Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix

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Four Domains
God Worlds by Sequoia

When our Universal creation was finally reunited again with our Cosmic God Source fields, another harmonic universe emerged, and this newly reconfigured domain is considered to be the sixth harmonic universe, or HU6. The sixth harmonic universe has restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother and Sophianic consciousness embodiment on the earth. This corrected Mother Dark Matter Matrix emerged directly from the Cosmic God Source fields of Source Domain 16, Source Domain 17 and Source Domain 18. The source domain of 16D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the sixth dimensional field, the source domain of 17D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the seventh dimensional field and the Source Domain of 18D is hosting and has completely reconfigured the eighth dimensional field. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new patterns in the planetary architecture. As a result of the Cosmic God Source field intervention to fully correct the entire morphogenetic patterns of the 6D-7D-8D fields into the living light Christos tri-wave architecture, from this hosting a completely new Harmonic Universe was birthed and formed. This is the emergence of our newly returned Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, which holds the correct sound template for Sophianic consciousness embodiment along with the corrected sound vibration patterns for our entire Universal Time Matrix.

The Inner World Domains of the 12:12 Electrical Christ Male pattern has emanated into the next layer which is the completely new reconfigured harmonic universe, but this is considered the Middle World Domain or the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. The corrections that have been made to the 6D-7D-8D layers, are directly sourcing from the Cosmic God Trinity from the 16D, 17D and 18D nondimensionalized source domain fields. Thus, this new harmonic universe creation, the Middle World Domain of HU6 was generated from the purging and eviction of the Black Sun and Black Hole that was the Yahweh Matrix held in the 8D core, in which the black hole entities from Wesa have been evicted from the Galactic Core and Metagalactic Core of our Universal Time Matrix. In its place, we have the true sound template of our Holy Mother and Sophianic presence, in which the Holy Mother’s organic nature and morphogenetic pattern has been returned to humanity. An entirely new Harmonic Universe was dedicated to her complete emanation in this Universal Time Matrix creation; thus, we now have full access to her on the earth and within every domain. From the Holy Mother source vibration from within the core of the Middle World Domain, now emerges the organic timelines in which we reside locally and experience the manifest reality on the earth. The Outer World Domain emanates the organic timelines in which we experience the space time continuum, and is where we reside as physical beings in the time matrix. The Outer Domain is the now the actual location from which we are stationed as an identity in the organic timelines on the earth plane.[1]


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