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Inner Violence is composed of thought forms and belief systems promoted in the Predator Mind, many which are sourced from the unresolved emotional conflicts and trauma memories recorded in the Three Layers of Ego, which promote all forms of violent actions or aggressive behaviors on the external. All thoughts are things, with a specific rage of Frequency. People who demonstrate outer violence, have excessive accumulative Inner Violence, which manifests in the Predator Mind profile. Inner Violence is a form of self hatred, absence of love, generated through trauma, abuse or other spiritually destructive behaviors that cause Soul Fragmentation.

Inner Violence towards the self and others, promotes external methods of violence, there is no possibility of knowing God through intentional and premeditated violence, such as the Blood Sacrifice of a human being. There is no such thing as a Holy War or Just War. For the last two thousand years the NAA agenda has been to spread violent religions across the earth with the primary use of Christianity and Islam worshippers who are numbered in the billions.

May we consider the long range impacts of Religious Violence and its implication to the collective mind of humanity, in so that we may commit to remove all inner violence against our own person, to remove all violent thoughts, actions and deeds from our personal behavior. The mass consciousness programming toward committing violent actions, whether inner violence or outer violence, is an agenda promoted aggressively on the earth. Recently with increasing collective confusion, we may notice the young male population under 30 is a high risk factor. This age group is undergoing a severe identity crisis, easily possessed and acting out horrific mass killings, for no apparent reason. As we remember the Cross Theology and what it has done to humankind, we can learn how to terminate its collective influence made upon our bodies, hearts, mind and spirit.

May we lead by example and may we hold a moment of prayer to strengthen our Lightworker communities with spiritual purpose in solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood in the Christos-Sophia, in so that we all share the goal of the highest spiritual expression for us individually and collectively. May we unify as one peaceful heart in service to reclaim spiritual freedom for the planet and humanity.[1]

Evolving Beyond Blood Sacrifice

Thus, we enter the phase of which the laws governing the energy architecture on our earth undergo evolutionary change to evolve beyond the continual feeding of Consumptive Modeling, Blood Sacrifice and energy vampirism. If we do not awaken to remember that we were ALL crucified on this planet to spiritually oppress our race, we cannot escape the Mind Control of the Cross salvation model of human blood sacrifice to the Alien False Gods. The human genocide and blood sacrifice model was installed in the planetary architecture as software and therefore embedded in collective consciousness through Holographic Inserts. The Cross Emanations are machinery, Alien Implants with technological mind control which are designed to promote violent religions and all cultural belief systems that promote war, Martyrdom and killing. This influence extends beyond the death of the physical body and impacts the soul body, many times forcing the being to submit to bindings of servitude or repeated reincarnation.

This machinery has influenced the collective consciousness of the planet, way beyond any type of belief system of Religion, whether Orthodox, Reformed, Atheism, or Agnostic. It crosses all barriers of genetics, race or culture, and penetrates into the subconscious mind control that is beamed out through biological warfare technology which shapes our belief systems on the planet to submit to warring consciousness within Patriarchal Domination.[2]

Lack of Empathy

Narcissistic Personalities and Psychopaths have little to no remorse for the harm, destruction or killing they cause any person place or thing. This is described as a Lack of Empathy, which is characterized by the inability to feel, experience emotional states, or discern what another life form may be feeling. Lack of Empathy is a mutation in the DNA of a species that has been disconnected from its Soul-Spirit, and thus suffers from genetic damage and Soul Fragmentation.

Most of the Negative Aliens and those humans serving the NAA are unable to feel, experience or express higher emotions, such as emotive and empathetic states of loving kindness or Compassion. As a consequence they tend to be violent with the Predator Mind profile. Essentially, with a Lack of Empathy as a AD value system, it is easy to program killing machines that have no remorse for their actions nor care of the consequences to their actions.

The Negative Aliens have downloaded their genetic mutations through Mind Control technologies which manifest as a severe Lack of Empathy within the collective consciousness of the human race, in order to control the planet to serve their agenda. A major control mechanism is to enforce the cycles of Victim-Victimizer in the population of earth.

Discerning Inner Violence

We have discussed many times what a Krystic being is, and what they feel like. A Krystic being is 100% perfect peace and love. There will not be tension, urgency or dramas in the communications that is the hallmark of false entities pretending to be Guardians, even in the middle of spiritual battle, there is a clear focus and neutrality and peaceful sense of being - while standing in the middle of an explosive mine field. They have no nervous tension, it is 100% peace in the chaos. I cannot stress enough the kind of mastery Krystic beings have, and the LOVE power they generate in their laser focus. It is important to study that behavioral and attitudinal guideline, know that, embody that, because then you can tell the difference of an Controller AI robot, holographic insert or an actual loving and peaceful presence. The peaceful presence is generated in the middle of spiritual battle, it is very much as the “God force be within you”.

Without holding inner peace and love there is no God force present in the person. People can flip in-between these states of lower ego and higher frequency (momentarily) and how long they hold sustained higher frequency states is the hallmark of spiritual maturity and mastery over the personal energies. When people lose their center, freak out or lash out, you are looking at an ego tantrum, and when they do it is the sign of inner violence, fragmentation and the need for integrative spiritual healing. Inner Violence that is not healed will result in EGO TANTRUMS. This is an important piece to remember as to why Krystic beings never deviate their focus to engage in combative strategies that are violent. Once in combat, your body loses the strength of embodied God force, and it can only be directed during defensive posture when you can see the illusion of the false matrix/timeline and not engage in attack with that “war game”.

Star people and groups like ours are more powerful when we align to the Group Consciousness to support positive and compassionate collaborative goals. When we raise our frequency and are aware of inorganic alien technology we are extremely threatening to these NAA thugs. They are like mafia thugs, and their attitudes and behaviors will show you that 100% of the time, they can only hide in the shadow for a while and then their true colors and frequency come out. They attach to people and play out the “Silent Enemy” watching for weakness and looking for places to create discord, chaos and pain. Look for this because it will tell you who is really behind the behavior – the Imposter Spirit is a liar and deceiver/manipulator, the Christ spirit is a truth spirit guardian for GSF.[3]

Victimizer Programming

Victim-Victimizer or VV programming, the unfortunate result is that unstable people that have not done much mental or emotional clearing, have built up hidden pain and trauma, that are easily controlled and manipulated by dark forces to play out their fears in the 2D or lower mind. These kind of people go unconscious and flip out very easily, are very weak spiritually, have low Impulse Control and are at high risk for dark portal use or Possession. The NAA and dark forces will groom and manipulate these unstable people to attack you directly. We all must be aware of this and take steps to defend ourselves by not allowing these kind of people to get too close to us or in your home (when possible). The problem is Imposter Spirits or dark forces will find ways to infiltrate peoples weakness, and work them slowly to flip out, without any kind of apparent reason. Recently, we had this happen in our community, and over the last week I had a Black Faced Reptilian with Yellow eyes showing me that it was he that was responsible for creating all the recent energetic chaos in our group, they tend to be incredibly arrogant and they like to leave their mark, which is a way to say F-you. So it is good to remember, these unstable, confused and weak people are used as pawns in the larger war game, and its not the person most of the time consciously understanding what they are doing, but these forces manipulating the person to act totally bizarre and even insane. I have had these experiences happen so many times, that unfortunately I do not think this dark strategy is going to end anytime in the near future. So as we gain more experience with dark attack and accept it as a reality on this earth, the process actually gets easier. The biggest challenge is the energetic drain and diversion it creates from taking you off course (timelines), which is their primary motivation.


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