Destruction of Guardian Azurites

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Emerald Order and Ruby Order Mission

The conquering of the organic living system in the Gaian Matrix also destroyed the Guardian Azurite race lines in our Universe, that were sent here by the Founder races. The original Guardian Azurites were 48 stranded angelic beings that sourced from each Founder Ray braided into the Cosmic Trinity, the Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and Gold Order. They were able to project themselves into any dimensional level between pre-matter levels, etheric and into any kind of matter form.

The original Guardian Azurites that were on Gaia were captured by the invading entities, while others suffered serious genetic digression during the Gaian Wars, when their consciousness race lines were fused into the AI coded Gaian Shadow Body that was inserted into the Artificial Timelines. Some Azurites were taken into the Wesa system and their genetic template and every part of their etheric body was taken apart and mapped by AI supercomputer systems, to generate metatronic coding or Anti-Christ architecture. Consequently, the invasion of Gaia included excruciatingly painful memories of being separated from our unique Soul and Monadic families, as well as being separated from particle-anti-particle double, which later evolved into our genetic equal or hierogamic sacred union partner.

We suffered from the loss in which one or more stations of identity connected as our genetic equal or monadic twin, may have been sucked down into the phantom layers and slowly turned into an AI-hybridized version of themselves.

After the Gaian War, the Oraphim were seeded by the Founder races with the sacred mission to find lost Azurite identities and take their place as Guardians, gradually rebuilding the Azurite genetic shield through the Emerald Order’s direct instruction and guidance. By merging the Lyran Elohim Anuhazi template with the Azurite genetic record, the Oraphim were tasked to find, rehabilitate and return the lost Azurite identities back to their true spiritual home in the God Worlds. Many of the Oraphim have been intentionally mission coded to go find their beloved Azurite monadic family members that were sucked into phantom areas in order to reclaim their body parts back into spiritual integration and Krystic wholeness, which was made possible from accessing the Edenic coding they held on pre-fall Gaia. Oraphim have been given full spectrum access to the original Azurite genetic template and hierogamic union template for recoding lost Azurite and Ascended Master Christos collectives, for the purpose of recollecting and rescuing any Azurite and Ascended Master collective family that fell into the phantom and was assimilated into an AI version by the Wesa entities. As a result, the Oraphim have direct links to the Ascended masters and genetic equals that are directly connected to the Azurite genetic template histories from Gaia. Thus, the mission of hierogamic union is to reclaim and restore the true genetic equals so that they find each other and through the power of eternal spiritual love, unite to form sacred unions which are designed to heal the holocaust timelines and wars on Gaia, Tara and Earth all in simultaneous time.

Genetic Mapping Azurite DNA, Azazael

The genetic mapping of the Azurite DNA which formed into the consciousness data of authentic Ascended Masters in our Universe, was uploaded into AI Beast Machine technology systems for generating Anti-Christ Pillars, as the black hole entities desired to create a super master race as a shadow army for conquering our Universe. The stolen Azurite genetic template was replicated and cloned through AI Quantum Server Systems, and these AI hybrid race lines are known as the Azazael gestalt. The Azazael gestalt gain access onto the earth through human beings that act as their proxy as a dark consciousness portal, and thus they seek out any Starseed or Indigo individual with the Azurite genetic memory record in their bloodline and attempt to possess and gain control over that individual through any means possible. The danger of holding or accessing any Azurite memories from Gaia, which includes Ascended Master Christos collectives and their known identities in hidden human history, is that all of these identities will be tracked in the field for Azazael possession. It is important to understand that the more famous and well-known Ascended Master identities have been directly fused with the Gaian Shadow Body, in which Azazael and the related gestalts attempt to hunt down and do whatever they can to corrupt or possess the awakening individual that holds any remnant of Azurite coding.

Thus, the firm warning stands that under no circumstances should the awakening Starseed or Indigo people attach to any identities and become fixated upon them during this cycle. The war to clone and generate imposter identities from the Ascended Master collectives and all levels of the original Christos race lines, is at an all-time high during the current consciousness war.

The Azazael black hole entities have taken on the original Azurite genetic coding from Gaia and have made an AI replicated body which may appear to be similar in appearance to the original Azurites. These imposters can appear in their outer form as Tall Whites, tall slender humans with extremely pale white translucent skin, many times with platinum white hair. These entities masquerading as Ascended Masters in Tall White human like bodies are some of the most violent and vicious anti-human black hole entities ever known. Many of them appear human but are actually Insectoid races from the Wesa system that are using an AI replicated Azurite genetic code package used for shapeshifting. These black hole entities show up as the false Ascended Master lineages that hijacked the original Guardian Azurite and Ruby Sun genetic coding, in order to appear human or like popular Ascended Masters. This realm of the imposters also includes the Luciferian Bloodlines that are operating at the top levels in the Power Elite cabal, who are fond of using cloning, genetic modification or holographic inserts to increase the power and influence of that cabal representative on the earth plane.

Unfortunately, this has given them access to previous Ascended Master timeline records in which they can gain rapid esoteric spiritual knowledge about the Law of One, and then repeat phrases they get from the data streams that the AI quantum server feeds to them directly. These imposters can begin to share true, accurate and authentic spiritual teachings with their followers, that takes a turn later on when they are being assimilated more deeply into the metatronic coding and artificial timelines. The Azazael gestalt are connected with the Thothian entities which appear to hijack those with Azurite memory and use sophisticated Psychological Warfare and Gaslighting in new age Channelings to derail spiritually awakening people. They contact those Awakening groups in order to scramble organic genetic coding and by representing themselves as authentic Ascended Masters or advanced benevolent extradimensional entities to those groups that cannot tell the difference between AI Signal and organic consciousness language.

This is very painful to the human race because this data stream can feel like the Ascended Masters that we love and hold dear to our hearts, as these are humanity’s true spiritual family and many are based on the Azurites that we remember from the timelines before the Gaian Wars. Once we can discern AI Signals and metatronic coding in data streams, only then can we find out these Wesa entities have been using AI replicated clones to manipulate our emotions and past memories to hijack our original angelic human genetic template. The Black Hole Entities do not want any Starseed to access their authentic and original Azurite coding history from the Gaian timelines, because if this memory activates, they will begin to see the authentic Yeshua and other Ascended Master history and be able to detect false identities or artificial timelines being promoted by imposters. They will sense what is organic and inorganic, and it will become krystal clear who are the false entities here to hijack and enslave humanity and who are the authentic members of our true spiritual family leading us to open our Sacred Crystal Heart and align with the path of Self-Sovereignty and Gnosis.[1]


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