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Triangulation is a situation in which one member will not communicate directly with another member, but will communicate with a third member, which can lead to the third member becoming part of the triangle. The concept originated in the study of dysfunctional family systems, but can describe behaviors in other systems as well, including workplaces or group Systems of Energy .This is a common method to spin disinformation between multiple parties to increase Compartmentalization within organizations or employ divide and conquer strategies to generate Negative Emotional Energy or Splitting Behaviors.

Triangulation can also be a form of "Splitting" in which one person plays the third family member against one that he or she is upset about. This is playing the two people against each other, but usually the person doing the splitting will also engage in Character Assassination, playing favorites with one or both parties.

The key word here to remember is Character Assassination. Gossip and triangulation is the method of Character Assassination. The NAA Victim-Victimizer software is specifically designed to assassinate the character of any person that is publicly involved in the Law of One and Ascension material, especially if you are a Starseed and not culled by them in their programs of Mind Control, including MILAB groomed abductees with genetic enhancements.There are specific agendas to keep Starseeds and awakening people mentally and emotionally triggered in their Pain Body in so to keep groups estranged, suspicious and divided from each other.


Compartmentalization need-to-know-basis is a mind control strategy to contain and control the field of academics, scientists, military and government personnel who are complicit in carrying out the destructive and harmful behavior of the NAA and Power Elite, and are rewarded monetarily and socially for going along with reinforcing the alien invasion of our planet and enslavement of humanity.

Mental Racketeering

Let’s discuss more about the most common ego defense mechanisms that block our Higher Sensory Perception and the ability to return back into neutral states of centering. The Ego Defense Mechanisms: These mental thought patterns are distortions that we call ego defense mechanisms. Ego defense mechanisms help us avoid accepting evidence that challenges our self-image as a good and worthy person or that challenge our strongly held stereotypes or belief systems. We have a series of life experiences which accumulate and collect memories that lead us to form belief systems about the nature of reality and the way that our world works or doesn’t work. Through the course of growing up from childhood into adulthood, we develop coping skills and will come to label people, places or objects in the environment that are acceptable or not acceptable in our belief systems. Ego defenses are similar to mental racketeering programs that are commonly used as coping mechanisms for reducing day to day anxiety, fears, and obsessions that are related to thought addiction or the need to control the environment.

Inner Violence

Inner Violence is composed of thought forms and belief systems promoted in the Predator Mind, many which are sourced from the unresolved emotional conflicts and trauma memories recorded in the Three Layers of Ego, which promote all forms of violent actions or aggressive behaviors on the external. All thoughts are things, with a specific rage of Frequency. People who demonstrate outer violence, have excessive accumulative Inner Violence, which manifests in the Predator Mind profile. Inner Violence is a form of self hatred, absence of love, generated through trauma, abuse or other spiritually destructive behaviors that cause Soul Fragmentation.


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