousness. We understand the Holographic Inserts, just like you were able to recently track it. How did you do that? You did it with that Perceptual Bridge you have. Most people don't have that, so they can't track it. You just have this insert you just go, oh I feel this way. You don't have a sense of an implant or a manipulation or where it's coming from, most people just assume it's coming from you. And this function allows you to discern, you just have an awareness. Because that's a part of what your soul does, it's a part of who you really are. You get that direct cognition, cellular knowing.

This is really very good progress. A few months ago when they were saying we have got to get out of the 3D octave of the mental body. So this is the function of the higher mental body, but it's in our soul layers. And it's literally in that soul matrix body, that this is the part that does this higher function. So I think that fifth dimensional higher mind meditation, is about stimulating the neurological systems and trying to get those back online and running, so that you can perceive from these higher dimensional stations of identity. And it becomes a natural part of the way you process, instead of what's been happening, is that most people process from their Solar Plexus or Pain Body. But they don't know how to get out of the lower layers. How do you say to people don't use your mental body? It's very difficult to understand what that actually means.

So in connecting this 5th dimensional portion of the Soul matrix, what we're seeing here is that the fourth dimensional damage gets in the way. That's the whole thing about creating the body. I've seen the base 12, and the 36th sub-harmonics grounded into the physical structure. Now we are starting to work with the next 12 sub-harmonics. Which will be the soul matrix, which is the fourth dimension astral body. Fifth dimension will be the next 12, where we really start to get that's what this higher mind, higher dimensional identity is. This is where the mental body function in people needs to be. But because of all the soul problems and astral problems and all the siphoning, that astral mess makes it nearly impossible for the person to connect to that especially without a pathway or roadmap. How are you supposed to figure that out?

So this is really great, as I can see how this fourth, fifth and sixth layer connect and it makes so much sense. It will probably even come more into view and sharper focus, but this is really a blessing because were getting an overview. I'm sure it will become more fine-tuned as we move forward. But it's really helpful because it gives me an exacting, I mean I feel a crystal clarity about the mission in Giza now. Because I was still feeling like I don't know what's going on over there. So this really make sense, wow I'm so grateful. It's huge. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Okay I think that's it, I'm getting the curtain close.

In deep love and gratitude I want to thank our beloved families for their assistance, their love their protection, their guidance of us here today. And for that amazing explanation of the perceptual bridge. Again I'm very comforted as well in this exchange, to feel our protection and support. It's awesome. So in deep love and gratitude we ask to seal and complete our communication and our session. Please close down our vortex and our communication links. As we come back into full physical presence, fully connected and protected in the infinite God source. We thank our beloved families. With deep love and gratitude again as we seal our field, our infinite stream of love is with you and always. And so it is we complete our session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - Mentor March 2010]

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